In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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Paul Schmeling
Berklee Music Theory, Book 1

Rhythm Notes And Rest
Eighth Notes, Dots, and Ties
Notation And Time Signatures
The Staff Accidentals And Key Signatures
Half Steps And Whole Steps
Major Scales
Minor Scales
Harmonic And Melodic Scales

Learn music theory based on over 40 years of music theory instruction at Berklee College of Music. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn music theory or are looking to expand the depth of their musical knowledge. This essential method features hands-on and "ears-on" practice exercises that help you explore the inner workings of music, presenting notes, scales and rhythms as they are heard in today's music styles. The included CD will help reinforce lessons as you begin to build a solid musical foundation. CD with lessons and examples included

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Instructional | 88 Pages | Softcover | 8 x 11