Children's Choirs

This is your one-stop shop for everything a children’s choir enthusiast will want, whether it’s from the role of someone directing a children’s choir, or just someone who loves to listen to the beautiful singing of these talented kids around the world. In the half-dozen sections covered under this category, we have got books for our customers the conductors, CDs for the fans, and arrangements galore, and it’s the opportunity to enjoy lovely sounds and learn how to create them yourself with your own groups. Listen to the music, and then learn how to bring it home to your kid’s group.

the Mixed Voice Childrens Choirs

Nothing sounds quite like the pure, bell-like tones of a children’s choir. Their bright, clear voices soar through the music, and the talents these kids display is both inspiring and encouraging. Some of the children’s choirs we carry are some of the best-known choral groups on the planet, no matter their ages, and you’ve heard them in movies, TV commercials and on CNN. They sing in English, Japanese, Latin – even Cherokee! This is a great way to inspire curiosity and creativity in your own kids, or your kid at heart.

the Mixed Voice Childrens Choirs CDs

Childrens choir CDs do not often have any type of national distribution and can not be found in many of the usual stores and web sites. We have worked hard to find the best available CD recording and we believe we offer the best selection of childrens chorus Cds tio be found anywhere.

the Boys Choirs

For centuries, boy's choirs have been singing sacred & secular music and their sound was considered the most pure and desirable imaginable. Boy's choirs today are still singing, but with a wider range of repertoire than ever before. Hymns, chant, classical & contemporary, gospel and folk we offer here a selection of some of the top boyschoirs from around the world.

the Boys Choirs CDs

It can be hard to get younger boys to sing but when a boyschoir or chorus record a CD the results can be amazing. The boy choir CD recording we offer are from around the world and we consider that they are some of the finest recordings of the genre currently available.

the Girls Choirs

Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Norway, and across the U.S., from San Francisco to Washington, DC girl's choirs are singing beautiful music everywhere. And they're singing it all - from contemporary classical, jazz, to Americana, sacred and folk. The talents of these children and their directors are inspirational; every choral music library should have a selection of treble choir titles and these are some of the best.

the Girls Choirs CDs

When a talented director is given the opportunity to work with an ethusiastic girlschoir the CD recording can be a delight to listen to. We offer here a selection of some of the finest girls chorus recordings from around the world and will make great additions to any collection.

the Treble Voice Arrangements

When you work with a children’s choir, as directors and music teachers know, you have to keep them interested. With this selection of songbooks and collections of arrangements, you will have no problem getting the attention of groups of kids – and keeping it. Fun folk songs, Christmas carols, religious, patriotic and many other topics, we’ve got the wide variety of styles and levels of challenge that every kid’s group needs.

the Instructional Material for Children Choir Directors

There’s more to keeping a group of children interested in singing than just having fun arrangements, as we’re sure our customers who direct choirs are well aware. There are techniques and styles that are useful to learn if directing a children’s choir is something you’d like to do one day, or are even doing now. And fortunately for our customers who are in need of this learning experience, Primarily A Cappella has gathered a selection of products that will teach you what you need to know to keep the kids interested, and singing those beautiful clear, pure sounds only a children’s choir can produce.

the Childrens Choirs Christmas

Children love Christmas, and not just because of the presents. Christmas has pageantry, it has good food, and it’s got good, fun music that they love to sing. What could be better for them? If you enjoy the sound of children’s voices singing Christmas music – and who wouldn’t enjoy the pure magic of that sound? – we’ve got a number of treats for you here! Children’s choirs from around the U.S. and Canada, and even some from as far away as Russian, singing traditional carols and modern pieces in English, French, Finnish, German, Latin – even Cherokee!

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