In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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Elizabeth Sabine
Strengthening Your Singing Voice

So You Want To Sing
Meeting The Master
Enter John C
The Harsh, Ugly Voice Of A Fishwife
Mazzarella's Discoveries
It's All About Electrical Energy
The Two Secrets
A Statement From Pavarotti
The Cries And Calls
The Vocal Wisdom of Giovanni Battista Lamperti
The Fear of Hearing Your Own Voice
It's All One Voice
The Fragility of Childhood
Examples of Students' Vocal Problems
Life-Changing Experiences
The Powerful, But Vulnerable Cords
The Action Of The Vocal Cords
Even The Experts Are Confused
Vocal Cords In Action
What Vocal Scientists Don't Know
The First Breath
Sing Without Taking In Large Breaths
Never Let Them See You Breathe
Never Let Them Hear You Breathe
Don't Breathe In The Wrong Places
Function Versus Structure
The Abdominal Area Before You Speak Or Sing
The Power of Anger
Exercises Using Anger
The Problem With Copying Stylized Voices
Unsuitable Voices To Copy
Inspiring Singing Voices
Pneumatic Energy Of Hard Rock Singing
Meeting Ron Keel
When Rockers Scream
The Consequences of Screaming
Glottal Shock
The Mysterious Organ- The Diaphragm
The Body As An Amplifier
What To Do For Rich Low Notes (For All Voices)
Working With The Diaphragm
The Importance Of Vowels
The Sustained Vowel
More About Vowels
The Problem With Consonants
Don't Over-Dictionize
A Good Language To Sing
Substitute Consonants
That Darn Pitch Problem
Open Your Mouth Wider
Why Is That Tune Exciting?
You Need Great Songs
Most Children Don't Have Vocal "Breaks"
Our Primal Screams
Developing The True Head Voice
Think Down For Higher Pitches
What Happens When We Raise Our Pitch
How To Handle The "Break" In The Voice
How To Practice
How Long To Practice
Creative Ways To Practice
How About A Vocal Booth?
How About An Igloo ?
Try Not To Practice When Tired
The Phenomena Of Sound
Don't Judge Your Voice
Learn To "Feel" Your Voice
Why Sherill Milnes Practices Underground
Singing- The Crystallization of Our Deepest Emotions
The Sequence of Human Emotions
Practice Feeling Emotions
The Importance of Knowing Key Words In A Song
How To Connect Into Your Emotions
How To Control The Voice When Nervous
Use Nervousness To Your Advantage
Why You Can Feel Vulnerable
A Vocal Performer's Nightmare
Dangerous Solutions
The Danger Of Whispering
Nothing You Eat... Should Touch The Vocal Cords
What Takes Place When We Swallow
The Secret Of Moist Vocal Cords
How To Prepare For A Performance
Crazy Concepts Of Performance Preparation
The Chocolate/Milk Supposition
Warm or Cold Liquid Drinks
Alcohol and Tranquilizers
Taking The Right Nutrients For The Voice
The Problems of Being Tired
The Magic Action
Strained or Swollen Vocal Cords
Caring For The Cords
Moisturize- Don't Medicate
A Survival Action
Things To Avoid
Bless The Common Cold
How To Fight An Oncoming Head Cold
A Healing Breakthrough
Singers Outlive Non-Singers
Aerobics Singing
Don't Let Your Voice Age You

Hollywood voice strengthening specialist Elizabeth Sabine has spent a lifetime teaching vocal skills to rock singers from bands like Gun's N' Roses, 38 Special, Men At Work, Keel, and Giant as well as actors such as Chuck Norris and Elizabeth Shue and vocal coaches Jaime Vendera and Cara Mastrey. Elizabeth explains the usual sources of vocal fatigue and describes how to overcome these common problems that have cost some singers/actors their careers. She completely explains a simple system of turning your voice into energy and creating vocal power.

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Instructional | 164 Pages | Softcover | 6 x 9

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