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- Yal Asmar Ellon

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Accompaniment:      A Cappella
Country:      Arab
Music Category:       World
Format:      Sheet Music
Item Code:      S-397

Includes performance notes

Yal asmar ellon is a popular traditional song from Aleppo in northern Syria. It is part of the repertoire of songs called al qudud. This song originated in the 19th century. Yal asmar ellon has been transmitted orally, which accounts for its melodic and textual variations. As in other Arab song traditions, the singer adresses his beloved discreetly using the male pronoun. The melody is in the hijaz mode, similar to the Western harmonic minor scale.

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Salamu Aleikum : Choral Music of the Muslim World : SATB : Sheet Music : MMW

Salamu Aleikum : Choral Music of the Muslim World

Muslim choral music? There are numerous examples of group singing in the Muslim world, almost all of which is non-notated. Many of these group singing genres date back several centuries, such as the genre of Arab music called the muwashshahat, a song tradition that started in Muslim Spain and has continued vigorously until modern times. While there are numerous examples of Muslim group singing, notated part-singing is a product of colonization, Westernization, Christianization, and now globalization. It is becoming increasingly popular for composers in the Muslim world to arrange and compose music for the Western-style choir, and this collection serves to introduce participants to the breadth of Muslim culture, some Muslim songs, and the great diaspora of music of the Muslim world through a selection of pieces from different social, and cultural contexts.

Songlist: Ai'Yu, Fog Elna Khel, Adinu, Yal Asmar Ellon, Entarisi Ala Benziyor, Lammaa Badaa Yatathannaa, El-Helwa Di

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Voicing: SATB | 4378b | Sheet Music | $13.50 | A Cappella

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