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Barbara Furtuna

Barbara Furtuna


Barbara Furtuna is a polyphonic Corsican group of four men. Even though the group still finds its inspiration in the island's oldest traditions, it is now distinguished by its own creations and offers a music that answers our contemporary longings.

For ten years the group has been present on the international scene, Europe, North America and Australia, breeding prestigious venues both solo and through collaborations. With The baroque ensemble L'Arpeggiata, with the ancient music of Constantinople as well as with the Art'Mouv of contemporary dance, the quartet has shown that It could transcend a single register and traditional music and still has the ability to surprise us and to move us.


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Barbara Furtuna : Si Vita Si : 1 CD :  : 3341348602387 : BUD860238.2

Barbara Furtuna : Si Vita Si

Review: The four singers have shown that they would not be trapped in a unique register and that traditional music can still surprise and move. The voices are superb and their eclectic repertoire features pieces inherited from the past as well as personal compositions - songs that reflect the Corsican soul, yet never yield to tearful melancholy


4034c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella

Barbara Furtuna : In Santa Pace : 1 CD :  : BUDA860167.2

Barbara Furtuna : In Santa Pace

Review: Barbara Furtuna is an all-male a cappella Choral quartet based on the Island of Corsica. Their chant is shaped by immoderate love for their country which they carry in their hearts, and which encourages them to continue their musical adventure with the same passion as when they were children. "In Santa Pace," their second album, refers to the way they sing and make their way through life, without rush and with a determination to enjoy every moment. Their repertoire is actually two repertoires, sacred and secular, remaining intimately linked, each nourishing the other. The 13 cuts segue seamlessly into one another and are sung mostly in Italian, although the liner notes are presented in French and English. "Anghjulina," "O Salutaris Hostia," "Maria le sette spade," "Lux Aeterna," the lively "Veni O Bella" (lightly accompanied), "S'he discitatu," "Suda Sangue," the soaring "Kyrie Eleison," the lovely "Lamentu chi ti cerca" (lightly accompanied), the plaintive "Plavi putevi mora," the haunting "Tota pulchra es Maria," the beautiful "L'innamurati" and "L'oru" (lightly accompanied), are all wonderful. We aren't sure of the translation of the lyrics for most of these songs, but the feeling comes through loud and clear. The powerful "In Santa Pace" will touch and move you!

Songlist: Anghjulina, O Salutaris Hostia, Maria le sette spade, Lux aeterna, Veni O Bella, S'he discitatu, Suda Sangue, Kyrie Eleison, Lamentu chi ti cera, Plavi putevi mora, Tota pulchra es Maria, L'innamuarti, L'oru

9932c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella Mediterranean a cappella

Barbara Furtuna : Adasgiu - Corsican Polyphony : 1 CD :  : BUD82300.2

Listen to

Barbara Furtuna : Adasgiu - Corsican Polyphony

Review: The talented singers of the vocal group Barbara Furtuna (meaning 'Cruel fate', it is the name of a traditional song about banned Corsicans) cover such prestigious bands as A Filetta and the like. Their repertoire is mainly traditional Corsican songs both sacred and secular, with a detour towards Georgian polyphony and a remake of the French song Le Temps des Cerises (A Bella Stagione). The great tradition of a cappella singing on the island is kept fresh and moving forward in this fine recording.

Songlist: Ave Maria Stella, Sanctus, Un Ti Ne Fa, Cantu D'Amore, Miseremini Mei, Fiure, T'Chemo, Agnus Dei, Furtunatu, A Bella Stagione, Barbara Furtuna, O Salutaris

9881c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella Mediterranean a cappella

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