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Russian chorus Based in San Francisco

Slavyanka is a mixed voice a cappella chorus based in San Francisco, California, and made up of amateur musicians from varied professions, including computer programmers, scientists, lawyers, and businessmen. The musical demands placed on the Chorus are quite high both because of technical content of the music and the nearly four octave range often required to sing it. We perform most of our music in Russian, though most of us do not speak Russian. Our chorus consists of 25 singers united by a common interest in the choral music of the peoples of Russia and Eastern Europe. Over the years we have compiled an enviable record of achievement.

Audition Policy - Slavyanka Russian Male Chorus is seeking new members, especially high tenors and low basses. Russian language ability is not required.

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Slavyanka : From the Balkans & Caucasus with Love : 1 CD

Slavyanka : From the Balkans & Caucasus with Love

Folk, composed and orthodox church music from Georgia, Armenia, Macedonia and Bulgaria are heard on this recording by Slavyanka. Selections include, "Vo Tsarstvii Tvoyem" by Dmitri Khristov with an especially lovely tenor solo and "Milost' Mira/Tyebe Poyem" by Nikolai Kompaneyski with its very warm bass lines. The recording also includes brief introductions explaining the meanings and sources of each song. Led by Gregory Smirnov deep bass voices and high tenors lift you with their expression of the Slavic soul in song.

Songlist: Alleluia (Byzantine Chant), Alleluia (Stevan Mocranjac), Otche Nash (Vladimir Licina), Vo Tsarstvii Tvoyem (Dmitri Khristov), Milost Mira / Tyebe Poyem (Nikolai Kompaneyski), Jovano Jovanke (Trad. Macedonian), Ne Sedi Dzemo (Trad. Macedonian), Lezginka (arr. Sergei Zharov), Kristos I Medj (Komitas Vartabed), Vocalize (Komitas Vartabed), Surp (Komitas Vartabed), Tsmindao Khmerto (Georgian Chant), Shen Khar (Trad. Georgian), Kviria (Trad. Georgian), I Av Nana (Trad. Georgian), Lashkruli (Trad. Georgian), Tsangala Da Gogona (Trad. Georgian)

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7271c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Slavyanka : Russia Old and New : 1 CD

Slavyanka : Russia Old and New

This third album by the Northern California chorus, Slavyanka, is an assortment of Russian sacred, secular, classical and folk music. It is intended to be a journey through Russian history to explore where soul and spirit have taken shape in music. The music draws on the traditions of the Orthodox Church and Byzantine chant and the often suppressed folk songs and includes compositions of the Russian nationalist composers like Musorgsky and Shostakovich. Led by founder Paul Andrews, this group is helping to bring the religious and secular choral traditions of Russia and other regions of Eastern Europe to the rest of the world.

Songlist: Gradual Antiphon (Znamenny chant, tone 2), Glory to God in the Highest (D.S. Bortniansky), Let My Prayer Arise (P. Chesnokov), The Good Thief (P. Chesnokov), Cherubic Hymn (G. Lomakin), In the Dark Forest (Traditional, 17th C), The Birch Tree (Traditional), The Snowstorm (A.E. Varlamov), Shall I Go? (Traditional), Oh, You Steppe (Tradtional, 17th C.), Borodino (text: M. Lermontov), Schelkalov's Aria (M. Musorgsky), Pilgrims Chorus (M. Musorgsky), The Winds Blew Softly (arr. D. Shostakovich), Oh You Roads (A. Novikov, text: L. Osanin), Song of the Arbat (B. Okudzhava), My Soul Years for the Heavens (G. Sviridov, text: S. Yesenin), Gradual Antiphon (conclusion) (Znamenny chant, tone 2)

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7272c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Slavyanka : Russian Church Music : 1 CD : HMU 907098

Slavyanka : Russian Church Music

This acclaimed men's chorus are excellent on this collection of some of the great a cappella pieces from the Russian Church.

Songlist: Otche nash (Our Father), Blazhen muzh (Blessed is the Man, Sye nynye blagoslovitye Gospoda (Behold, Bless the Lord), Spasi, Gospoddi, lyudi Tvoya (O Lord, Save Thy People), Plotiyu usnuv (Having Fallen Asleep), Na ryekakh vavilonskikh (By the Rivers of Babylon), Voskliknitye Gospodyevi (Make a Joyful Noise), Glasom moim (With my Voice), Milost' mira (For the Mercy of Peace), Spasyeniyi sodyelal (Salvation is Created), Svyetye tikhii (O Gladsome Light), Dostoin yest' (Is Is Fitting), Pryeidye syen' (The Shadow of the Las Passed Away), Nynye otpushchayeshi (Lord, Now Lettest Thou They Servant Depart) , Milost' mira (For the Mercy of Peace), Otche nash (Our Father), Slava v vyshnikh (Glory to God in the HIghest)

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6877c | 1 CD | $15.98

Slavyanka : Shvedov: Liturgy of St. John Chysostom : 1 CD : Alexei Shipovalnikov : 93187

Slavyanka : Shvedov: Liturgy of St. John Chysostom

Shvedov, with Jaroff, was the primary arranger for the famed "Don Cossack" Chorus. He wrote this liturgy for male voice while living in New York in the 1930s. Never performed in his lifetime, Slavyanka had the honor of presenting the world premiere of this magnificent piece in San Francisco's Grace Cathedral.

Songlist: Velikaya yektenia (The Greater Litany, Blagoslovi (Bless the Lord, O my Soul), Malaya yektenia (Lesser Litany), Slava; Yedinorodny (Glory; The Only-begotten Son), Malaya yektenia (Lesser Litany), Vo tsartvii tvoyem (In Thy Kingdom), Priidite, poklonimsya (O Come, Let Us Worship), Gospodi, spasi blagochestivya (Lord Save the Faithful, Trisagion), Sugubaja yejtenia (Special Litany), Zaupokoinaya yektenia (Litany for the Dead), Yektenia ob oglashennykh (Litany of the Catechumens), Izhe kheruvymi (Cherubic Hymn), Yektenia prosityel'naya (Litany of Supplication), Ottsa i Syna, i Svyatago Dukha (The Father, Son and Holy Spirit), Vyeruyu (I Believe), Milost' mira (Grace of Peace), Dostoino yest' (It Is Meet), Yektenia prosityel'naya (Litany of Supplication), Otche nash (Our Father), Ne imamy inyya promoshchi (We Have No Other Help), Vidyekhom Svyet Istinny; Da ispolnyatsya usta nasha (We Have Seen the True Light; Let Our Mouths Be Filled), Malaya yektenia; Budi Imya Gospodne; Konyets Liturgia (Lesser Litany; The Name of the Lord Forever; End of the Liturgy)

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8724c | 1 CD | $15.95 | Some a cappella

Slavyanka : Sounds of Heaven : 1 CD : Gregory Smirnov

Slavyanka : Sounds of Heaven

A collection of the Our Father, Otche Nash, as realized by many composers over several centuries; includes compositions by Rachmaninov, Stravinski, Tchaikovski, Chesnokov, Shvedov, and Sheremetev, in addition to several contemporary settings.

Songlist: The Great Littany, Otche Nash - Stolp Chant, Otche Nash - Kievan Chant, Otche Nash, Otche Nash, Otche Nash, Otche Nash, Otche Nash, Otche Nash, Otche Nash, Otche Nash, Otche Nash, Otche Nash, Otche Nash, Jesus Prayer, The Angel Cried

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8858c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella

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