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Peninsula Women's Chorus
Nature Pictures   

Song NameComposer
Day BreakStephen Paulus
On Hilissuvi (It is Late Summer) -Sugismaastikud (Autumn Landscapes)Veijo Tormis
Ule Taeva Jooksevad Pilved ( Clouds Are Racing) -Sugismaastikud (Autumn Landscapes)Veijo Tormis
Kahvatu (Pale Light) -Sugismaastikud (Autumn Landscapes)Veijo Tormis
Valusalt Punased Lehed (Painfully Red Are The Leaves) -Sugismaastikud (Autumn Landscapes)Veijo Tormis
Tuul Konnumaa Kohal ( Wind Over the Barrens) -Sugismaastikud (Autumn Landscapes)Veijo Tormis
Kulm Sugisoo (Cold Autumn Night) -Sugismaastikud (Autumn Landscapes)Veijo Tormis
Kanarbik (Heather) -Sugismaastikud (Autumn Landscapes)Veijo Tormis
The SnowEdward Elger
In Meeres MittenRobert Schuman
Talvehommik (Winter Morning) -Talvemustrid (Winter Patterns)Veijo Tormis
Kulm (Cold) -Talvemustrid (Winter Patterns)Veijo Tormis
Tuisk (Blizzard) -Talvemustrid (Winter Patterns)Veijo Tormis
Virmalised (Northern Lights) -Talvemustrid (Winter Patterns)Veijo Tormis
SpringKarl Korte
MiniwankaR. Murray Schafer
Looking at the SeaChen Yi
Kevadtuul (Spring Wind) - Kevadkillud (Spring Sketches)Veijo Tormis
Lehtivad Pungad ( Flowering Blossoms) - Kevadkillud (Spring Sketches)Veijo Tormis
Ohtune Taevas (Evening Sky) - Kevadkillud (Spring Sketches)Veijo Tormis
Toominga All (Under the Bird-Cherry Tree) - Kevadkillud (Spring Sketches)Veijo Tormis
Kollane Leek (Yellow Flame) - Kevadkillud (Spring Sketches)Veijo Tormis
Hiliskevad (In Late Spring) - Kevadkillud (Spring Sketches)Veijo Tormis
La RuisseauGabriel Faure
To Be Sung On The WaterSamuel Barber
Pauailm (Dry Weather) - Suvemotiivid (Summer Motifs)Veijo Tormis
Aike (Thunderstorm) - Suvemotiivid (Summer Motifs)Veijo Tormis
Suveoo (Summer Night) - Suvemotiivid (Summer Motifs)Veijo Tormis
Cape Breton LullabyKenneth Leslie

On this recording, the PWC celebrates a close relationship with prominent Estonian composer, Veljo Tormis. Influenced by his deep conviction that ancient song traditions reflect a close connection to nature, the prolific Tormis gives us the four seasons in 36 miniatures of intense choral imagery in his evocative song cycles, Looduspildid (Nature Pictures). We are proud to present the first American recording of this cycle! This eclectic recording continues the theme with Karl Korte's "Spring", Chen Yi's "Looking at the Sea" and Samuel Barber's "To be Sung on the Water." Also included are Edward Elgar's "The Snow" and Kenneth Leslie's lovely "Cape Breton Lullaby," a PWC favorite.

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Choral | Female | United States

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