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Vox Aurea Choir

Vox Aurea Choir


Vox Aurea ("The Golden Voice") is a children's choir formed from the special music classes of the city of Jyvaskyla, Finland. The choir consists of 35-45 singers aged 11-17. The conductor of the choir is Sanna Salminen.

Vox Aurea was founded in 1968 and its first conductor was Torsten Lindfors. His successor, Kari Ala-Pollanen, was appointed conductor of the illustrious Tapiola Choir in 1994. Under Pekka Kostiainen since 1994 the choir continued to exel in varied and demanding repertoire the emphasis being on modern works, most of them composed by Pekka Kostiainen.

The singers in Vox Aurea are aged 11-17. They are chosen for the choir after auditioning. There are also two training choirs for younger singers to practise choir singing before joining Vox Aurea.

Vox Aurea choir gives its singers an opportunity to practise singing under professional guid-ance, and it also develops them to perform at an international level. Singing in Vox Aurea means goal-directed , long-term work. Working under professional guidance supports the growth of these young people and develops their musical skills - for many singers of Vox Aurea music has become a profession or, at least, a lifelong hobby.

Vox Aurea is one of the best children's choirs in Finland and is also internationally known. The choir has been one of the top children's choirs in the world for over 40 years. It has won awards in various national and international competitions.

The choir has had concerts all over the world and has fascinated audiences in the USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Greece, South Korea, Latvia and Spain. The choir has recorded both classical and very demanding modern choral music.

Sanna Salminen, who had previously worked as a voice trainer and assistant conductor of the Vox Aurea for several years, started conducting the choir in 2009. Salminen brought new things, for example a lot of multicultural influences, to the repertoire of the choir. Sanna Salminen has also worked as the conductor of Ruamjai Youth Choir, which she founded in 2001 from older singers of the Vox Aurea Choir. Ruamjai Choir was selected the Youth Choir of 2009 by the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation.


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Vox Aurea Choir : Tuhat Kertaa Tutat Vuotta : 00 SACD : Pekka Kostiainen :  : 36

Vox Aurea Choir : Tuhat Kertaa Tutat Vuotta

Review: Pekka Kostiainen (b.1944) is perhaps not known as well as other Finnish composers outside his native land. Although he wrote mainly instrumental music early in his career, he now concentrates on choral music. Pekka Kostiainen is the present conductor and composes extensively for them. Vox Aurea have excelled in performing his demanding but inspiring music, and taking it on their world tours. Tuhat kertaa tuhat vuotta (A thousand times a thousand years) is the most substantial a capella work on this 6th disc of Alba's "Kostiainen Conducts Kostiainen" series. It is a setting of a poem by Lauri Viita, one of the central characters of post-World War II literature in Finland, and narrates the origin of the world from an empty Cosmos, the building of mountains, ocean formation and the development of life. Softly vibrating tone-clusters suggest the void, magically expanding into the warm church acoustic, and a variety of eerie vocalisations including clicks, hisses and open-mouth tapping give way to firmer melodic lines. The altos, with more robust tone than the sweet sopranos, intone the verses in a modal runic chant style which derives from the Kalevala, the Finnish National epic, very close to the narrative style used by Sibelius in Kullervo and his epic tone poems. The choir are divided into four groups, two of sopranos and two altos, and the music moves antiphonally across the sound stage, suggesting the dynamic events at hand. This really is a tour-de-force of choral pictorialism, a miniature epic in its own right.

Songlist: 1000 x 1000 years (1991), To Finland's mothers (1998), There was a young lady, whose nose, There was an old man with a flute, There was an old lady of France, There was an old man of Cape Horn, There was a young lady, whose chin, There was an old person of Cromer, There was an old maid of Stroud, There was an old man in a tree, The roach, An eel is no adder, The perch, The salmon, The flounder waltz, The freshest fish, Glory be to God, Teach us to create, There they all sit in total silence, Why should I not sing?, If I should sing, I still have a song to sing, Dulce est, Nihil est perpetuum, Ut ameris, Ut fl atus venti, Acta est fabula, The country cat's secret fishy wish (2003), Lullaby, Vainamoinen's legacy (2006)

4229c | 00 SACD | $15.95 | Some a cappella Mixed Childrens Choirs

Vox Aurea Choir : LoRuLaiLee: Works for Children's Choir : 00  1 CD : Pekka Kostiainen :  : 617513120073NCD 7

Vox Aurea Choir : LoRuLaiLee: Works for Children's Choir

Review: The children in the Vox Aurea choir, one of the leading Finnish choral groups, are fortunate to be under the direction of Pekka Kostianinen, one of the finest choral composers, and one who likes to test his ideas on his choir before committing them to paper. Finnish folk tradition has been an inspiration for many of these works, the language providing a rhythmic undercurrent and the sound of the words music in itself. "LoRuLaiLee" is a cross-section of Pekka's main works for children's choir. 12 tunes, some favorites: the title tune, "Kiurun tie," "Satakieli," "Jaakobin pojat," and "Pah' on olla paimenessa I and II." This is ethereal, soaring, stunning material, especially for a children's choir.

Songlist: Pyhan Franciscus Assislaisen rukous, Lorulailee, Kiuren tie, Tikanpolkka, Satakieli, Menninkaisen kuutamotanssit, Hiihtojuustoa syonyt lehma tuli hieman levottomaksi, Jaakobin pojat, Revontulet, Pah' on olla paimenessa I, Pah' on olla paimenessa II

6927c | 00 1 CD | $15.98 | Some a cappella Mixed Childrens Choirs

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