In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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James Jordan
The Choral Warm-Up

Music Aptitude and the Choral Ensemble
The Fourteen Pedagogical Cardinal Rules: A Brief Perview
Philosophy of the Choral Warm-Up: Is A Warm Up Necessary?
The Collective Mentality of the Choral Rehearsal: Abandonment of Vocal Responsibilty
Building Vocal Skill: A Pedagogical Hierarchy for Choirs
Philosophy of Teaching Techniques
Alignment and Body Awareness
Spaciousness and Proper Vocal Production through the Use of the Sigh: Relaxation of the Vocal Tract - Creating Space
Breathing: Inhalation and Exhalation
Building Resonance
Vocal Techniques "Recipes"
Aural Immersion and Aural Preparation of the Choir
Blending Through Standings and Rehearsal Room Chair Arrangements
Energizing the Sound of the Choir: A Philosophical Challenge
Physical Gestures to Reinforce Choral Warm-Up Principles
An Application of the Work of Rudolph von Laban to Propel Musical Line
Strategies for Teaching Rhythm
Rehearsal Planning Template
Troubleshooting Chart
The Core Vocal Exercises

The book is a comprehensive guide to teaching vocal technique through designing an efficient choral warm-up that gives the choir "tools" to sing and hear better. Among the topics presented are alignment (using Alexander Body Mapping principles), inhalation, exhalation, support, resonance, vowel colors, leaps, range extension, crescendo/decrescendo, martellato, staccato, teaching procedures for diction (plus general diction guidelines), teaching and reinforcing rhythm and consistent tempo, and strategies for teaching intonation. This is a comprehensive guide for choral directors that: - helps conductors plan and implement efficient choral warm-ups, builds healthy voices within the choral rehearsal, provides vocalises that have accompaniments complete with modulations upward and downward and categorizes vocalises according to specific vocal objectives.

Item code: 6251B | Book & 1 CD Warm -Ups | $38.95 add item to cart
Choral  | 326 Pages | Hardcover | 9 x 12

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