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Sound Circle

Director: Sue Coffee

Sound Circle


Sound Circle, based in Boulder, Colorado, was founded in 1994 and has performed with many local artists, including choreographer Mary Wohl Haan, Helander Dance Theater, and the the Colorado Music Festival, and in support of numerous local organizations. Sound Circle has released two CDs, Sound Circle, and Stick Around. Committed to the creation of new music that is relevant to our lives, musically innovative, and of the highest quality, Sound Circle has commissioned many new works, developed percussion/improvisation/movement pieces, performed original music by members of the ensemble, and created new arrangements of many works. Sound Circle created a performance piece in 2002-2003 titled Sound Circle: On Bodies. That show's creation and evolution is the subject of a documentary film now in development. Sound Circle's recordings have been used in personal and spiritual growth workshops as well as in the soundtrack of Song of Our Children, a 2005 video documentary on the inclusion of children with disabilities in educational settings. The recently published Sound Spirit: Pathway to Faith, by Don Campbell, includes performances by Sound Circle in the accompanying CD. A member of the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses (GALA Choruses) and the Sister Singers Network, Sound Circle has performed around the United States; highlights include a 1999 performance in Carnegie Hall, and 1996, 2000, and 2004 GALA Festivals in Tampa, San Jose, and Montreal.

Members of Sound Circle bring their rich life experience to the ensemble: mothers, daughters, grandmothers, writers, artists, activists, educators, therapists (psychotherapy, massage therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and music therapy), voice coaches, social worker, senior wellness coordinator, vision quest guide, hospice nurse, shamanic practitioner, sign language interpreter, editor, computer programmer, actress, orchestral percussionist, clown, and television producer.


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Sound Circle : Finding the Flow    onsale

Review: 17-strong, Boulder, CO-based Sound Circle was first formed in 1994 by founding Artistic Director Sue Coffee, who is also founding Artistic Director of the 125-voice Resonance Women's Chorus and has won numerous awards. This statement from their website tells us a lot about them: "The women of Sound Circle, an a cappella women's vocal ensemble, have come together to experience the deep joy of making music and to share that joy with our audiences. The music we sing connects us to the voices, sounds and rhythms of our own lives. We seek out music that speaks of women's experiences and music by women composers." Here are the titles of the 12 beautiful songs of "Finding the Flow:" "Kinder," by Alyx Autuori of Copper Wimmin, "Woodsmoke and Oranges" by Ian Tamblyn, "Under Heaven, Under the Sun" by Malcolm Dalglish, "I am into to your fire" by Craig Carnahan and James Broughton, "Sweet Darkness" by Terry Schlenker, "Stay" by Carol Maillard, Richard Shindell's poignant ballad "Last Fare of the Day," Linda Webber's "Silence of Our Dreams," Kimmerjae Johnson's "Float Down the River," Sue Johnson's "Sister, My Sister," the Kirby Shaw-arranged traditional tune "Down by the Riverside" and Tom Kimmel's "Never Saw Blue Like That." "Finding the Flow" is powerful, deeply-felt music that touches and moves us. Great stuff from Sound Circle!

Songlist: Kinder, Woodsmoke and Oranges, Under Heaven, Under the Sun, I Am Into Your Fire, Sweet Darkness, Stay, Last Fare Of The Day, Silence Of Our Dreams, Float Down The River, Sister My Sister, Down By The Riverside, Never Saw Blue Like That

6096c | 1 CD | $14.95

Sound Circle : Sound Circle

Review: Twenty-one women gather to experience the joy of making music together and to share that joy with their audiences, performing songs in a multiplicity of styles (with elements of classical, world and folk, though strictly speaking, Sound Circle is none of these). Featuring composers such as Ysaye Maria Barnwell and Holly Near (but also original works commissioned specifically for the group), the ensemble has fashioned a full-spectrum, transparently textured recording that can be minimalist or celebratory in turn, though always congruent in its musicality. Artistic Director Sue Coffee's staunch credentials ensure Sound Circle's unmistakable grounding in the traditions of Western harmony, while providing the setting for the group's highly personal expression.

Songlist: Fly Me Away, Sun Won't Stop, Golden Apples Of The Sun, Full Woman, Ave Maria, Stone Circles, Would You Harbor Me?, Mother Moon, Wanting Memories, Keep The Fire, Love Comes Again, How Do You Feel?, Shooting Star, Something Inside So Strong, Dona Nobis Pacem, I Sound Circle

2992c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella Female Choral CDs

Sound Circle : Stick Around : 1 CD : Sue Coffee : 

Listen to
Bliss Mantra

Sound Circle : Stick Around

Review: "Stick Around" is Jonestown, CO-based Sound Circle's second CD, their first, the well-received "Sound Circle," was released in 1998. There are 22 women in this women's a cappella ensemble, five each of Sopranos 1 and 2, and six each of Altos 1 and 2. The exquisite liner notes, with a Colorado mountain scene on the cover, contain the words to these 18 beautiful, life-affirming songs: "Eagle Song," "We A...," "Calling All Angels," Alanis Morissette's "You Learn," Billy Joel's "Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)," Cindy Lauper's "Time After Time," "Ka-chinka-cha," "Bliss Mantra (Poem)," "Bliss Mantra (song)," "Clangor, Clamor, Clapperclaw," "Sondra Met A Koala," "That's Alright," "what i want," "Mother, It is Night," "Come Into Our Circle" (which could be SC's theme song), "Another Train," "Weathering" and "Stick Around." On the back cover of the CD is a photo of the smiling, glowing faces of the group together under a pine tree, as if inviting us to join them in song. Deep feelings for humanity and the earth, gratitude for life and love of music come through clearly on "Stick Around," a very special CD!

Songlist: Eagle Song, We Are..., Calling All Angels, You Learn, Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel), Time After Time, Ka-chinka-cha (improv), Bliss Mantra (poem), Bliss Mantra (song), Clangor, Clamor, Clapperclaw, Sondra Met a Koala (improv), That's Alright, What I Want, Mother, It Is Night, Come Into Our Circle, Another Train, Weathering (improv), Stick Around

6738c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella Female Choral CDs

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