In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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James Jordan , Kathy Kessler-Price , Sean McCarther
Anatomy of Tone

Applying Voice Science to Choral Ensemble Pedagogy



Formants in the Choral Rehearsal

Structuring the Choral Warm-Up

The Use of Breath

The Use of Legato

Choral Spacing for Balanced Resonance

Teaching of Specific Vowels

Use of Harmonically Based Warm-Ups

Piano Accompanying to Support Good Vocalism

This important volume brings together the latest knowledge of voice science, voice pedagogy, conducting, and accompanying into a single volume. It is a valuable resource for choral conductors, no matter the age or experience of their ensembles. The Anatomy of Tone explores essential aspects of anatomy, physiology, and acoustics, and describes their impact on choral teaching and rehearsal. In addition, this book reviews groundbreaking scientific information on spacing of singers and its effect upon intonation and vocal health.

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Choral | 210 Pages | Softcover

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