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Aurora Chorus

Song NameComposerArranger
Solstice/ Chanukah ChantLinda HirschhornJoan Szymko
We Are A CircleRick HamourisJoan Szymko
Benedicta EsChris Carol ArthurSusan Schleef
Lady of the Season's LaughterDavid HurdJoan Szymko
Solstice ChantAnne BearheartJulie Middleton
Take Back The NightSusan OsbornJoan Szymko
SolsticeDavid York
Kore EvoheJohn Schrag
In Dulci Jubilo/ Pentatonic AlleluiaTraditional German Carol/ Ross WhitneyJoan Szymko
Light Is ReturningCharlie MurphyJoan Szymko
The Longest NightJason Shelton
The Christians and The PagansDar WilliamsJoan Szymko
This Little Light of MineTraditionalYsaye M. Barnwell
Return AgainRabbi Shlomo CarlebachJoan Szymko
We've Got The PowerTraditional South AfricanJoan Szymko
Carry It HomeBetsy RoseJoan Szymko
Red And GreenMaddy PriorJoan Szymko and Sylvia Hackathorn
In The WinterJudy FjellJoan Szymko
Rock That SuckerClaudia SchmidtJoan Szymko
Good King Kong Looked OutP.D.Q. Bach (Peter Shickele)
Light One CandlePeter Yarrow
Auld Lang SyneTraditionalKate Campbell

Directed by Joan Szymko

"Solstice!" is a live recording of a very special concert recorded on the winter's solstice, December 21, 2003. The women of Aurora , which means "new dawn," take us "deep into the heart of winter" and back into the light-a powerful journey into the land of the soul. The 100-strong women's chorus, founded in 1992 by David York and led by director and prolific composer Joan Symko since 1994, has created a new tradition of presenting truly inclusive holiday concerts that nurture and delight their audiences. There are 22 songs here, the first 16 from the "Solstice!" concert, and the final 6 "Winter Favorites," which are bonus tracks from past winter concerts. Favorites are Linda Hirschhorn's "Solstice/Chanukah Chant," Rick Hamouris' "We Are a Circle," Anne Bearheart's "Solstice Chant," Susan Osborn's "Take Back the Night," David York's "Solstice," Charlie Murphy's "Light is Returning," Dar Williams' "The Christians and the Pagans," the traditional South African tune "We've Got the Power," Betsy Rose's "Carry It Home," Judy Fjell's "In the Winter," Claudia Schmidt's "Rock that Sucker," Peter Schickele (PDQ Bach)'s "Good King Kong Looked Out," and (Peter, Paul & Mary's) Peter Yarrow's classic "Light One Candle." There is some light accompaniment of piano, guitar, flute, percussion and rhythm ensemble. These are all powerful tunes that move and inspire us-perfect for helping us in the transition from the dark of winter into the light!

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Choral | Mixed | United States

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