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African Children's Choir

African Children's Choir


The African Children's Choir is made up of some of the neediest and most vulnerable children in their countries. Many have lost one or both parents to poverty or disease. The African Children's Choir helps these children break away from the everyday cycle of poverty and hopelessness. Before being selected to join the Choir, children, generally aged between 7 and 11 attend Music for Life camps. These camps are fun and stimulating environments that provide a break from the daily hardships the young children face at home.

From the hundreds of children who attend the camps, approximately 50 will be chosen to audition for the Choir. Games, crafts, music and devotions are some of the activities the children look forward to at camp. Once the children are selected, Choir Teams will spend a few days visiting the children's homes to determine their needs and suitability for tour life. They then have the difficult task of selecting the group of children who will form the next African Children's Choir.

Children selected to tour will spend approximately five months at the Choir Training Academy in Kampala, Uganda. Here the children learn the songs and dances, attend school, play and attend Sunday School at a local church. It is at the Choir Training Academy where the real life-changing work of the African Children's Choir can be seen. The children's personalities and talents emerge like never before as they settle into their new routine with the knowledge that they are loved and cared for.

Education is the key to positive change for Africa. Hoping to break the cycle of poverty, families make great sacrifices to send their children to school. However, most schools in Africa are poorly equipped, quite often with a student-to-teacher ratio of 100 to 1. As they come from some of the most needy families, the African Children's Choir is committed to helping Choir children physically, spiritually, emotionally and academically, giving each child an opportunity to reach their God-given potential. While touring with the Choir, the children are exposed to a world of new possibilities. Chaperones, host communities and caring professionals share their wide variety of experiences with the children, exposing them to many new ideas and encouraging them to dream.

After returning to Africa, the African Children's Choir provides care and education that builds on the unique international exposure the children experienced abroad. The children receive a quality education, leadership training and spiritual ministry at the Music for Life Primary School in Kampala, or at other well-equipped schools in their respective countries.

At the Music for Life Primary School in Uganda, class sizes are kept small. A team of dedicated teachers offers a traditional core curriculum, as well as classes in Computer Studies, Art, Music and Swahili. A stimulating extra-curricular program also helps develop students' athletic and artistic performance skills. For instance, the school is home to several soccer teams, and hosts Choir concerts during the school year for students' families and the local community. This approach has proven successful each year as the children's examination results are among the highest in the country.

Selection into the African Children's Choir means a long-term commitment and investment as the children are supported through their secondary and post-secondary education. Scholarships, school visits, camps and counseling are just some examples of the support given. The African chaperones currently traveling with the Choirs are only a few of the many graduates who were once part of the African Children's Choir.


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African Children's Choir : 10 Years : 1 CD : 

African Children's Choir : 10 Years

Review: This CD, celebrating 10 years of the African Children's Choir, contains songs ranging from gospel (Highway to Heaven) to traditional African (Bafirisuti) and even American pop (From A Distance). The English songs have piano accompaniment, while the festive African music is accompanied by traditional drumming. Most of the songs are sacred and bring a message of peace. Created as a stepping stone to give children a better life, this retrospective is a testament to the benefit of the choir. This exuberant group of children will delight you.

Songlist: Highway to Heaven, It's a Small World, Bafirisuti, Through it All, All Things Bright and Beautiful, Motto Imewaka, Reach Out and Touch, O Sifuni Mungo, Shine Jesus Shine, Parapanda, Seed to Sow, Soon and Very Soon, Blessed be the Name, Amazing, Natamaba, From a Distance, Chinywa, Drummer Boy, Bed of Straw, Jesus is the Answer, Let There Be Peace, He's Got the Whole World

7218c | 1 CD | $14.98 | Some a cappella African Choral Music

African Children's Choir : Africa's Heartbeat : 1 CD : 

African Children's Choir : Africa's Heartbeat

Review: The 10th recording by one of our favorite children's choirs, the African Children's Choir joins the Flemish Radio Orchestra for this collection of 10 accompanied songs. The traditional African song "Muije Bantuwe" segues into "I'll Be Here for You" and the lovely prayer "Earnestly;" and the gentle "Because You Loved Me" sits perfectly between the rhythmic, dramatic "Jigo Lo Ba" and "Kiga Dance." The powerful "Shadowland," "Mother Africa" and the traditional anthem "Nkosi Sikele" close the album perfectly, leaving us touched and moved by the voices of these beautiful children.

Songlist: Muije Bantuwe, I'll Be Here For You, Earnestly, Jigo Lo Ba, Because You Loved Me, Kiga Dance, Love Without End, Shadowland, Mother Africa, Nkosi Sikele

8708c | 1 CD | $14.95 | Some a cappella African Choral Music

African Children's Choir : African Christmas : 1 CD : Ray Barnett : 

African Children's Choir : African Christmas

Review: Friends in the West International, sponsors of East Africa's African Outreach Academy, have a new CD by the African Children's Choir, and a new Christmas musical (which we are encouraged to perform in our communities to raise money for African children), The First African Christmas, songs from which are the first 8 tunes: the reggae-flavored "Message for Africa," "God's promise from long ago," "The Wise Men rap, " "The gifts," "Shepherd's carol," "Philip's song," "Gift for the King," and the music from "Gift for you to sing." Following are 6 more Christmas tunes, the a cappella "Betelehemu," "Go tell it on the mountain," "Have you any room for Jesus?", "Bed of straw", "Drummer boy" and "Silent Night." Most songs are accompanied. New energy and spirit for a timeless story from a talented Choir.

Songlist: Message for Africa, God's promise form long ago, The Wise Men rap, The Gifts, Shepherd's carol, Philip's song, Gift for the King, Christmas Celebration Songs:, Betelehmu, Go, Tell it on the Mountain, Have you any room for Jesus?, Bed of Straw, Drummer Boy, Silent Night

6961c | 1 CD | $14.98 | Some a cappella African Choral Music

African Children's Choir : Because You Loved Me : 1 CD : Jemimah Nasanga : 

African Children's Choir : Because You Loved Me

Review: We love the pictures of these beautiful African children, the story behind the group's formationby Ray Barnett, and all the good the group's success has accomplished. "Because" is the fourth CD in our catalog, and we like them all. All accompanied, the emphasis remains on the bright, spirited voices of the children. 12 mostly Christian/spiritual songs: "Lord Be Magnified," "Shine, Jesus, Shine," "Seed To Sow," "How Good It Is," the title tune, the traditional spiritual "Steal Away," "Reach Out/Lean On Me," "Betelehemu," "From A Distance," "Take Up Your Cross," "Highway To Heaven" and "O Happy Day." A feel-good CD from start to finish!

Songlist: Lord Be Magnified, Shine Jesus Shine, Seed to Sow, How Good It Is, Because You Loved Me, Steal Away, Reach Out / Lean On Me, Betelehemu, From A Distance, Take Up Your Cross, Highway To Heaven, O Happy Day

7096c | 1 CD | $14.98 | Some a cappella African Choral Music

African Children's Choir : Devotion : 1 CD : David Robbins : 

African Children's Choir : Devotion

Review: For 20 years, the African Children's Choir has astounded audiences everywhere with not only their beautiful sounds and moving stories but with the power and energy that accompanies each song. This recording is no exception. Filled with lively praise songs and gospel tunes, Devotion, lets this chorus shine. While all the performances are great, the simple traditional African songs accompanied by drums are truly highlights of this CD. For fans of the African Children's Choir, Devotion is a must have.

Songlist: Lord I Lift Your Name On High/How Good It Is, Teach Me To Dance, When I Was Lost, Here I am To Worship, Nothing But The Blood of Jesus, Inyi Watoto, You Are The Shepherd, Lord of All Creation, Silka Nze Nkubulile, Come Now Is The Time to Worship, Cast All Your Burdens/In My Life Lord, As The Deer Pants, Wamilele, Amazing Grace, Shout to the Lord, My Jesus, My Savior

7349c | 1 CD | $14.98 | Primarily a cappella African Choral Music

African Children's Choir : It Takes a Whole Village : 1 CD : 

African Children's Choir : It Takes a Whole Village

Review: It's a heartwarming story, Ray Barnett's trip to Uganda to try to do something about the thousands of orphans dying of starvation in a bloody civil war. Much prayer and help from church groups later, the first ACC was selected and brought back to the US. Thus the world got to see actual beautiful, bright, singing African children, which in turn has led to thousands being helped and saved. In "Village" we are delighted by the smiling voices of these remarkable children on 25 lightly accompanied traditional African folk songs, and African-American spirituals. Traditional African songs like "Parapanda," "Abataka," "Jabulani Africa," "Mujje," "Ensi Zonna," "Bolingo" and "Kinakyo" blend well with songs in English like "From a Distance," "It Takes A Whole Village," "Because You Loved Me," "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee" and "Seed to Sow." In case we haven't been clear, we'll just come out and say it: this is a feel-good CD, from the buying of it (which supports the ACC's good work), to the reading about these kids on the liner notes, to listening to every cut of this wonderful music!

Songlist: Parapanda, Abataka, Jabulani Africa, Natamaba, It Takes A Whole Village, Mujje, Ensi Zonna, From A Distance, Kamuwe Ekirabo, O Happy Day, Bolingo, Kinakyo, O Sifuni Mungu, Ndyahimbisa, Eggulu Lyajjula Ettendo, Because You Loved Me, Betelehemu, Chwinywa, Seed to Sow, Let There Be Peace, Generation Song, Nagirira

6731c | 1 CD | $14.98 African Choral Music

African Children's Choir : Still Walking In The Light : 1 CD : 

African Children's Choir : Still Walking In The Light

Review: It was 1984 and Ray Barnett heard a news report from Africa that told of how thousands of orphans were dying in a bloody civil war in Uganda. Sickened by the images of famine and tragedy, Ray formed the African Children's Choir to show the world how bright and beautiful African children are. Money was raised from churches to go to Uganda, select and bring out the first ACC. Each year a new group is selected, while the former members go back to Africa to receive care and a good education. This CD is from a live concert on January 14th, 2000, which marked the 15th anniversary of the Choir and once again highlighted the joy, enthusiasm, energy and optimism of this remarkable group of children. There are colorful, fold-out liner notes that have exuberant pictures of these beautiful, smiling-as-they-sing children to go with the celebration on the CD. 19 songs, most lightly accompanied by a small orchestra of keyboards, bass, guitar, drums, horns, flute and oboe. These are largely traditional spirituals and gospel songs, joyfully and beautifully sung: "Walking in the Light," "Full the River," "Mwiji Mwena," "He is my Light"...each is a little rhythmic anthem. "This Little Light of Mine" sums up the concert, as the ACC truly lets it shine!

Songlist: Walking in the Light, Full the River, Mwiji Mwena, He is my Light, Highway to Heaven, Crouch Medley, He's the Way, If we ever, Carnival, Earnestly, Noimusanyu, This Little Light of Mine, Standing for Heaven, Testify, Reach Out and Touch, Holy Ground, He's Got the Whole World, Little on the Road, O Happy Day

6732c | 1 CD | $14.98 African Choral Music

African Children's Choir : Window on the World : 1 CD : Keith Getty : 

African Children's Choir : Window on the World

Review: "Windows On The World" is a dynamic new musical, featuring an international cast, and the voices of Jodi Benson, the African Children's Choir and guests from around the globe. 13 songs, all accompanied: "He Is My Light," "Driftin'," the sweet ballad "Good News," "O Most High," "Journey Home (Song for the East)," "Standing for Heaven," "Let the Little Children Come," "How Good It Is," "You Are The Shepherd," "Hallelujah," "The Lord's Prayer," "There Is Hope" and "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands." The brightly-clad young ACC sing as brightly and spiritually as they look in the colorful liner notes. Joyous and inspirational!

Songlist: He Is My Light, Driftin, Good News, O Most High, Journey Home (Song for the East), Standing for Heaven, Let the Little Children Come, How Good it Is, You Are the Shepherd, Hallelujah, The Lord's Prayer, There Is Hope, He's Got the Whole World In His Hands

7061c | 1 CD | $14.98 | Some a cappella African Choral Music

African Children's Choir : Still Walking In The Light : DVD : 

African Children's Choir : Still Walking In The Light

Review: The African Children's Choir celebrates its fifteenth anniversary in concert on the DVD Still walking in the Light. This joyful program features the children in bright costumes in energetic dance numbers. Many of the numbers are traditional African songs with drumming accompaniment. The choir is joined by the Young Africans, who are all previous members of the children's choir. If you enjoy their recordings, you will love seeing them in action. This is a tremendously delightful event.

Songlist: Walking in the Light, Full the River, Mwiji Mwena, He is my Light, Highway to Heaven, Crouch Medley, He's the Way, If we ever, Carnival, Earnestly, Noimusanyu, This Little Light of mine, Standing for Heaven, Testify, Reach out and Touch, Holy Ground, He's got the whole World, Little on the Road, O Happy Day

9839d | DVD | $24.98 | Primarily a cappella Choral Performance DVDs

African Children's Choir : Teach Me To Dance : DVD : 

African Children's Choir : Teach Me To Dance

Review: This inspiring 20th anniversary gospel concert at the beatiful Opheum Theare in Vancouver B.C. Is an accumulation of two decades of heartwarming music and performances by the African Children's Choir. Since arriving in Vancouver in September 1984 their incredible journey has taken them around the globe where they have exhilarated audiences everywhere with their message of hope and healing. The performance, featuring 60 current and former members of the African Children's Choir, united today's Choir children with young adults who ere members of the very first Choirs in the mid-1980s. This moving concert, dedicated to South African Children orphaned by AIDs, features traditional gospel favorites performed during the Choir's early years, along with new music from the Choir's most recent CD. It includes "you are the Shepherd," written especially for the Choir by Keith and Kristyn Getty, and "Teach Me To Dance", which brought the audience of 2200 to its feet to participate in the choir's exuberant praise to God.

Songlist: Walking in the light, Come, now is the time, Ndyahimbisa mukama, Somebody, O'sifuni mungu, The Lord be magnified, Pilatek, Take up your cross, Testify to love, Reach out/Lean on me He is my light, You are the shepherd, Lord I lift your name on high, Light of the world, Holy ground, Steal away, Because you loved me, Highway to heaven, Couch medley, Teach me to dance

2845d | DVD | $24.98 | Some a cappella Choral Performance DVDs

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