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Barbara Conable
The Structures and Movement of Breathing

The Structure and Movement of Breathing
Skeletal Balance
Nasal Passages
Temporo-mandibular Joints
Facial Muscles
Muscles of Pharynx
Trachea and Esophagus
Lungs in Context
Diaphragm in Context
Exursion of the Diaphragm
Abdominal and Pelvic Viscera
Abdominal Wall
Pelvic Floor / Pelvic Viscera
Coordination of Movement of the Two Diaphragms
Gathering / Lengthening of the Spine
Head-Spine Relationship
Up and Over
Superficial Muscles of the Neck
Deep Muscles of the Neck

This enlightening handbook is designed to provide choir members clear and concise information about their breathing so that they may sing with optimal enjoyment and beauty. Featuring dozens of detailed illustrations and explanations, this book is a crucial tool to anyone on a quest for phenomenal sound. Crucial to this quest is understanding how our own bodies work to produce sound through a technique known as Body Mapping. This handbook is perfect for use during choir warm-ups and rehearsals. Foreword by James Jordan.

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Choral  | 48 Pages | Softcover | 7 x 10

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