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Alan Gumm
The Choral Director's Cookbook

Song NameArranger
About the Authors
The Choral Gourmet: Music Selection and Presentation Hilary Apfelstadt
A Cappella Vocal Jazz in Eight-Part HarmonyRonald Boender
Pedagogical Pie Geoffrey Boers
Does Your Verbal Feedback Nurture or Starve Your Students? Food for ThoughtLynn Brinckmeyer
Increased Individual Learning in the Ensemble Setting through Problem SolvingPaul Broomhead
It's All in the Ingredients: Considerations for Choosing Repertoire David L. Brunner
Tasting the Text: The Missing IngredientSimon Carrington
Putting the Zest Back Into Intonation: Alternatives to Simmering or Stewing in the Choral Rehearsal David N. Childs
Invitation Etiquette: The Do's of Building Choral Participation Ann C. Clements
Kinesthetics and Movement in the Choral RehearsalJohn M. Cooksey
Diction al Dente: Preparing Texts "To Taste"Edith A. Copley
Learning About Music While Learning the MusicLynn A. Corbin
Vowel Modification for a Resonant and Healthy ToneR. Paul Crabb
Enhancement of Choir Sound through Ensemble Spacing James F. Daugherty
A Recipe for Sight-Singing SuccessSteven M. Demorest
How to Get Your Ensemble to Make M.U.S.I.C.Rollo A. Dilworth
Soup & Salad: Improving Sight-Singing in Two DirectionsDwayne Dunn
Table of Acceptable Substitutes: Turning Score Terminology into ExpressionsMorna Edmundson
Eight Essential Ingredients for Preparing Choirs for Performance Kevin Fenton
Stocking the Shelves for a Full Cupboard of VowelsJanet Galvan
Spice Up Your Warm-UpsMary Goetz
Old-Fashioned Learning-Tree Stew: Good for Building Honor, Respect, and Self-EsteemStephanie Bartik Graber
Leaven to Counteract Loafing: Developing a Self-Responsible and Collaborative ChoirAlan J. Gumm
Turning Thoughts Into Words: Writing to and with Your ChoirPaul D. Head
Superior Stew: How to Achieve Top Ratings at Choral Festivals Michael D. Huff
Preparing the Mind, Preparing the Ear: Developing Subvocalization Skill to Improve IntonationEric A. Johnson
Choir Curry: Seasoning for SuccessMichael Jothen
The Wonderful World of Rounds: Incorporating Rounds into the Choral Rehearsal Mary Kennedy
A Smorgasboard of Choral Color and Sound through Artistic Visualization Henry Leck
Creating a Men's Choir in an SATB TownDiane Loomer
Using a Modified Music Staff to Decode Pitch Notation Alan McClung
How to Saute a FugueJoe Miller
Score Study: A Recipe for SuccessNina Nash-Robertson
Podium FreedomWeston Noble
Voix Inspiree Souffle: Developing the Individual Voice Within the Ensemble Granville M. Oldham, Jr.
Add More Cooks to the Kitchen: Exploring Critical Analysis and Aesthetic Perception through Expressive Listening Christopher W. Peterson
Singers in Motion, or Stirring Up Your Rehearsals Rebecca Reames
Salsa Musica: Solo and Ensemble Latin-Style Improvisation Dave Riley
Breath, Space, Focus: Choral Tone SupremeJames Rodde
Tasty Morsels: Using the Internet to Spice Up Your ProgramsKathleen Rodde
Build a Great Arch of Unimagined Bridges: Programming to Make ConnectionsCatherine Roma
Bringing the Lyric to Life in Vocal JazzParis Rutherford
Tapas: Balanced Vocal and Musical Nourishment for Young SingersJoanne Rutkowski
A Well-Balanced Meal: Thoughts for Healthy Programming Pearl Shangkuan
Rehearsal Appetizers: Three Musical Skills to Tempt Your Rehearsal TastebudsVijay Singh
Teacher Behaviors that Stimulate Student Motivation Rick Stamer
It Only Takes a Spark... To Get a "Choi-r" Go-ingZ. Randall Stroope
A Children's Choir Recipe for SuccessBarbara M. Tagg
The Perfect Blend: Every Choir Director's Dream and GoalAxel Theimer
First Rehearsal: Setting the Tone of an Expressive "Ensemble"Edgar Thompson
Do Not Be Deflected From Your CourseRobert Ward
The Oochy-Goo Express: A Recipe for Relaxed BreathingGuy B. Webb
Growing Pains: The Trials, Tribulations, and Eventual Success of a Recovering Perfectionist Susan Williamson
Savories, Spices, and Sweets: Programming Considerations in an Increasingly Diverse Culture Judith Willoughby
Making a Section Rehearsal SuccessfulTom Wine
Serving Up the TextJohn Yarrington
Easy-Bake Score Study: A Simple Recipe for All Occasions Steven M. Zielke

This valuable collection of quick-to-read yet deeply insightful strategies is like finding expert trade secrets from around the world all placed in one easy source. With outstanding records of performance, workshop clinics, recordings, research, composition, leadership, and teaching, the 57 authors provide their favorite "recipes" that range from overviews of successful programs to specific topics that will inspire all levels and types of choirs. The directors include Ronald Boender, Simon Carrington, Rollo A. Dilworth, Mary Goetz, Henry Leck, Diane Loomer, Weston Noble, Paris Rutherford, Z. Randall Stroope and many, many others.

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