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Orphei Drangar

Orphei Drangar


Orphei Drangar, known internationally as OD, is a modern male-voice choir, based in the Swedish University City of Uppsala. The choir, which dates back to 1853, has always been a torch bearer of the great Swedish choral tradition, in addition to playing an important international role in the development of the male-voice choir in modern music. The most important tradition of Orphei DrSngar is self-renewal. The male-voice choir is an instrument which can express itself in a multitude of different ways. OD has distinguished itself, both in Sweden and abroad, by developing and fine-tuning this instrument. Many people talk of the unique blend of young, lighter voices with older, more mature ones - a blend which produces a sound all of its own. Intonation, phrasing and purity are other words that are often used to describe OD's sound. A cappella songs are still the most important part of the choir's repertoire. But OD has gone one step further, breaking new ground when it comes to how a male-voice choir should look and sound. The forms of expression are numerous. The choir can just as easily sing with a symphony orchestra as accompany a dramatic composition or ballet.

OD's conductor Robert Sund sings, plays, arranges, composes and conducts. His multi-faceted gift has given him a prominent position both on the Swedish and the international music scene. Most importantly, Robert Sund has been a principal driving force behind OD's development, and has contributed greatly to the broadening of the choir's repertoire. In 1993, Robert Sund was named Conductor of the Year by the Fsreningen Sveriges Ksrledare (Association of Swedish Choirmasters). For 17 years he has been teaching conducting and ensemble leadership at the Musikhsgskolan (Academy of Music) in Stockholm. He is in great demand to lead courses for both choral singers and conductors in Scandinavia, Europe, the USA, South America and New Zealand. He has been guest conductor everywhere from the Radio Choir in Vienna to the Coro Nacional in Cuba. He is a guest lecturer and a diligent jury member at choral competitions, and a conductor at choral festivals all over the world. Robert Sund began his time at OD as second bass in 1965. Just three years later he became assistant conductor. In the early 1970s, he studied choral conducting under Eric Ericson at the Musikhsgskolan. In 1991, Robert took over full responsibility as OD's conductor.


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Orphei Drangar : Curse Upon Iron: Works for Male Choir by Veljo Tormis : SACD : Veljo Tormis

Orphei Drangar : Curse Upon Iron: Works for Male Choir by Veljo Tormis

Review: A modern shaman is how Veljo Tormis (b.1930) has been described. In his large production, chiefly composed for a cappella choir, he utilizes ancient chants and magic charms, as well as the typically Estonian runic songs, regilaulud. Indeed Curse upon Iron, his best-known score, even includes a shaman drum. Much of the music of Tormis, who began composing during the 1950s, mirrors his steadfast devotion to an Estonian identity in the face of Soviet occupation, with traditional ways of life, such as farming and fishing, resonating in pieces such as Helletused - based on ancient herding calls - Spell upon Flax (from the three Shrovetide songs) and Songs of the Ancient Sea. But there are also works, such as the two Hamlet's Songs, that seem to echo the bleak mood of Soviet Estonia, while The Viru Oath is one of Tormis's most overtly political compositions, written in 1980 during the so-called 'stagnation period' in which the thaw following Stalin's death was halted. With Stars, from Kaksikpuhendus (Double Dedication), the disc closes on a more lyrical and personal note - another strand in the composer's rich repertoire. The informative liner notes to this selection of works for male-voice choir composed between 1962 and 1996 are by Mimi S. Daitz, author of a biography of Veljo Tormis. As she explains, even when Tormis does not use traditional tunes, he incorporates their scales and intervals into his melodies and harmonies, thus creating a unique sound. Divisions of voices into separate lines play an important part in Tormis's orchestration of voices, and another characteristic is his rhythmic ingenuity. The various demands this places on the performers are amply fulfilled by Cecilia Rydinger Alin and Orphei Drangar, described in Choir and Organ as 'a tremendous choir, with superb technique and an immense, expressive range'. Further variety is added by a number of guest soloists, including the internationally acclaimed soprano Elin Rombo.

Songlist: Incantation for a Stormy Sea, Once We Will Reappear, I Had Three Beautiful Words, Shrovetide Songs, Litany to Thunder, The Viru Oath, Childhood Memory - Herding Calls, (Curse upon Iron, Songs of the Ancient Sea, Hamlet's Songs, Double Dedication

2310c | SACD | $17.95 | A Cappella Men's Choirs CDs

Orphei Drangar : Christmas Songs : 1 CD : Cecilia Rydinger Alin :  : 1833

Orphei Drangar : Christmas Songs

Review: Formed in 1853, the choir Orphei Drangar (OD) has constantly striven to discover and develop new directions for the male-voice choir, while not neglecting its splendid traditions. The first OD disc recorded together with the choir's new artistic director, the celebrated choral conductor Cecilia Rydinger Alin, is no exception. Described by Choir & Organ (UK) as 'a tremendous choir, with superb technique and an immense, expressive range', OD gives proof of its versatility in a highly varied program which still manages to stay within the theme of Christmas: original settings and new arrangements of Swedish folk songs and Christmas classics, English carols and Broadway songs - with Stille Nacht, a Russian hymn in praise of the Holy Virgin, and Eric Whitacre's widely admired Lux aurumque added for good measure. Supplying even more nuances to the palette is the choir's guest artist, the young Swedish soprano Ida Falk Winland, as well as a brass ensemble, supporting choir and soloist in parts of the program.

Songlist: Koppangen, Forunderligt at sige, Jul, jul, stralande jul, Hosiannah!, Madonnans vaggvisa, Vittskovlevisan, Staffansvisa fran Orust, Hodie Christus natus est, He Shall Feed His Flock, Lux aurumque, Stille Nacht, Dostoyno yest, Es ist ein Ros entsprungen, Joy to the World, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You), Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen, Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

6007c | 1 CD | $18.95 | Primarily a cappella Men's Choir Christmas

Orphei Drangar : Diamonds  : 1 CD : Robert Sund :  : 1233

Orphei Drangar : Diamonds

Review: The popularity of the male-voice choir has dwindled during the past century. More common in the Romantic era, repertoire written specifically for men's choruses is significantly less as well. On the CD Diamonds, Orphei Drangar, led by Robert Sund and Folke Alin, sings 20th century a cappella pieces written specifically for male choir. The pieces chosen are certainly gems in the repertoire. Many are by French composers such as Francis Poulenc, Darius Milhaud and Camille Saint-Saens, who's Saltarelle is quite fun. The group reaches far to the east in Michio Mamiya's "Composition for Chorus No.6" which is based on Japanese folk music. The Anders Hillborg piece, was originally written for a mixed choir, but was commissioned to write a version for Eric Ericcson and the Orphei Dranger. This phenomenal group sparkles on this recording.

Songlist: Quatre Petites De St. Francois d'Assise, Psaume 121, Gryningsvind, Muistse mere laulud, Iltapilvia, Saltarelle, Traumlicht, Tarantella, Composition for Chorus, Slovenska piesen, Zornicka, Bonus Track

7189c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella Men's Choirs CDs

Orphei Drangar : Schubert for Male Choruses : 1 CD : Eric Ericson : Franz Schubert : 1033

Orphei Drangar : Schubert for Male Choruses

Review: Of the hundreds of songs written by Franz Schubert, those for solo voice are best known today. He also wrote over one hundred songs for men's choir. Occasionally, they were performed by quartets in private settings and a few of them were published during Schubert's lifetime. But it was not until nearly forty years after his death that people began to realize that this music was out there. In Vienna in 1866 a volume of his choruses was published by Johann Herbeck, who was a champion of Schubert's unknown music. These songs vary in style from piano or string accompaniment to a cappella. Occasionally, there is a soloist, as in "Standchen," for male choir, alto solo and piano. For this recording Orphei Drangar, conducted by Robert Sund is joined by alto Malena Ernman, tenor Jonas Degerfeldt, pianist Folke Alin and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. The always brilliant OD sings these rarely performed works with beauty and grace.

Songlist: Nachtgesang, Die Nacht, Der Gondelfahrer, Sehnsucht, Im Gegenwartigen Vergangenes, Liebe, Standchen, Grab und Mond, Der 23 Psalm, Die einsiedelei, Nachthelle, Trinklied ist der Schritt der Zeit, Geist der Liebe, Gesang der Geister uber

6567c | 1 CD | $15.98 Men's Choirs CDs

Orphei Drangar : Caprices with OD - Ericson/Sund : 1 CD : Robert Sund :  : 5027

Orphei Drangar : Caprices with OD - Ericson/Sund

Review: In the early sixties the decade was young and people were enthusiastic about anything new. Sweden's Orphei Drangar (OD), an all male choir founded in 1853 changed the formalities of concerts, talking to the audience, allowing laughter and introducing the idea of the "Caprice" in 1962. "Caprice" means "whim" or idea, and it is intended to suggest what is improvised and playful in concerts. The general public longed for such entertainment. Things have changed radically since then, but the basic ideas, surprises, playfulness and high seriousness, craziness but with a requirement of musical quality. "Certainly the lads go astray at times," but nothing ventured, nothing gained. This CD is a "best of" these Caprice concerts, from 1964 to 1969. Unannounced guest artists were a fundamental idea. These included Sven-Bertil Taube, a small ensemble from the choir called the Olsson Quintet made a celebrated debut. Sten-Gunnar Hellstrom presented his condensed version of Swedish musical history, composer Sten Broman was released in his purple tux, and talked for a quarter of an hour about 2 songs with a duration of 3 minutes. There are 22 songs, ending with G. Wennerberg's "Slut Godnatt," an amorous lover's "Wake Up" serenade (to make sure she was not sleeping, leaving him to sing love songs uselessly to himself). All live, in Swedish and in some English, with some light accompaniment and quite a bit of audience laughter. We wish we could understand some of the jokes, but some bits, like "Dolly," "Embraceable You," "Domardansen" and "Beatlespassion" give us a pretty good idea of what's going on. Interesting concept, with some good music and funny stuff.

Songlist: "Ja, jag Kommer" (Hor I Orphei Drangar), Skargardsfrun (E. Taube . sang: Sven Bertil Taube), Kondenserade visor (S-G Hellstrom- Mossebacke Monarki sang: Sten-Gunnar Hellstrom), Till Osterland (Trad., arr. K-A. Frisk), Det stod en lind (Trad., arr. K-A Frisk), Tal (Speech) Sten Broman, Dolly (S. Broman - Falstaaff, fakir), Serenad en ovanligt kall mars samma lordag som det blev om slag I vadret (E.M. Yrgard sang: Erik Mattias Yrgard), Ibrollopsgarden (A. Soderman), Bandura (Trad., arr J.Johansson piano: Jan Johansson. Bas: Georg Riedel), Embraceable You (G. & I. Gershwin- B. Barlach sang: Sonya Hedenbratt), Domaredansen (Trad., arr O. Olsson - A. Linder. Sang: A. Linder, sang: Anders Linder), M'appari (F.v. Flowtow sang: Staffan Hjorth. Piano Sture Lunden), Beatlepassion (Beatles, arr. K-A. Frisk sang: Dorothy Irving, Christer Solen, Bengt Rundgren), Eko-visa (O. di Lasso. Text och bearbetning: K-A. Frisk Kammarkoren; Kvintetten Olsson; OD), Man Is For The Woman Made (H. Purcell - John Runge's collection sang: Christer Bladin Gitarr: Adam Taube), Dane liksom askan, systrar (J.H. Stunz - J.Jolin. Kammarkorens damer), Plocka vill jag skogsviol (Trad. - A.Slotte.), Come Sunday (Duke Ellington sang: Alice Babs piano: Ake Leven), "Extranummer" (sang: Alice Babs), Madrigal (Adam de la Halle - Schreiber, overs Ralf), Grona sma applen, Slut - Godnatt (G. Wennerberg)

7808c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella Swedish Choral Music

Orphei Drangar : Caprices with OD Vol 1 - Eric Ericson : 1 CD : Eric Ericson :  : 5010

Orphei Drangar : Caprices with OD Vol 1 - Eric Ericson

Review: More silliness from Sweden's all-male choir Orphei Drangar (OD), yearly live concerts that were founded in 1962, the ones here taking place from 1987 to 1990, that featured "Caprices," or whims and improvisations in concerts (see review for "Capricer Med OD, Del 1964-69"). 18 songs, some in Swedish, some in English; some favorites are "Mozart's Pianokonsert nr 21," "Bluesette," "Teach Me Tiger," "Sudda, sudda," "Yuppie Rap," "At The Hop/Rock Around the Clock" and "I Could Have Danced All Night." OK, sometimes we wish we could understand Swedish and see what's happening when the audience cracks up, but there's still a lot to get a laugh from and enjoy here.

Songlist: Sveriges Flaggstang, Joakim Uti Babylon, Vem Kan Segla/Fjariln Vingad, Kolm Mul Oli Kaunist Sona, Mozarts Pianokonsert Nr 21 (med variationer), Stadshotellet, Bluesette, Balladen Om Herr Rosenbloms Speleman, Teach Me Tiger, Sudda, Sudda, Yuppie-Rap, La Vie En Rose, Kulldansen, At The Hop/Rock Around The Clock, Iltapilvia, Bedragarens Vag, Carola, I Could Have Danced All Night

7807c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella Swedish Choral Music

Orphei Drangar : Caprices with OD Vol 2 : 1 CD : Eric Ericson :  : 5016

Orphei Drangar : Caprices with OD Vol 2

Review: The 1960s saw the beginning of the "Caprice," an annual event that soon gained great popularity. It was a wholly new concert form in Sweden: a mixture of musical styles, everything from serious classical music to jazz and folk music, and as time went on it became more and more of a scenic production with dramatizations, choreography and slapstick humor. An important ingredient was the appearance of one or more mystery guest artists. Over the years, many of Sweden's foremost artists within various genres ahve appeared to suprise the audience, and often have the opportunity to present themselves form a new angle. The development of the Caprice would hardly have been possible without the special conditions that Orphei Drangar has to offer: Eric Ericson's musical versatility and curiosity, not to mention his wide-ranging contacts within Swedish artistic circles; Robert Sund's skill as an arranger, of which this CD provides ample evidence; and his brother Hakan's artistry at the piano, or an equally high calibre in classical music and in jazz.

Songlist: There's no business, White Christmas, Broderna Sund of Music - Variationer over Csardas, Fabodpsalm, Smaka syltan, pastorn, Midzjtnatzskin radznjeff, Rysk visa, Yngve Gamlins sprakkurs, Naturljud i Hagaparken, Vila vid denna kalla, Fjariln vingad syns pa Haga, Gubben ar gammal, Hagakoren, Mood Indigo, Fly me to the moon, The drunken sailor, Hor I O / Nu ar det jul, Det ar en ros utsprungen, O helga natt, Chopin a la suedoise

7929c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella Swedish Choral Music

Orphei Drangar : Caprices with OD Vol 3 : 1 CD : Eric Ericson :  : 5022

Orphei Drangar : Caprices with OD Vol 3

Review: Not only is Orphei Drangar one of the oldest and best men's choirs in the world, but it is a true gathering of individualists, almost all of whom have amde of will make their mark in professions other than music. Given this urge to express themselves as individuals, their popular pre-CHristmas concerts, known locally as "caprices," are not just a collective letting down of hair," but a much-appreciated opportunity for displaying all sorts of individual talents not usually required of choristers -- whether this be writing musical sketches, singing in some hitherto undiscovered register, representing half of a theatrical horse and etceteras. Add to this Eric Ericson, the world's greatest choral conductor -- who looked after Orphei Drangar for forty years because he enjoyed them so much -- and the mixture is potent, not to say explosive. Like all the greatest musicians Eric Ericson has that well-developed sense of humor that comes from recognizing that one has been entrusted with a very rare gift. Together, Eric Ericson and Orphei Drangar let their hair down in grand style. Indeed they elevate the very concept of "letting one's hair down" into something like an art form.

Songlist: Hor I Orphei Drangar / Kalinka, Pa faltet stod en liten bjork, Balladen om Eugen Cork, Livet ar ett helvete, Halsa dom dar hemma, Fragancia, Julgranen, Nu har jag fatt den jag vill ha, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Stormy Weather, True Love, Norgehistoria, Engelska flottan, Kivikspolka, Poor Lonesome Cowboy, Feeling Too Good Blues, Hark, Ye Sons if Orpheus, Maybe Itęs Because I'm a Londoner, Jag ser pa dina ogon / 5000 man, Viljasangen, Lat oss liksom svalorna, Operetten ar dod

7928c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella Swedish Choral Music

Orphei Drangar : Caprices with OD Vol 4 : 1 CD : Eric Ericson :  : 5024

Orphei Drangar : Caprices with OD Vol 4

Review: This is the fourth volume of a series of discs documenting the Caprices -- the ever popular pre-Christmas entertainments that Orphei Drangar started in 1962. By 1982, the Caprices had found the form that most people associate with them today: one or more guest artists -- singers, musicians, comedians, actors or actresses -- their names a well-kept secret until the opening night; a theme for the performance providing opportunities for musical and theatrical pranks, and alarming leaps between different moods and styles.

Songlist: Smideskoren ur Trubaduren, Gremlins aria ur Eugen Onegin, Diana, If Love's a Sweet Passion, Tiger Rag, Gregoriansk Ja, jag kommer, En manskenspromenad, Kom i min famn, Humanifestet, Till gladjens varn och ara, symfoni i fyra satser, Kinesisk Hor, I Orphei Drangar, Man jiang hong, Vantat haver jag, Nu ar det gott att leva, Cadillac, Jag hatar man ur Kiss me Kate, She's Leaving Home, Danga, Two Sleepy People, Send In The Clowns, Sophisticated Lady

7927c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella Swedish Choral Music

Orphei Drangar : Christmas Music : 1 CD : Robert Sund :  : 7318590005330 : 533

Orphei Drangar : Christmas Music

Review: The world renowned Orphei Drangar, treats us to a variety of Christmas songs from around the world, including Scandinavia, Germany, England and France. Selections include Gustaf Nordqvist's sweet lullaby "Jul, jul stralande jul," "Ave Maria" by Franz Biebl and "Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen." Conducted by Robert Sund, this wonderful choir is joined by soprano Christina Hogman and baritone Peter Mattei with Bengt Forsberg on organ. This is a simply beautiful recording.

Songlist: Hosiana, Nar det lider mot jul, Jul, jul, stralande jul, Bereden vag for herran, Psalm 24, Betlehems stjarna, Forunderligt at sige, Giv mig ej glans, Op. 1 No. 4, Hodie Christus natus est, Ave Maria, Ave Maria, Die Konige, Stille Nacht, Est ist ein Ros' entsprungen, Joy to the World, O Come, all ye Faithful, How far is it to Bethlehem?, Anonymous: Ding dong! Merrily on High, Anonymous: Coventry Carol, Anonymous: A la nanita nana, Cantique de Noel, Anonymous: La Marche des rois, Anonymous: Quelle est cette odeur agrable?

7047c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella Men's Choir Christmas

Orphei Drangar : Highlights : 1 CD : Eric Ericson :  : 383

Orphei Drangar : Highlights

Review: This disc presents an international selection of music from Orphei Drangar's concert repertoire as well as two opera choruses in collaboration with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Folk songs from Sweden open the recording followed by many twentieth century works for men's voice chorus. From Eastern Europe there are "Four Old Folk Songs" by Bela Bartok and two of "The Songs of Hamlet" by Estonian composer Veijo Tormis. From America, "A Stopwatch" by Samuel Barber captures a scene from the Spanish Civil War in which he and poet Stephen Spender volunteered. Two of the most beloved opera choruses end the program: the chorus of Gypsy's (Anvil Chorus) from Verdi's Il Trovatore and the chorus of Soldiers from Gounod's Faust. This inspired recording of Highlights comes from the choir's work with the incomparable Eric Ericson.

Songlist: Hej dunkom, Uti voar hage, Pa fjallet i sol, Ett bondbrollop: 4 I brollopsgarden, Kung Liljekonvalje, Four Old Hungarian Songs, The Songs of Hamlet, Three Slovakian Folksongs, Wir zogen in das Feld, Traumlicht, An das meer, A Stopwatch, Il brivido, Psaume 121, Saltarelle, Il trovatore: Coro di zingari -, Faust: Choeur des soldats

7302c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella Swedish Choral Music

Orphei Drangar : Varen ar Kommen : 1 CD : Robert Sund :  : 833

Orphei Drangar : Varen ar Kommen

Review: A fine recording from this acclaimed male choir as directed by Robert Sund. Mostly sung a cappella there are thirty traditional Swedish songs that celebrate Spring and Summer.

Songlist: Varsang, Lindblad, Majsang, Marsch, Valkommen Till Varen, Varberg, Varluft, Madrigal, Serenad, Kristallen Den Fina, Gute Nacht, Till Osterland, Nu Har Jag Fatt Den Jag Vill Ha, Under Ronn Och Syren, Dofta Dofta Vit Syren, Kung Liljekonvalje, Vill Du Komma Med Mig, Regnvisan, Vals I Valparaiso, Fragancia, Nu Ar Det Gott Att Leva, Aftenstemning, Guldsmed, Juninat, Jeg Lagde Mig Saa Sildig, Pa Fjallet I sol, En Sommarafton

7792c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella Men's Choir Christmas

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