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Muungano National Choir, Kenya

 Muungano National Choir, Kenya

Mixed Choral Chorus from Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya.

Founded 1979 by Boniface Mganga, Muungano National Choir's musical style is a cappella, using the most abundant of musical instruments (the voice) with drum, Kayamba, (reed rattle) and occasional triangle accompaniment. The songs, like a lot of Africa's contemporary arts have sprung from a fusion of the rich and varied rhythmic and melodic traditional and neo-traditional African tunes with exuberant and intense quasi-western harmonic style.

The success of Muungano National Choir is not limited to Kenya only. In 1984, it participated with great success in the Indian Ocean Festival held in Perth, Australia.


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Muungano National Choir, Kenya : Missa Luba : 00  1 CD 7 DVD :  : PHLB000298700.2

Muungano National Choir, Kenya : Missa Luba

Review: In the early 1960's there arrived a recording of the Congolese Mass, Missa Luba which amazed and delighted western audiences. The Muungano National Choir is the latest to bring us a beautiful version of this work. Additionally we are the recipients of another ten Kenyan folk melodies all of which have spiritual messages. Boniface Mganga conducts this internationally acclaimed choir in one of the most beautiful and moving recordings of the Missa Luba ever to come to our shores.You will find that the arrangement of these African melodies came about because of the desire to praise the Lord with heart and soul in a familiar musical style. Drums are an integrated part of the songs and the strong rhythm they provide support the dancing of the singers while performing, allowing an outpouring of body, mind, and spirit...a complete form of worship. Thus it is that you will find most of this recording to be accompanied by percussive elements which merely enhances the real flavor of a fabulous performance. Newly released with an additional DVD of a movie directed by Anthony Howard of the choir performing interspersed with footage as the members of the choir introduce viewers to their native villages and surronding countryside.

Songlist: Misa Criolla:, Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Misa Luba:, Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Misa Flamenca:, DVD - Misa Luba

6548c | 00 1 CD 7 DVD | $19.95 | Primarily a cappella African Choral Music

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