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Aquabella is an all-female vocal group whose members live in Berlin, Bremen and Amsterdam. Sharing an interest in languages and cultures from around the globe, the singers of Aquabella have found a musical identity in their farreaching search for diverse cappellic beauty. Aquabella gathers sounds rich in story and emotion from the heart of distant lands and times past. The five dedicated singers bring a contemporary outlook to historic songs, creating music that embraces the past, yet remaining fresh in its conception.

Aquabella take their audience on a musical tour around the world and connect cultures with each other. They shout whisper and sing about big human dreams and also tell stories about of people, who could both live in your neighbourhood and at the other end of the world. In this fast-moving life the four AQUABELLA-singers create wonderful oases of the sound and give an insight into foreign cultures and old traditions. They touch brand-new themes, very often themes about human existence.


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Aquabella : Nani

Review: "Nani" is Armenian for "mother," and there are similar words in many languages. In Yiddish it is "Nam"-wet nurse, in Hungarian "Neni"-older sister, in Russian "Njanja"-mum. "Dschann," from the original Persian, is a term of endearment which can be attached to any name. For their second CD, recorded in Berlin, the five German women singers of Aquabella looked for songs in which women tell their stories. Women seething with jealousy, women annoyed by midnight love serenades, women making fun of the village priest, women crying to their children or lovers, women who simply want to marry. The passion of Aquabella is filling these stories with life, in carefully but pointedly thinning out the song's prototype in order to enrich it with their own personal stories. These songs, most of them old ones, are thus sung to the world as responses. There are 15 songs here, all in languages like Russian, German, Armenian, Italian and Bulgarian, as we see in the beautiful full-color liner booklet. The sound is hauntingly beautiful and authentic; each song filled with spirit, feeling and passion!

Songlist: Ta na baid, El Chicolito, Makheuri Sakortsilo, Meine Aug'sind mude, Nani Dschann, Jerusalem, Der Pope, Asentada en mi ventada, Duerme negrito, Ikh bin a mame, Maria, Mari'!, Baxabene Oxama, Aye kerunene, Prechfr'kna ptitschka, Trost

6970c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella World Music CDs

Aquabella : Kykellia

Review: Bremen, Germany-based 5-woman World a cappella group Aquabella, after impressing us with "Nani Dschann" and "Aquabella," bring us a unique Christmas CD, "Kykellia, or the Story of Christmas." 19 songs, some favorites are the rhythmic "Breaths," the spirited "Sneig Sniedzinis Putinaja," the chant-like "Vila Moma," a nicely-arranged "Wexford Carol," a latin-flavored "Los Reyes Magos" (with drum accompaniment), a bluenote "Noel nouvelet" that seques into a dance rhythm, the ringing chant "Schen char wenachi," the Maori song "Nga iwi e" (also with drums), and the moody "Shalom Aleikhem" and "Kling no, Klokka." Exotic, beautiful music in different languages, and from different cultures, that relates to the celebration of Christmas. Another winner from the sweet, harmonic voices of Aquabella!

Songlist: Maria durch ein' Dornwald ging I, Breaths, Kyrie, Snieg Sniedzinis Putinaja, El cant dels ocells, Vila Moma, Maria durch ein' Dornwald ging II, Wexford Carol, Los Reyes Magos, Noel nouvelet, Maria durch ein' Dornwald ging III, Schen char wenachi, Birjina gaztetto bat zegoen, Jesous Ahatonhia, Nga iwi e, Shalom Aleikhem, Kling no, klokka, Maria durch ein' Dornwald ging, Wolgadeutsche Weihnachtsweise

9867c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella World Christmas

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