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Rhodopea Kaba Trio

Rhodopea Kaba Trio


Over the millennium ancient mythology has preserved the fine songs, sung by the followers of Orpheus under the starry heavens of the Rhodope Mountain, in praise of the forces of nature. The songs of the Rhodope Mountain have retained to this day a manner of singing as if drawn from nature itself. An endless horizon...range plies range, to eternity; this music, melodious, vast, sweeping. A free spirit springs from Rhodope songs, each song is unique and close to every Bulgarian.

Rhodope songs are interpreted variously, addressed to audiences with an awareness of various musical idioms. Rhodopea Trio has found a way of its own in its rendition.

The Rhodopea Kaba Trio was founded in the spring of 1989 in the town of Smolyan, on the initiative of Hristina Lyutova, the famous Rhodope folk singer. The performers, Hristina Lyutova, Silvia Nenkova and Mariyana Pavlova (Hristina Lyutova's daughter), are typical representatives of the Rhodope region vocal folklore.

The three of them have alto voices, reminiscent of the soft yet powerful sonority of the kaba-bagpipe. Characteristic of their style is singing in low register. It is as if the three voices come from one and same throat, in a perfect unity of timbers. Composer Prof. Nikolai Kaufmann, Phd: " The Rhodopea Trio is a stable one. The singers' voices vary from middle to high, masculine in tonality. A female alto trio is a phenomenon, rare in the world."

Except of folklore, the Trio represents Orthodox as well. Rhodopea Kaba Trio has brought out 2 CDs and has participated in many TV and Radio shows in Bulgaria and abroad, and has realize many concert tours in more than 40 countries around the world.


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Rhodopea Kaba Trio : Folk Songs : 1 CD :  : 183

Rhodopea Kaba Trio : Folk Songs

Review: There is an ancient mythology sung by the followers of Orpheus which has been preserved as folk song in the Rhodope mountains of Bulgaria. These are the sort of songs which have been given a concert hall exposure by the Bulgarian Women's Choir. The Rhodopea Kaba Trio are the musical living treasury of these ancient songs. The Kaba portion of their name refers to the fact that they are singing in a low register which corresponds to the sound of the kaba bagpipe, a favorite instrument in the Rhodope mountain area.You will hear not only a fascinating style of singing which begins with a monophonic melody and splits into three polyphonic planes but also, on four of the twenty-one songs, you will hear Ivelina Balcheva, a jazz singer, take off into her own improvisational embellishments of ancient tradition. We strongly suggest this recording to those who love the songs of Bulgarian women.

Songlist: sobrali sa se, sobrali, tornal todyu, rositse, rusa devoyko, minka e rano stanala, brala moma rouja tsvete, mitro, mitro, oti mi lyube snoshta ni doyde, two songs from zagrajden, poustono ludo i mlado, karay macho, petline peyot lyube, mari mome, nadpevat se malki momi, kalina sedi v gradina, a bre yunache, mari rado, zashivay maycho zategay, gaydine sviryat, zashtim ne minesh sevdinko, tornalo mi e smolyansko vaklo devoyche, ne sohni, sortse

9724c | 1 CD | $14.98

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