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Konevets Quartet

Konevets Quartet

Male Choral Ensemble

Based in St. Petersburg, Russia

The Konevets Quartet was founded in 1992 by four young musicians from the St Petersburg Conservatoire who were singing in the choir of the Konevets Monastery of the Holy Nativity on the island of Konevets in Lake Ladoga. Their first audiences were the people working on the restoration of the monastery, and the pilgrims and tourists who came to the island.

All the members of the ensemble studied at the St Petersburg Glinka Choir College. Trained in the tradition of Russian song, the Konevets Quartet is not just a group of individual soloists, but is in essence a chamber choir dedicated to creating a perfect harmonious ensemble sound.

At the heart of their repertoire is Russian church music, from ancient material written for the monasteries to works by 20th century composers. The earliest church music is sung in unison or in arrangement for two or three voices, and in contemporary four-voice arrangements, many of them written by members of the Konevets Quartet.

Founded - 1992.  

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Tamo daleko

Tamo daleko

Serbian folk song

Cherubimic Hymn

Cherubimic Hymn

Konevets Quartet, singing at Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on October 14, 2018. Cherubimic hymn by Chesnokov, Our Father by Kedrov and Blessing by Bortnyansky

I look into the blue lakes.

I look into the blue lakes.

Filmed at Fort Ross in California.

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Songbooks, Arrangements and/or Media

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Konevets Quartet : Russian Festival : 1 CD : 006

Konevets Quartet : Russian Festival

A photo of Alexander, Sergey, Igor and Boris, the four very manly-looking Russian men, dressed in matching black, shiny Russian dress shirts, who form the Konevets quartet graces the back page of the liner notes for "Russian Festival 2008." On the cover is an illustration of a beautiful Russian snow princess. Inside is the two page songlist, with brief descriptions of what the songs are about, for instance, "Through the endless plain:" A young recruit, far away from home and his beloved, sings of his hard fate. Soldiers in the Tsar's army served for 25 years. Some other favorites are the Russian Naval hymn from 1905, "The Cruiser Varyag," "The young girl walked in the furrows," the Christmas tunes "Carol of the Bells" and "The night is silent over Palestine;" "Ballad of Prince Oleg," the cossack's song "It's good, brothers, to be alive!," "Snowstorm," the brigands' campfire song "Rise o red sun," "Through the unknown Taiga," the comic song "Tula, my home" and the folk song "Evening bells." Wonderful deep-voiced harmonies and deeply-felt emotions from this powerful, veteran Russian quartet!

Songlist: Many Years to the Tsar, How the Fog Settled, The Cruiser Varyag, In the Dark Forest, The Young Girl Walked in the Furrows, The Nightingale, Carol of the Bells, The Endless Russian Steppes, The Night is Silent Over Palestine, Ballad of Prince Oleg, It's Good, Brothers, to be Alive, On the Grassy Meadowlands, Through the Endless Pain, Snowstorm, Oh, Broad Steppe, Rise, O Red Sun, Back in the Year '93, Through the Unknown Taiga, Tula, My Home, Evening Bells

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4238c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella

Konevets Quartet : Russian Folk Songs : 1 CD : 018

Konevets Quartet : Russian Folk Songs

Music Conservatoire in July 1992. The Quartet takes its name from the Konevets Island and Monastery, some 160 kilometers northeast of St. Petersburg, on Lake Ladoga. It was there, over 600 years ago, that St. Arseny Konevsky founded a cloister in the honour of the birth of Mary, Mother of God. The repertoire on this, their sixth recording is comprised of Russian folk songs based on ballads, dances and regimental songs and marches of the Tsarist armies, and from the old military academies, forbidden during Communist times. If you have ever been moved by the glorious, robust singing of the Russian peoples, this is a chance to experience the same music polished to perfection by a concert trained quartet. Wonderful!

Songlist: In the Dark Forest, Oh the Field, Steppe all around, Prince Oleg, I Walk the Lonely Road, We are Factory Lads, Garden Gate, Nighingale, Twelve Robbers, Seven Sons-In-Law, Black Raven, Night Was Dark, Evening Bells, Wicker-Shoes, Hey, Ookhnem, Through Vague and Obscure Taiga, Road, Brooms, Troyka Bell, Young Maid Was Walking in the Grove, Barynia

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6526c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

Konevets Quartet : To The Glory of God : 1 CD : 022

Konevets Quartet : To The Glory of God

For some years now, the all-male Konevets Quartet has given summer concerts at the New Valamo monastery of Heinavesi. This is a live recording of 27 songs, sung in the wonderful acoustics of the monastery. Favorites include "The Sicheron of the the Litiia for the Transfiguration of Christ," the soaring "Our Father," the plaintive "The Good Thief," "Hail Mary, Mother of God," "The Angel Cried unto Thee," the chant "The Gates of Repentence," "Now the Powers of Heaven," "We Hymn Thee," "Praise the Lord from the Heavens," "O my Soul" and "Valaam, the Wondrous Island." These are all powerful, all a cappella, richly harmonic, deeply-felt songs, sung by this veteran Russian folk quartet. Settle back and enjoy!

Songlist: Kirkonkellojen soitto. Soittajana Munkki Viktor, Kirkastusjuhlan litaniastikiira, valmolainen savelma, Isa meidan - Kedrov, Viisaan ryovarin - Burmagin, Oi Kuningas ja Herra, Anamennihi-savelma, Glazunovin sovitus, Nouse, Jumala, Tuomistse Maa, 17. vuosisadan bulgarialainen savelma no. 6, sovittanut Ekaterina Smirnova, Iloiste, Jumalan Aiti, gruusialainen savelma, Enkeli huusi, valamolainen savelma, Balakirevin sovitus, Esirukouksissaan vasymatonta Jumalansynnyttajaa - Golovanov, Kiita, sieluni, Herraa (vigilian veisu), kreikkalainen savelma, Kedrovin sovitus, Totisesti on kohtuullista, tsaari Geodorin savellys, Kiittakaa Herran nimea, Glinskin luostarin savelma, Synninkatumuksen ovet avaa minulle, oi, Elamanantaja, Lvovin Neitsyt Marian kuolinuneen nukkumisen luostarin savelma, pappismunkki Ionafanin sovitus, Autuas se, jonka Sina valitset ja otat tykosi, oi Herra - Lvovskij, Kontakki pyhalle Nikolaokselle - Golovanov, Nyt taivasten voimat, valamolainen savelma, Dmitrievin sovitus, Kunnia olkoon Jumalalle korkeuksissa, Joulun stikiira, Anammennij-savelma, Sinulle veisaamme - Golovanov, Pyha Jumala, Valamolainen savelma, Dmitrievin sovitus, Nouskoon minun rukoukseni, kreikkalainen savelma, Nilovin eramaaluostarin savelma, Viisaan ryovarin - Tanejev, YlistakaaHerraa taivaista - Tshesnokov, Teofanian (Kristuksen kasteen) juhlan ylistysveisu, serbianlainen savelma, Ruzanovin sovitus, Katso, kiittakaa Herraa - Ippolitov - Ivanov, Sieluni, sieluni, nouse, miksi nukut - Egorov, Ave Verum - Mozart, Valamo, saari ihmehinen

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4239c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella

Konevets Quartet : We Hymn Thee : 1 CD : 012

Konevets Quartet : We Hymn Thee

Recorded at the monastery of Konovets, this CD is a compilation of some of the best Russian sacred music of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. As the first recording of spiritual music in the history of the monastery, this CD allows the listener to enjoy the unique acoustics of the church. The album begins and ends with the ringing of the church bells. There is some glorious singing from this wonderful quartet. They begin with the well known "O come let us worship" from Rachmaninov's Vespers. The remainder of the recording is comprised of pieces by less well known composers, but includes many works by Chesnokov. The Konovets Quartet presents a fascinating program.

Songlist: Blagovest, O come let us worship (Rahmaninov), O Gentle Light (Nikolskij), Thy Mystical Supper (Chesnokov), Only-Begotten Son (Tcherepnin), The Cherubic Hymn (Kedrov), We Hymn Thee, We Bless Thee (Chesnokov), My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord (Kedrov), Now The Powers of Heaven (Sheremetjev), O Thou Mother of God (Chesnokov), I Will Call Out My Petition Unto The Lord (Smolensky), O Gentle Light (Kastalskij), Open Me the gate of repentence (Chesnokov), Only-Begotten Son (Golovanov), Christ is Risen (Kastalsky), Ease our Pain (Archangelsky), Troparion For the Baptism of Russia (Trubachev), Why Hast Thou Cast Me Away From Thy Face (Chesnokov), It is Truly Meet (Golovanov), Hymn to the icon of the Mother of God (Chesnokov), The Beatitude (Hristov), Having Fallen Aslee( in The Flesh (Ionafan), Christmas Exapostilarion (Trubatchev), The Cherubic Hymn (Chesnokov), We Hymn Thee, We Bless Thee (Chaikovsky), The Mystical Supper (Lvov), O Gentle Light (Kedrov), Let Your Soul Rejoice in the Lord (Trubachev), Chime

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7323c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella

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