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Barbershop Harmony Society
Woodshedding Folio

Song NameComposerArranger
Say Au Revoir, But Not Good-Bye SPEBSQSA
I Was Strolling Home With Jennie SPEBSQSA
Since Nellie Went Away SPEBSQSA
Only A Bunch Of VioletsSPEBSQSA
I Never Thought I'd Miss You As I DoSPEBSQSA
When The Blue Sky Turns To GoldSPEBSQSA
Why Did You Say Good-Bye SPEBSQSA
Just Once MoreJoe Liles
Let Me Hear Those Good Old Chords Joe Liles
Where The Mississippi Flows SPEBSQSA
Good Morning CarrieSPEBSQSA
In Good Old New York Town SPEBSQSA
The Picture That I Love Best Of All SPEBSQSA
Break The News To Mother SPEBSQSA
What's The Use Of Loving If You Can't Love All The Time SPEBSQSA
Make A Fuss Over Me SPEBSQSA
Please Come And Play In My Yard SPEBSQSA
Look For Me When The Lilacs BloomSPEBSQSA
SomewhereLeonard BernsteinSPEBSQSA
When The Bees Are In The HiveSPEBSQSA
Hear What The Rose Is SayingJoe Liles
We'll Be Walkin', Huggin', Kissin' Joe Liles
For Old Time's Sake SPEBSQSA
She Waits By The Deep Blue SeaSPEBSQSA
The Uncle Sammy Girls SPEBSQSA
Like A Star That Falls From Heaven SPEBSQSA

The origin of the word "woodshedding" is vague, to say the least. But from what little we know of the beginnings of the barbershop style of singing, it is clear that amateur quartets worked out the songs they sang by ear - a sort of trial and error method that became known as woodshedding. There is little doubt that the same is true of our early Society quartets -- they "woodshedded' the chords that supported the melody. Today, the written arrangement has almost replaced harmonizing by ear. While published arrangements offer more opportunities for more quartets to learn more music -- and at a faster pace -- it would be unfortunate if woodshedding were to diappear from the barbershop quartet scene entirely. So the purpose of this folio is to encourage men to participate in the woodshedding experience.

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