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Director: Michael McGlynn


Mixed Choral Chorus from IRE, Ireland.

Irish choral music has little or no history before the latter part of the twentieth century. In 1987 Dublin composer Michael McGlynn founded ANUNA, Ireland's National Choir. The name derives from the collective term for the three ancient types of Irish music, Suantra (lullaby), Geantra (happy song) and Goltra (lament). One of the choir's stated aims is to explore and redefine Irish choral music from ancient times through to the present. Anuna have created a unique choral voice for Ireland and have been widely accoladed and acknolwedged for the originality of their performances and recordings.

The group is Dublin-based and is an a cappella choir performing with between eleven and fourteen singers drawn from a larger group af approximately thirty members. Anuna do not work with a conductor, and use the entire space of a concert venue at different points in a performance. Most of their material is written or arranged for the group by McGlynn, and includes reconstructions of early and medieval Irish music. These songs are created specifically for the choir's unusual combination of classically trained and untrained voices.

Anuna have succeeded in dispelling any pre-conceived ideas about Irish music and choral music performance. An Anuna concert is a true "show", a combination of movement, elegant costume, candles and ethereal and haunting music sung in a unique way. This has gained the choir a justified reputation for the natural quality of the singers' voices. Together with relaxed introductions by the director and other singers, Anuna's style of presentation allows anyone of any musical persuasion to appreciate their performance despite the esoteric nature of their material. The group have a very diverse international audience, developed through seventeen years of touring and slip easily between Classical music and Irish/World music genres. Their audience can be as diverse as the musicians that they have collaborated and worked with.

The choir have appeared twice at the Fez World Sacred Music Festival in Morocco in 1998 and 2002, gave the first ever Irish Prom at the BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall in London in 1999 and have toured twenty countries since 1993. They accompanied the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese to Chile and Argentina in 2004. In January 2007 Anuna recorded a series of live performances in Cleveland which have been broadcast extensively on PBS across the USA in partnership with the U.S. Promoter Elevation. The group undertook a two month tour of the USA in Autumn 2007. In 2008 Anuna gave their debut performance at the renowned Concertgebouw Hall in Amsterdam. In July of 2009, Anuna combined with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland for a major concert of Michael McGlynn's compositions in Dublin's National Concert Hall.

They became closely associated with the Riverdance phenomenon from 1994 until 1996, giving the first performance of the piece at the Eurovision Song Contest 1994. Anuna sang the opening choral section entitled "Cloudsong". They feature extensively on the Grammy Award-winning album of the show, and have been appeared again as featured artists on two other Grammy Award-winning albums with the Chieftains in collaborations with Sting and Elvis Costello. The choir won an Irish National Entertainment Award for Classical music in 1994 for their album Invocation, and were nominated for a Classical Brit Award in 2000 for Deep Dead Blue. The group have recorded thirteen albums and been signed to many major record labels including Decca, Universal Classics, Polygram, Philips and Koch International.

The CD Anuna: Celtic Origins became the number one CD on the US World Music Charts in August 2007 according to Nielsen Soundscan and is also an award-winning PBS show and DVD. November 2008 saw the release in the USA of Christmas Memories, a CD and DVD also broadcast nationally in November and December. It achieved in excess of 80% carriage over the Christmas period on the PBS network. Both specials continue to be broadcast across the USA. The CD of Christmas Memories entered the Billboard World Music Charts at number six on first week of release and spent ten weeks in the top twenty.

2009 & 2010 includes performances and tours of Japan, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden. Currently on release is Invocations of Ireland Michael McGlynn's self-made film. This is has been broadcast extensively in Australia/New Zealand throughout 2010 on the Ovation Channel with the DVD being released on Australia's DV1 and Columbia Music Entertainment in Japan. The group's latest album Sanctus is a spiritual album which includes Miserere mei Deus by Allegri and the twenty-two track Best of Anuna was released in June 2010, the same month as the choir recorded a DVD and CD with the Australian children's super-group, The Wiggles. In late July the choir combined again with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra at Dublin's National Concert Hall, with special guest violinist Linda Lampenius. At Christmas 2010, the choir released the beautiful CD Christmas with Anuna in Ireland and embarked on a hugely successful tour of the Netherlands, their second of the year.


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Anuna : Best of : 1 CD : Michael McGlynn :  : 5391518340401 : DANU27.2

Anuna : Best of

Review: Founded in 1987, Ireland's acclaimed 13-strong mixed-voice choral sensation Anuna, under the Musical Direction of Dublin composer Michael McGlynn and Directed by John McGlynn, recorded a series of excellent albums and a DVD after their leap into the spotlight touring and recording with Riverdance. The recordings from which "The Best of's" 22 tunes were selected are "Anuna," Invocation," "Omnis," "Deep Dead Blue," "Behind the Closed Eye," "Cynara," "Winter Songs," "Sanctus" and "Invocations of Ireland (DVD). Our (hard to pick) favorites are "August," from a poem by Francis Ledwidge, the chant "Christus Resurgens," a rare early Irish song written in 1150, the 16th century "Gaudette" from the Piae Cantiones, Michael McGlynn's adaption of a poem by St. Columcille, "The Wild Song," commissioned by Rajaton, the traditional "Dulaman," "Nobilis Humilis," an ode to 13th century St. Magnus of the Orkney Islands and to St. Patrick, the Irish romantic ballads "Ceann Dubh Dilis" and "The Lass of Glenshee" and "Wind on Sea," with lovely solos by John and Michael McGlynn. There is considerable accompaniment here, including guitar, low whistle, viola/violin, percussion, vibraphone, flute, Concert and Irish Harp, uileann pipes and tin whistle. Every song on this generous, well-chosen collection is powerful, haunting and beautiful. Don't miss "The Best of " Anuna!

Songlist: August, Siuil la Ruin, Christus Resurgens, Gaudete, Shining Water, Island, Salve Rex Gloriae, Crist And St. Marie, The Wild Song, Dulaman, Nobilis Humilis, Whispers of Paradise, Ceann Dubh Dilis, Jerusalem, Pie Jesu, The Lass Of Glenshee, Media Vita, The Rising Of The Sun, Wind On Sea, Geantrai, The Sea, O Maria

6169c | 1 CD | $17.95 Irish Vocal Harmony

Anuna : Invocations of Ireland : DVD : Michael McGlynn :  : 618106100199 : DANU24DVD

Anuna : Invocations of Ireland

Review: "Invocations of Ireland" features the voices of the Irish choral group Anuna performing the music of Dublin composer Michael McGlynn. This is an elegant and Visually spectacular study of the Irish countryside filmed entirely on location, and includes spiritually resonant lanscapes of Wicklow and the West of Ireland.

Songlist: Whispers of Paradise, Siuil a Ruin, Maid in the Moor, Song of Oisin, Kells, August, From Nowhere to Nowhere, Ave Maria, Ceann Dubh Dilis

8412d | DVD | $17.95 Irish Vocal Harmony

Anuna : Sanctus

Review: Sanctus features seven tracks, including the famous "Miserere Mei Deus" by Allegri. This sublime piece features stratospheric soprano vocals and runs to just under 13 minutes in length. The album includes four original pieces by Michael McGlynn, including his "Agnus Dei". Four of the tracks have been previously released, however over two thirds of the album features newly recorded material.

Songlist: Crucifixus, Nobilis Humilis, Agnus Dei, Mariam Matrem Virginem, Victimae, Miserere Mei Deus, O Maria

4867c | 1 CD | $15.95 Irish Vocal Harmony

Anuna : Anuna  : 1 CD : Michael McGlynn :  : DANU14.2

Anuna : Anuna

Review: This album is a re-recorded version of the original 1993 album. Its release marked the 15th anniversary of the highly acclaimed group, Anuna. This program features a wide variety of Celtic music from folk songs to newly composed music based on ancient texts, by director Michael McGlynn. It includes five additional tracks, three of which can be heard in the award-winning film "The Work of Angels." This recording certainly represents the best of the Celtic tradition.

Songlist: Media Vita, The First Day, Invocation, The Raid, Sanctus, Pater Noster, Faigh An Gleas, Suantrai, Bean Phaidin/ An Poc Ar Buile, Cormacus Scripsit, Silent, O Moyle, Jersusalem, Fionnghuala, Crist And St. Marie, The Blue Bird, Si Do Mhaimeo I

9335c | 1 CD | $15.98 Irish Vocal Harmony

Anuna : Cynara : 1 CD : Michael McGlynn :  : DANU12.2

Anuna : Cynara

Review: Talented mixed-voice Irish vocal group Anuna focuses on a haunting blend of ancient Celtic music and contemporary Irish songs. Heavily featured is the original music of founder Michael McGlynn. 15 songs (the complete lyrics are in the lovely liner notes), "Igitur Servus," "Alleluia," "When the War Is Over," "I Dreamt that I Dwelt in Marble Halls, " the title tune, "Victimae," "Pie Jesu" and "Ocean" are particularly wonderful. "Cynara" is another winning collection from Ireland's finest.

Songlist: Igitur Sevus, An Olche, Riu Riu, Alleluia, When the War is Over, I Dreamt that I Dwelt in Marble Halls, Armarque cum Sculo, Miserere, Cynara, Buachaill on Elme, Fuigfidh Mise'n Baile Seo, Victimae, Christus 2000, Pie Jesu, Ocean

7309c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella Irish Vocal Harmony

Anuna : Deep Dead Blue : 1 CD : Michael McGlynn :  : DANU20.2

Anuna : Deep Dead Blue

Review: Sublime Dublin composer Michael McGlynn and his talented mixed ensemble Anuna bring us their 6th haunting CD, based on the music of the ancient Celts. 13 songs, beginning with the title tune, written by Bill Frisell and Elvis Costello, McGlynn-arranged Irish and English Medieval masterpieces "Nobilis Humilis," "Dicant Nunc," "Ther Is No Ros" and "Quem Queritis," originals written by Michael, "Blackthorn," "Kyrie," "The Green Laurel," "Island," "The Fisher King" and "The Sea," and traditional songs like "Sliabh Geal Gcua," also McGlynn-arranged. The liner notes are gorgeous and stunning photos of the group in Irish landscapes follows the tone and spirit of the music exactly. Another amazing, unforgettable recording by Anuna.

Songlist: Deep Dead Blue, Nobilis Humilis, Dicant Nunc, Blackthorn, Kyire, There Is No Rose, The Green Laurel, Sliabh Geal Gcua, The Fisher King, Quem Quertitis, The Sea, When I Was In My Prime

8307c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella Irish Vocal Harmony

Anuna : Omnis : 1 CD : Michael McGlynn :  : DANU19.2

Anuna : Omnis

Review: Recorded twice, once in 1995 and again in 1996 for international release, Omnis is the best of these two recordings, and contains 3 bonus tracks, one of which ("A Stor mo Chroi") has never been released before. Anuna founder Michael McGlynn calls Omnis a defining CD of some of the group's most memorable moments, from the energetic "Dulaman," now a choral standard throughout the world, to the mystical and exotic "O Viridissima." All three of the lovely "Tenebrae" responsories are now included on one recording. 20 songs, remastered and re-edited, a "best-of" which includes "The Flower of Maherally," "Maria Matrem," "Ave Generosa," "Roisin Dubh" and "The Mermaid." This is spirited, haunting, memorable music from Ireland's finest mixed chorus. The full color liner notes has some beautiful pictures of the group and all the lyrics.

Songlist: Salve Rex Gloriae, Ardaigh Cuan, Beati Quorum Via, The Flower of Maherally, Geantrai, Maria Matrem, Codail a Linbh, Gaudete, Agnus Dei, Ave Generosa, O Viridissima, Dulaman, A Stor Mo Chroi, Roisin Dubh, The Mermaid, St. Nicholas, Diwanit Bugale, Tenebrae I, Tenebrae II, Tenebrae III

7317c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella Irish Vocal Harmony

Anuna : Sensation : 1 CD : Michael McGlynn :  : DANU23.2

Anuna : Sensation

Review: Vocal group Anuna's first release of new material in six years is a major leap forward from their last few offerings, throwing into high relief the progress that founder and group leader Michael McGlynn has made as a composer. The opening track '0 Ignis Spiritus' brings a text by medieval mystic Hildegarde von Bingen to glorious life, with Ken Edge's saxophone matching the reedy timbre of soloist Miriam Blennerhassett's wonderfully rich voice. The dreamy title track (McGlynn's setting of the Rimbaud poem of that name) is another highlight, with the gravel-voiced Gilles Servat speaking the verses over the ensemble's multi-layered harmonies. Bringing the CD to an electrifying close is the shimmering, densely textured '0 Maria', which deserves to become part of the standard repertoire for choral groups everywhere.

Songlist: O Ignis Spiritus, Brezairola, Sensation, Silver River, Shining Water, Lux Aeterna, The Road Of Passage, Whispers Of Paradise, Maid In The Moor, O Maria, Tenebrae IV

8330c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella Irish Vocal Harmony

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