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James Jordan
Conducting Technique Etudes

Knowledge and Awareness of your Architecture
Respond Intuitively
Breathing within the Envelope
Root Analyis
Density Analysis
Developing Harmonic / Kinesthetic Audiation
Spatial Audiation
Audiational Assimilation
Breath as an Etude
Pedagogical Path of these Etudes
Foundation of Harmonic Rhythm
Does Gesture Influence Sound?
Use and Study of the Harmonic Etudes
Body mapping
The Labian Rudiments

In this volume of etudes for conductors, James Jordan details a ground-breaking pedagogy for the development of conducting skills. This method is based on a sequential harmonic process to inform and define conducting gesture. This book is revolutionary because it employs a process of score study to develop what Dr. Jordan calls "kinesthetic/harmonic audiation." Conductors of all skill levels will profoundly benefit from these new ideas. While instrumentalists and keyboardists for decades have had books of daily "etudes" for the development of technique, conducting pedagogy has not had the benefit of such a rigorous technical course of study. This book teaches conductors to make gestural decisions based upon harmonic rhythm and uses the gestural vocabulary of Rudolf Laban as the beginning "vocabulary" from which a conductor can make decisions. This book of etudes differs from other approaches because it views harmonic progression as the primary vehicle by which to learn conducting technique.

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Choral | 292 Pages | Spiral-bound | 9 x 12

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