In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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P. Mario Marafioti
Caruso's Method of Voice Production - The Scientific Culture of the Voice   

Enrico Caruso, the Master of Natural Singing
The Aim of This Book
Who Will Read This Book?
The Decadence of the Art of Singing and Its Causes; Its Restoration
The Voice in Its Natural Production: New Principles on the Mechanism of Voice Production
Some Suggestions for a Radical Reform in Voice Culture
The Human Voice in Its Relationship to Science
Brief Outline of the Anatomy of the Vocal Organs
Seven Principles of Singing
Caruso's Method of Singing as Explained by Himself
The Radical Reform of Voice Culture Through the Speaking Voice
The Voice in its Relationship to Music; the Importance of the Speaking Voice in Voice Culture
Who Should Teach Voice Culture and How
The Italian Vowls and Consonants as Fundamental Phonetic Elements for Voice Culture
The Articulation of the Italian Consonants; Speaking Exercises for a Correct Voice Production
Vocal Exercises of the Scientific Culture
A Word from a Laryngologist to Singers

This historic volume, dedicated to the great tenor and published shortly after his death, explains clearly and scientifically how Caruso achieved his phenomenal voice production. Written by a noted laryngologist and student of voice who devoted much of his career to working with Caruso and other singers, the book proposes a method of voice culture based on well-defined physiological laws. According to Dr. Marafioti, there is only one right way to sing - a method based on the scientific principles of voice culture. Although Caruso instinctively sang that way, the methods can be learned by any singer.

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Opera  | Solo | 308 Pages | Softcover | 5 x 8

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