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Alexandra Youth Choir: South African Choral

Wena Malindi Unngawami
Kunothixo Omkhulu
Wandibiza Umngoma
Baba Baxolele
Valani Ezongcango
Shapa Kwasa Kwasa
Iphi Imbiza Namhlanje
Ene Eli Ntale
Lona Bontate
Intombi Ikhahlelu Sakazange
Nansi Lentombi
Ayo Ayo
I Want To See
Nkosi Sikelela

The 34-strong, Johannesburg, South Africa-based Alexandra Youth Choir, directed by Mike Mncube (who does a lot of the group's arrangements), was called Realogile School Choir when it was formed in 1988. Usually AYCC performs a cappella, dancing and stamping their feet to give an extra kick to the performance. On "South African Choral" there is non-vocal percussion on several of the 20 cuts, and guitar, piano and sax on 3 cuts. Such instrumentation simply adds spice to the powerful, joyous, repetitive rhythms that course through this CD. "Uyamemeza," the traditional Xhosa song "Kunothixo Omkhulu," the traditional Zulu song "Iphi Imbiza Namhlanje," the traditional greeting song "Dumelang," the sweet spiritual "I Want to See," the Zulu song "Toffolu...this is feel-good, revival meeting-type stuff. Recommended!

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Choral | Mixed | Africa

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