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Hilliard Ensemble
The Singing Club

Song NameComposer
A Round of three country dances in oneThomas Ravenscroft
There were three ravensThomas Ravenscroft
Call George again, boysJohn Hilton
Drink tonight of the moonshine brightWilliam Lawes
She weepeth sore in the night William Lawes
Dainty fine aniseed water fineWilliam Lawes
Where the bee sucks there suck IJohn Wilson
Gather your rosebuds while you mayWilliam Lawes
'Tis woman makes us loveHenry Purcell
Sir Walter enjoying his damselHenry Purcell
Inigo JonesAnonymous
EpitaphJohnathan Battishill
The Singing ClubThomas Arne
Foresters sound the cheerful hornHenry Bishop
To soften careThomas Arne
The Anacreontick SongJohn Stafford Smith
Elegy on the death of Mr. ShenstoneThomas Arne
Sigh no more ladiesThomas Arne
There is a paradise on earthRobert Lucas Persall
O who will o'er the downs so freeRobert Lucas Persall
Sweet and lowJoseph Barnby

Directed by Paul Hillier

Singing clubs of one kind or another played a small but key role in the history of English convivial music. Bustling 17th-century coffee house and taverns were venues for the singing of rounds and catches. Not particularly sophisticated, but many composers, Purcell the most prominent, created a series of miniatures whose wit and melodic invention have rarely been equaled. Acclaimed all-male septet The Hilliard Ensemble, directed by Paul Hillier, divides "The Singing Club" in two parts, beginning with "The Catch Club," Thomas Ravenscroft's "A Round of three country dances in one" and "There were three ravens," John Hilton's "Call George again, boys," William Lawes' "Drink tonight of the moonshine bright," "Dainty fine aniseed water fine" and "Gather your rosebuds while you may," John Wilson's "Where the bee sucks, there suck I," Purcell's "Tis woman makes us love" and "Sir Walter enjoying his damsel," Thomas Arne's title tune and others. The second part, "The Glee Club," features the upbeat "Foresters sound the cheerful horn" by Henry Bishop, Thomas Arne's "Sigh no more, ladies," John Smith's "The Anacreontick Song," Robert Pearsall's "There is a paradise on earth," and Joseph Bamby's "Sweet and low." 21 spirited, lilting, romantic a cappella songs that touch and cheer us on many levels-a beautiful, joyous CD!

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Early Music | A Cappella | Male | England
HMA 1951153

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