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Lund University Male Choir
Nordic Romance - Songs For Male Voices

Song NameComposer
SangerhilsenEdvard Grieg
VenematkaJean Sibelius
Tonen Josef Eriksson
Olav Trygvason Friedrich August Reissiger
Jutta kommer till Folkungarna Wilhelm peterson-Berger
Brudefaerd en I hardangerHalfdan Kjerulf
"Dans!" ropte felen Peter Heise
Ett bondbrollop August Soderman
Aftenstemning Carl Nielsen
SerenadePeter Erasmus Lang-Muller
Rakastava Jean Sibelius
Vitt natt Gottfrid Grasbeck
Min dejligste tanke Edvard Grieg
O jeg vil ha'e mig en hjertenskjaer August Soderman
Dolly Sten Broman
Stamma blod Per-Gunnar Alldahl

Lund's Student Choral Society dates its origin from 1831 and is now one of Sweden's oldest choirs, directed since 1972 by the choir's artistic director, Folke Bohlin. Men's choral singing in the Nordic countries, like the romantic movement in art and literature, is a child of the early 19th century and has its roots in academic life. Thus it is no accident that these 20 songs are divided into the groups "Songs About Song," "Historical Romanticism," "Scenes from Peasant Life," "Nature and the Heart" and "Love Portraits." Particularly strong are Edvard Grieg's "Sangerhilsen" and "Min dejligste tanke," Jean Sibelius' "Venematka," Friedrich Reissiger's rousing "Olav Trygvason," Peter Heise's "Dans! ropte felen" and "I skoven," August Soderman's "Ett bondbrollop" and "O jeg vil ha'e mig en hjertenskjaer," Peter Lange-Muller's "Serenade," and Sten Broman's "Dolly." All in Swedish, extensive liner notes give info about the words, music and history. "Nordic Romance" is powerful, moving music from another culture and time.

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