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Fleur de Lisa is based in Durham, North Carolina. They write and perform original a cappella music, often based on poetry. Individually they bring many disciplines together, including jazz, rock, classical and country. Their diverse musical experiences blend into a versatile style of their own. Individually they bring many disciplines together, including jazz, rock, classical and country. They use all these experiences when they create their unique music. They have performed in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, throughout NC and the Eastern US.


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Fleur-de-Lisa : The Unworn Necklace : 1 CD : 

Listen to
Wild Lupine

Fleur-de-Lisa : The Unworn Necklace

Review: The North Carolina-based a cappella quartet Fleur-de-Lisa, Sarah, Deborah, Andie and Sylvie, has been writing music based on poetry and poetic themes since 2008. The 20 ethereal songs in this collection, all written by Sarah Shunk and Sylvia Freeman, represent one complete life cycle, from its spring-like beginnings of the first flowers and budding romance all the way through to the winter of life. In the Spring/Summer group are "Crocuses," "Fireflies," "Me and Frog," "White Feather" and "Old Pond;" in Relationship Songs are "Slowly," "She Reads Her Letter," "Early Spring," "A Thousand Half Loves," "Wild Rose," "Unworn Necklace," "Wild Lupine," "Rainy Season," "Slicing" and "Sound of the Name;" and in Autumn/Winter are "Dog's Day Off," "One Leaf," "One Moon," "Rumors" and "Time to Go." These are sometimes playful, sometimes poignant vocal poems that touch and move us, leaving us always wanting to hear more. Just beautiful!

Songlist: Crocuses, Fireflies, Me and Frog, White Feather, Old Pond, Slowly, She Reads Her Letter, Early Spring, A Thousand Half Loves, Wild Rose, Unworn Necklace, Wild Lupine, Rainy Season, Slicing, Sound of the Name, Dog's Day Off, One Leaf, One Moon, Rumors, Time to Go

2342c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella Female Contemporary CDs

Fleur-de-Lisa : Willow Songs : 1 CD : 

Fleur-de-Lisa : Willow Songs

Review: Sarah, Deborah, Andie and Sylvie of North Carolina-based Fleur-de-Lisa, have been writing music based on poetry since 2008. In "Willow Songs" the poems are from the non-rhyming verse genre Haiku, a Japanese word meaning "Light Verse," which consists of one 5-syllable sentence, a 7-syllable one, and then a final 5-syllable sentence. There are 27 poems here, with names like "atop the feeder," "credit card bills," "drifting," "family reunion," "summer rain," "sunny side up," "cicadas," "harborside mall," "so cold," "spinning tops," "summer gossip," "green green room," "willow tree," "butterfly face" and "windows down;" all put to a cappella music by the group members. Each song is a little gem, a musical gift that makes us see and consider things through other eyes, and enjoy.

Songlist: kayak, atop the feeder, credit card bills, slow day, slow steady, beavers, drifting, family reunion, indigo bunting, summer rain, pick up, sunny side up, rooster, cicadas, harborside mall, commencement, Shiki, so cold, spinning tops, summer gossip, leaf to leaf, vintage airshow, resolution, great green room, willow tree, butterfly face, windows down

2343c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella World Music CDs

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