In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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Dr. Jan Bickel
Vocal Technique: A Physiological Approach

Answers To Questions Before We Learn How To Sing

Anatomy of the Singer's Instrument: Design and Function

Establishing Correct Posture for Singers

Breath Management for Singers

The Physiology of Vocal Tone Production

Articulation for Singers

Developing Beautiful Tone Quality, Resonance and Freedom

Health Concerns For Singers

Beyond Vocal Technique - Becoming an Artistic Performer

This book is intended for use in a first year voice class at the college or university level. Portions of it may be suitable for a voice class at the high school level, where students are interested and dedicated to learning a strong vocal technical foundation. Many would-be singers are unnecessarily anxious or nervous about singing because they lack experience and guidance. The feeling of anxiety or nervousness can be overcome easily by learning the "how-to's" of vocal production, clearly provided here. But before delving into the "how-to's", Voice Technique lays out the anatomical and physiological functions connected with the speaking and singing processes, so that the reader can hone in on the proper muscles and body parts in developing proper technique. In addition, this knowledge will enable singers to maintain their optimum technical skill and vocal health throughout a long singing, performing, or teaching career. The author then takes the reader clearly through the proper coordination of the four physiological systems (respiration, phonation, articulation, and resonation), in an effort to help create a beautiful tone quality in any aspiring singer. Included are abundant resources including copious diagrams, figures, worksheets, exercises, appendices and specific and practical tips in a chapter titled "Health Concerns for Singers."

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Instructional | Softcover | 8 x 11

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