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Ariella Vaccarino
Voice Lessons To Go - Vol 3 - Pure Vowels

Part 1: Vocal Exercises with Explanations and Examples
EE (as in READ): 4 tracks
EY (as in PRAY): 4 tracks
I (as in WIN): 2 tracks
AH (as in SAD): 5 tracks
OH (as in HOPE): 4 tracks
OO (as in COOL): 4 tracks
Ah Ee Ey Oh Oo: 3 tracks
Final Thoughts
Just Piano Accompaniment for All Above Vowel Practice Tracks

Pure Vowels ist the third of four CDs in Ariella Vaccarino's Voice Lesson to Go series. This volume is a voice lesson compiled of vocal exercises concentrating on the different vowels we sing and their proper vocal production. The vocalizes are separated by the vowels: ah, ey, ee, oh, oo, and i. The first half of the CD is a walk through and explanation of each new exercise with examples. Part two is straight piano accompaniment to all the exercies to giving the singer complete independence.

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