In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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Judy Clark
Sing Like The Stars!

Breathing Exercises
Intermediate Resonance Exercises
Beginning Vocal Gymnastics Exercises
Intermediate Vocal Gymnastics Exercises
Lutgen Exercises
Use vowels sounds mi-mah-no
Accentuate vowels and resonate in the head register
Enunciation and diction
Vaccia Exercises
Determining Your Best Vocal Range
Caring For Your Voice
Personal Style and Phrasing
Perfect Singing
Rules For Success
Practice Regimen

A unique compilation of voice exercises that includes a 110-page spiral bound book, demo CD and Pitch Exercise CD. Most exercises printed in Key of C as a reference. The Pitch CD consists of nine intonation exercises in five musical keys, allowing the singer to improve pitch and also develop range (total of 45 exercises). The materials contain the fundamentals of voice training, following step-by-step order. Demo CD is a useful tool for personal players or in the car.

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