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Wilten Boys Choir

Wilten Boys Choir

Artistic direction of the Wilten Boys' Choir has been in the hands of Johannes Stecher since 1991. Since then choir performances have improved steadily both qualitatively and quantitatively and the Wiltener Sangerknaben are now among the most highly-regarded boys' choirs in Europe.

A special singing technique developed by Johannes Stecher is responsible for giving the boys' voices a bell-like sound, a unique intensity and strength.

Today the choir has a total of approx. 160 members. The youngest of them are 5-6 years old. The boys spend their first few years in the junior choirs, where voice and pitch are trained, as they gradually work their way through the repertoire. By performing in smaller settings, they slowly become familiar with the life of a boy chorister.

When they have gained in musical maturity and vocal ability, the boys are invited to join the concert choir. The choir is a specialist section in the Tyrolean State Conservatory. At the moment the concert choir comprises approx. 90 boys and young male voices. Even after their voices break, the boys are able to remain in the choir and continue to be voice-trained by highly-qualified singing tutors. The Wilten Boys' Choir does not have its own boarding school - the children go to various schools in the greater Innsbruck area and attend choir practices twice a week and once for voice training (individually or in small groups).


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Wilten Boys Choir : Carmina Burana : 00  1 CD : Johannes Stecher :  : 9003643988491 : 98849

Wilten Boys Choir : Carmina Burana

Review: In 1931-32, after dissociating himself from the influences of Debussy and Richard Strauss, Carl Orff found his way to a personal style, which in addition to its preoccupation with the music of the 16th and 17th centuries was also marked by a "regeneration of music from movement, from dance." His breakthrough came in 1937 with Carmina Burana, which went on to become his most famous work. The Wilten Boys' Choir, conducted by Johannes Stecher, perform the work in the version for choir, soloists, pianos, and percussion, which further emphasizes the work's frequently percussive character.

Songlist: Fortuna imperatrix mundi (part 1), Fortuna imperatrix mundi (part 2), I- Primo vere (Part 1), I- Primo vere (Part 2), I- Primo vere (Part 3), Uf Dem anger (Part 1), Uf Dem anger (Part 2), Uf Dem anger (Part 3), Uf Dem anger (Part 4), Uf Dem anger (Part 5), II- In taberna Ppart 1), II- In taberna (Part 2), II- In taberna (Part 3), II- In taberna (Part 4), III- Cours d'amours (Part 1), III- Cours d'amours (Part 2), III- Cours d'amours (part 3), III- Cours d'amours (Part 4), III- Cours d'amours (Part 5), III- Cours d'amours (Part 6), III- Cours d'amours (Part 7), III- Cours d'amours (Part 8), III- Cours d'amours (Part 9), Blanziflor et Helena, Fortuna imperatrix mundi (part 3)

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