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James Jordan & Matthew Mehaffey
Choral Ensemble Intonation

The Teaching of Intonation Skills
Keyality and Tonality
The Importance and Potency of Aural/Oral Teaching
The Foundation of Good Ensemble Listening
Solfege System: Fixed or Movable Do?
Chromatic Syllables/Solfege Syllable Pronunciation Guide
Chromatic Syllables
Practicing the Singing of Modes
Analysis for Aural Ensemble Teaching
On a Key vs. In a Tonality
Music with Changing Anchor Notes
Exercises for Understanding Harmonic Context
Exercises for Understanding Tonality
Musical Line and Intonation: Important Partners

Forced to find a way to correct persistent intonation problems in his own choir, author James Jordan with the help of Matthew Mehaffey embarked on the development of a new method of choral ensemble solfege. Choral Ensemble Intonation: Method, Procedures, and Exercises presents this innovative new method, along with procedures and exercises, sure to improve the aural skills of any choir. Not just a temporary fix, this method encourages the building of intonation skills within the confines of the choral ensemble rehearsal. The method includes overall steps for reading a new work and teaches how solfege syllables can promote good intonation through good diction. In addition, the authors provide techniques for maintaining a consistent tempo, running a choral warm-up, and utilizing the accompanist to achieve better intonation. Jordan and Mehaffey also share listening techniques for the choir and discuss how the use of physical movement can assist intonation and good vocal production. Plus, conductors are given tools for modal analysis that will greatly improve the teaching and learning process.

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Choral  | 128 Pages | Hardcover | 6 x 9

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