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Jean Ashworth Bartle: A Young Singer's Journey Book 3, 2nd Edition

How Far?
Rhythmically Speaking
Major Scales - All the Same Pattern!
Barlines are Your Job
Touch the Dots
Singing Half Steps in Tune!
Leger Lines
Under the Covers or On Top?
Singing Seconds and Thirds
Counting Intervals
Tied Notes and Dotted Notes
The Fourths Song
Intervals in the Major Scale
The Pick - Up Song
Beware B - C and E - F!
Major and Perfect Intervals in G+
Counting a Dotted Quarter
Dotted Quarters in Three Keys
Major and Perfect Intervals in F+
Counting a Pick - Up
Building D Major Scale
The D Major Song
The Bottom of the Time Signature
Sharps in Order
The Last Sharp is Te!
Major and Perfect Intervals in D+
Getting Smart with Key Signatures!
Hand Sign Push - Ups!
Mixed Keys and Intervals
Building B(flat) Major Scale
Flats in Order
The Last Flat is Fah!
Major and Perfect Intervals in B(flat)+
Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Lullaby (Wiegenlied)
Lullaby (Wiegenlied), CONTINUED
Tallis in Two New Keys
Book Three Criss Cross
Ninety - Three Tasks - They're Easy!

Eileen Baldwin, Jean Ashworth Bartle and Linda Beaupre have been teaching musical literacy for many years, and all three have very successful children's choirs that continue to perform all over the world. Now they have joined together and written a new musical literacy curriculum that will teach children to master the basic components of musical literacy--theory, ear training and sight-singing. The series will consist of six workbooks, three which are currently available. Included in each workbook is an accompanying CD, a sight-singing booklet of warm-up exercises for each level, and a laminated keyboard. Flash cards designed to correlate with the material presented in each workbook will also be available. There will be a teacher's manual for each level that covers the two student books. This will truly be an invaluable teaching tool.

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Choral  | 46 Pages | Softcover | 9 x 12

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