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Club For Five

 Club For Five

Mixed Contemporary Quintet from Helsinki, Finland.

Club For Five challenges conventional wisdom about the capability of the human voice. Their unique arrangements and original compositions combine jazz, pop, rock, and even classical music in such a chic and unique way, that they create a musical genre all their own.

During performances, audiences are astounded to hear everything from electric guitars and horns to drums and other percussion instruments. Yet, they don't see one musical instrument on stage! Of course, the band doesn't merely settle for imitation. Instead, these talented performers effortlessly layer every note and vocal "pop" with a joyful and skilful touch. Performances by these five singers: Maija Sariola, Eeppi Ursin, Jouni Kannisto, Juha Viitala and Tuukka Haapaniemi are filled with a delightful energy and exhilarating intensity.

In October 2004, Club For Five's debut album "Ensi-ilta" (transl. "Premiere") introduced the band to many Finns, received rave reviews, and achieved gold status in Finland in only a few months time. The album was comprised mainly of old Finnish evergreens and pop songs, with imaginative, original arrangements. At the turn of 2006, Club For Five recorded their second Finnish album "Uni" (transl. "A Dream"). The album, released in Finland May 2006, represented a milestone for the band. In this release, Club For Five proved that, in addition to their one-of-a-kind arrangements and thoughtful musicality, they also have what it takes to write music of their own. In November 2007 Club For Five released the Christmas album "Rekiretki" (transl. "A Sleighride") which was promptly awarded "Christmas Album of the Year" in Finland. "Rekiretki" also received worldwide acclaim by winning the holiday album of the year -category at the international a cappella awards, CARA 2008.

During its relatively short career as a group, the band has performed with such distinguished ensembles as the legendary American vocal group "Manhattan Transfer" and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Club For Five performs mainly in Finland but has also held concerts around Europe and in Asia. In the near future, the band will perform in such places as Germany, France, Ireland, Peoples Republic of China, and in various venues in North America (to name but a few).


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Club For Five : Uni

Review: Club for Five, 3 men and 2 women from Helsinki, Finland, was founded in 2001. It consists of musicians with diverse musical backgrounds, Maija, Susanna, Jouni, Tuomas and Tuukka.Their repertoire (both Finnish and English) is mainly self-arranged and/or self-composed pop music containing influences from many musical genres. Their 1st CD, "Eni-ilta" (Premiere) was released in 2004, gained excellent reviews and went Gold in Finland in only a few months. It contained covers of Finnish standards and pop songs with imaginative arrangements. In 2005-2006 they recorded their second album, called "Uni" (A Dream), which is a beautiful, unique collection of 11 all brand new songs. They are all in Finnish, but as with early releases by The Real Group and Rajaton, beautiful, innovative vocal work creates its own language. Listen to songs like "Kun Kaikki muut viela nukkuu," the amazing faux backup band on "Ma tulin sukuun," the poignant, dramatic "Pysahtynyt sunnuntai," the haunting "Kevat uskaltaa" and the surprising, powerful "Ostoskavelylla." Beautiful liner notes, all in Finnish, but the photos also have their own language. This is a very exclusive Club is for five major vocal talents who can sing rings around practically everybody, and have big fun doing it. "Uni" is one of the best contemporary CDs we've heard this year!

Songlist: UNi, Aurinkoon, Ei Se Vaan Ole Niin, Kun Kaikki Muut Viela Nukkuu, Ma Tulin Sukuun, Pysahtynyt Sunnuntai, Kuu Ylla Kaupungin (Moon Over Bourbon Street), ĪKevat Uskaltaa, Hiutale, Huoleton, Ostoskavelylla

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