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Nancy Telfer
Singing In Tune

Causes of Poor Intonation
Posture and Intonation
Awareness of Poor Intonation
Intonation and Repertoire
Hearing Your Own Voice
Unison and Polyphonic Music
Harmonic Music
Help for Choirs With Multiple Tuning Problems
Flat Singing: Problems with Vocal Production
Sharp Singing
Pronunciation and Intonation
Singing Soft Music
Singing Loud Music
Dynamics That Change Gradually
Music With Sustained Notes
High Pitches
Low Pitches
Ascending and Descending Passages
Rhythmic Music
The Piano As a Tuning Aid
Tips For Conductors

Nancy Telfer tackles the problem of poor intonation in choirs in Singing in Tune, her new resource for singers, conductors, conductors-in-training, and voice teachers. First exploring the causes of poor intonation, Nancy then offers strategies and activities to overcome the problems. Singing in Tune can be used as a quick reference guide to solving specific problems, or as a comprehensive analysis of the causes of good and poor intonation. An ideal text for all students training to be conductors, and a must read for every choral conductor!

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Instructional  | 73 Pages | Softcover | 6 x 9

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