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TDot (Toronto) CircleSinging History

TDot (Toronto) CircleSinging

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Based in: Toronto, Canada.

CircleSinging is a vocal improvisation practice that builds community. You sing for your life, you sing for your body, you sing for your friends, for your dreams, for your community. The body sings, and more importantly, it wants to. CircleSinging is organic, composed, in the moment music. It has all the feel, sense and rhythm that connects us to our souls and to each other. Originally mastered by Bobby McFerrin and shared with the world, CircleSinging is truly unique and magical.

To appreciate CircleSinging, you need to listen a little differently. We call them 'songs', and that is the right word, but the songs we make with layered vocal improvisation are different than your favourites from Bach, Miranda, Gershwin or Bareilles. Composed songs are carefully considered, in advance; composers create musical bits, pick ones that work, edit them and put them together to create their desired effect.

Improvised songs are an in-the-moment musical exploration; singers make the sounds that want to come out of... or through... them at a given time, repeat and vary them until they feel right, and then explore complementary musical bits to create the next layers. We listen to composed songs to hear the writer's message. We listen to improvised songs to hear the process of discovering the message.

Come, join us in discovering the message in the song... in the moment.

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