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Tam Echo Tam

Tam Echo Tam


"Multicoloured, poetical, inventive, and literally without boundaries, two men and two women clearly dare to compete in the land of Zap Mama".

A Brussels-based vocal group represent the melting pot the Brussels music-scene is rapidly changing into at this fieverish fin-de-siecle. Of French, Guayanese, Morrocon and Zairese extraction, TAM 'ECHO' TAM rely on their solid mastering of vocal expression to create an eclectic repertoire bringing in elements from gospel, jazz, african roots-music, french chanson and American folk-bop.

Created in 1993 with with the only goal singing "with the other", TAM 'ECHO' TAM in the first place is an encounter of four sensiblities, of four voices. Obvious instruments, TAM 'ECHO' TAM's voices explore most playfully a cappella singing, looking for a natural and direct communication.

Talking about playing, one immediately thinks of childhood, imagination, simplicity of expression. Starting their work with improvisation and vocal games, new sounds come to live giving each song its particular tint. The mingle of genders and origins emphasizes all the more the musical variety. The four singers never imposed on themselves a particular style or theme, they long to be the rythmic and melodic echo of what surrounds them. The compostions absorb light-hearted humor, grace and nostalgic love, always aiming at the greatest accuracy in tone, timing and interpretation; but beyond the accuarcy they create suggestive soundscapes and colour its many voices with a touch of blue overtones that often haunt its apparent cheerfulness.

In its musical exploitation TAM 'ECHO' TAM in their own way follow the road opened by music that, coming from Africa to America, melted in with the resources of the New World and created such incommensurable styles as salsa, gospel, jazz and since all four members have been eductaed in French, French chanson came in as a natural "exercise de style".

On record as well as on stage, their abilities to communicate with their audiences mark their talent to share their uncompromising pleasure in singing ... The stage for it's part brings a share of acting, physical presence and contact with the audience. No unuseful effects nor too much educated movement. Coolness, natural style and direct relation to the public give strength to the singing and emphasize the originality of the band. The two girls develope sounds one had not quite heard before, such as the vocal mandolins, whereas the boys become a steam-engine rythm section.


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Tam Echo Tam : Dawn : 00  1 CD : 

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Tam Echo Tam : Dawn

Review: The blossoming music scene in Brussels, an exciting cultural melting pot, has given birth to mixed-voice quartet Tam 'Echo' Tam, two men and two women of French, Guayanese, Moroccan and Zairian origin. Valerie, Aline, Larbi and Daniel use their solid mastering of vocal expression to create an eclectic repertoire that combines elements from African roots music, American folk-bop, French chanson, gospel and jazz. 12 songs, some favorites are the bluesy title tune, joyous finger-popping "One day life," the inspirational guitar accompanied "Blessed," a rhythmic, street corner take on Stevie Wonder's "Master Blaster;" the ethereal "Quando" and "Yvan" the spicy, slightly greasy "El trabajo del amor," the surreal "L'ultima danza," the bluesy French "Du tout au tout," the kind-of-depressed reggae tune "On a mis longtemps," and the guitar accompanied heartbreaker "Be your friend." We love the cover photo of these beautiful young singers mugging, grinning and having fun with each other-it sets the tone for "Dawn," a not too serious, singing together on a sunny afternoon in Brussels kind of album. That is, big fun!

Songlist: Dawn, One Day Life, Blessed, Master Blaster, Sans Toi, Quando, Yvan, El Trabajo del Amor, L' Ultima Danza, Du Tout au Tout, On Mis Longtemps, Be Your Friend

2029c | 00 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella

Tam Echo Tam : A Cappella : 00  1 CD :  : 4202

Tam Echo Tam : A Cappella

Review: This reviewer rants, raves and generally degenerates into rabid fandom over Tam'Echo'Tam who are a Brussels-based mixed quartet of French, Guyanese, Moroccon and Zairese extraction. They begin composing with improv and vocal games evolving from fun into highly polished songs which retain their playful origins in sounds never before heard. One totally original sound is a sort of warble that the two women have created and others have termed a vocal mandolin. Most of the songs are in French which all the members have in common. If you love international a cappella, this is one of the best!

Songlist: The Island Of My Love, Delit MIneur, En Pensant A' Bill, Le Ruisseau, La Fuite De Jazz, Sophie S'Envole, What Does It Mean?, Tchin, Esperanto, My Black Bird, La Vie En Rose, Au Clair De La Lune, Koyaka

2867c | 00 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella Mixed Voice Contemporary CDs

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