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Vocal harmony and percussion creates the sound that is Akasa. This four member group from Melbourne, Australia sing passionate, rhythmic music a cappella style. Four distinctive singers, who combine great songwriting skills and musical abilty to form a repertoire that is original and distinctive. Influenced by the sounds, politics, social and cultural movements across the world, Akasa's music is immediate, relevant and empowering. Akasa formed in 1998 in Melbourne Australia.

Within a short time Akasa was heralded as the most promising vocal act in Australia, and although each member of the group had established solo careers outside Akasa, the band soon became the major focus for the women as performance schedules increased and interest in the group grew. In 2000 Akasa received two awards from the Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA) - "Best World Folk Album" for their self-titled EP and "Best World Folk Song" for the composition "Walk With Me" by the group's main songwriter, Melanie Shanahan. Akasa rapidly built a dedicated fan base in Australia through their powerful performances infused with social justice themes, world/roots sounds, beautiful ballads and great songwriting.


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Akasa : Views from an Urban Jungle : 1 CD : 

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Akasa : Views from an Urban Jungle

Review: Melbourne, Australia's dynamic all-woman quartet Akasa, Vicki, Andrea, Diana and Heidi, gifts us with their third recording. "Views" is happily mostly originals by group members, with an activist, ecological theme. Favorites are Heidi's "Not for Profit" ("Imagine if every business in the world operated not for profit"), "Leap Out," "Council Coconuts," "Freeway" and "I Won't Break;" Diana's "Indigo Tails" and "Need Some Care;" and Andrea's "Runaway," "The Cycle" and "Lullaby." These four dynamic, beautiful young women have a lot to say, emotionally and politically, and they write and sing it with style and grace. 12 thought-provoking tunes with some non-vocal percussion, played by the group. "Akasa" (pronounced A-ka-sha) is Sanskrit for brilliant/cavity of the heart/ether/that which fills everything, and we couldn't have described them better. Powerful words, powerful music!

Songlist: Not For Profit, Bubazinho, Indigo Tails, Cry No More, Leap Out, Council Coconuts, Freeway, Runaway, I Won't Break, The Cycle, Need Some Care, Lullaby

9891c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Akasa : Akasa : 1 CD : 

Akasa : Akasa

Review: Akasa, (pronounced "Akasha"), means "Cavity of the Heart/Ether, that which fills everything," and it is four beautiful young women from Australia. This is their debut CD, as far as we can tell, and it features six spiritual songs, "Trust," "Walking Song," "Walk With Me," "It's Love I See," "Yahwe" and "Turn Back The Time." There is light, non-vocal percussion on all the tracks. The spiritual focus of the songs is universal, and the women harmonize with conviction, energy and joy. The liner notes are lovely and contain all the words and some nice pictures. This is an impressive, touching debut CD, and we're looking forward to hearing more good stuff from this group from Down Under.

Songlist: Trust, Walking Song, Walk With Me, It's Love I See, Yahwe, Turn Back the Time

6796c | 1 CD | $10.98 | A Cappella World Music CDs

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