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takes its name from a 10th century Moorish woman, who was a poet, philosopher, and musician, symbolically representing women's creativity and vision throughout time. The group was founded by its Artistic Director, Susan Robbins in 1979, with the idea of exploring and performing music and dance which reflect women's often undocumented creative contributions to their cultures. For the past 29 years, they have taken audiences throughout North America and Europe on inspiring and celebratory musical journeys, weaving together the songs, dances and instrumental music of the world's cultures, especially as handed down through the artistic traditions of women.

Their repertoire of ancient melodies and contemporary tunes is performed a cappella and with a vast array of instruments including guitar, dumbek, accordion, oud, naqqara, clarinet and double bass. Their music is drawn from the divergent cultural expressions of the Mediterranean, the Balkans, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Libana's music and dance go directly to the heart, inspiring audiences with wonder in the commonality of the global community.


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Libana : Turning : 1 CD : 

Listen to
Jubilate Gaia

Libana : Turning    onsale

Review: First formed in 1979, Libana, focuses on researching and performing songs, dances and instrumental music from around the world, particularly music written for, by and about women. "Turning" is the group's 7th excellent album, some of the 17 songs accompanied by its members playing their own instruments, including clarinet, djembe, djun djun, bells, frame drum, kalimba, shekere, soprano recorder, accordion, hammered dulcimer, ipu, piano and agogo bell. Some of our favorites are the a cappella tunes "I Arise Facing East" by Deborah Lanstaff, the Japanese Folk tune "Hotaru Koi," "Con el Viento," a lovely round from Renaissance Spain, the powerful Bulgarian Folk tune "Planino Peren," Linda Hischhorn's soaring "Sin Shalom" and Melchior Franck's 16th Century round "Da Pacem." We also particularly loved the percussion-accompanied South African tune "Babe Thandaza/Sin Djen," the live Hawai'ian song "E Pele E Pele/E Pele I Hawai'i" and the greeting and blessing for peace, "Salaam Aleikhum." Libana's music is always a treat to us, authentic and new to our ears; and performed beautifully with reverence and spirit!

Songlist: I Arise Facing East, Thugamar Fein an Samradh Linn, Hotaru Koi, Con El Viento, Jubilate Gaia, Pele Hula, Planino Peren, Babe Thandaza/ Sin Djen, Afunga Alafia, Kalimba Invocation, Spinning Song, Midnight Meditation, Ma Navu, Salaam Aleikhum, Sim Shalom, Da Pacem, Out Beyond

6044c | 1 CD | $14.95 World Music CDs

Libana : Out Of This World : 1 CD : 

Libana : Out Of This World

Review: Now in their 20th year, the 7 women singers of Libana, New England's international touring world music ensemble specializing in researching and performing songs, dances and instrumental music from around the world, especially as handed down through women's traditions. The women are expert in many vocal styles including a cappella Bulgarian music, exquisite Balkan harmonies, and the traditional singing of Berber women in Algeria. They also present, among others, music and ritual dancing of Egypt, Hawaii, Africa and Latin America. In addition to their compelling a cappella singing, the women of Libana also play an array of instruments including double bass, clarinet, dumbek, accordion, oud, charango, hammered dulcimer and conga. Out of This World is their 7th CD.

Songlist: O Mama Bakudala, Gandagana, Momice Hubavo, Tendl Pal, Oi Dai, Alta, Alta, Daroni, Avaze Isfahan, Ehli, Eyli, Ya Jamil, Dark Of The Moon, E Pele E Pele / E Pele I Hawai'i, Utha, Utha, Didi Bahini, Zar, Ad Cethent Tulas, Deep Peace

9853c | 1 CD | $14.98 World Music CDs

Libana : Night Passage : 1 CD : 

Libana : Night Passage

Review: This recording is the third in a trilogy which began with "A Circle is Cast" and "Fire Within." For the selections music was sought which reflects the cyclical nature of existence and which would soothingly resonate with the totality of existence. Themes of life, death, renewal and the connection which is the underlying theme of existence, love, are presented here in sixteen songs from the far and near corners of the world. The common thread which ties all these together is the peaceful effect of the songs all of which seem to have a circular quality. Libana has been singing these songs in moments of passage and times of transition for people from coast to coast, sharing grace, peace, and beauty in those moments of significance in other's lives. All the while this sharing is their own exploration into the divine mysteries within which our existence is rooted. So come and share with them the words of Rumi set to music, along side of which you'll find music from South Africa (Xhosa), Jewish traditions, American Shakers, Sweden, Sicily, West Africa (Yoruba), and a bevy of individuals who are inspired to craft music of peace. Some of the songs have a touch of instrumentation to enhance the feel sought by the musicians. The theme for the recording which Susan Robbins chose to grace the notes comes from Rumi. "...Whatever circles comes from the center."

Songlist: Whatever Circles Comes from the Center, Dark of the Moon, Oh Mama Bakudala, Summer Solstice, I Have A Million Nightingales, Bim Bam, Learned of Angel, V'asu Li Mikdash, The Breeze at Dawn, We All Come from the Goddess, Yemaya, Vem Kan Segla, Er a la vo, Night Goes Back, Ise Oluwa, Deep Peace

9752c | 1 CD | $14.98 World Music CDs

Libana : A Circle Is Cast : 1 CD : 

Libana : A Circle Is Cast

Review: Libana was formed by twenty-five women in 1979 to investigate and perform cross-cultural music written for, by, and about women. By the release of this album in 1986, there were a dozen performing members under the artistic direction of Susan Robbins. A Circle Is Cast exemplifies the joyous spirit of singing in a community. The material is drawn from African, Israeli, European Renaissance, Native American and contemporary folk sources to create a collection of twenty-two rounds, chants and songs. It is a beautiful recording which engenders a feeling of peace and a meditative internal quiet, reflective of the seasons and cycles. It shares a sense of ritual and continuance which are vital for dynamic community. Besides, "Sisters, Now Our Meeting Is Over" gives one a thrill of exquisite beauty.

Songlist: Ah, Comme C'est Chose Belle, Sure As The Wind, A River Of Birds, Autumn Time, Fly, Fly, Fly, In May, That Lusty Season, Lachen, Full Moonlight Dance, Kore Chant, Ma Belle Sinkwanee, Young Rider, As I Mee Walked, The Earth, The Air, The Fire, The Water, A Circle Is Cast, Mowtay, The Earth Is Our Mother, Ancient Mother, Russian Lullaby, Eyli, Higher, Round And Round, Sisters, Now Our Meeting Is Over

2774c | 1 CD | $14.98 World Music CDs

Libana : Borderland : 1 CD : 

Libana : Borderland    onsale

Review: This wonderful tapestry of instruments and voices brings together many cultures. From the Balkans to the Andes to Africa, Libana presents a feast of contemporary and traditional world folk music. There are songs of love, songs of struggle and songs of grief giving voice to women from around the world. Accompanied or a cappella, Libana defies geographic borders by easily shifting between the unique sounds that make this music unique.

Songlist: Oi Dai (Karelia, Russia), Misecina Udrila U Urata (Dalmatia, Croatia), Aber mi Dojde (F.Y.R. of Macedonia), Fihel Asirem (Algeria (c) D. Abouda), Sh't'eshte Nxire Vetulla Tyne (Albania), Medley of Slav Wedding Songs (Hungary), Joc de Leagne (Transylvania, Romania), Andean Medley (Argentina), Nami, Nami (Lebanon (c) M. Khalife), Liwlaad Widdeeb (Lebanon (c) M. Khalife), Zar (Egypt)

9846c | 1 CD | $9.95 | Primarily a cappella World Music CDs

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