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Rhiannon Rhiannon

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Rhiannon Rhiannon

"At ten years old I won a music contest in South Dakota, where I was born, and I remember thinking that I loved the feeling of freedom inside me when I was singing. But after a lot of training I got discouraged at what I thought were limited options, so I went to New York to make theatre. While I was there I started going to jazz clubs and the whole world became focused for me. As an actor I was studying improvisation and being in the moment, and saw that jazz musicians' whole focus was the same. So for me to teach acting for singers and improvisation for performance is perfect. It fits my world together.

"After many years of writing my own songs, learning the jazz repertoire and studying music of all kinds, I've become focused on improvisation and storytelling. These days my performances are totally improvised. This has taken a lot of years of practice, over and over again facing the place of emptiness and freedom and believing that there will always be something there. Always.

"When I walk onstage I want to be an empty vessel. As much as possible I come onstage with no plan of where I'm going to go. Sometimes the path is clear-I'll go to the microphone and feel myself take flight-but other times I have to work just to find the doorway. But it's so amazing to me that that doorway is always there, like a spiral in and out. For me music is a spiritual journey. I deepen my spiritual path and then that spiritual path takes me to another doorway.

"For 35 years I've been teaching the study of training our empty creative vessel, and have developed a series of exercises in which students learn deep listening, collaboration, language improvisation, complex music skills and ensemble work without a leader.

"I would say that what I teach is improvisation as spontaneous composition. You have to study so hard because you need to learn how to summon the spirit on your feet and have musical skills to keep you on your feet. Technique and spirit are equally important. Music is a communal art form, whether you're in the audience or you're a soloist or collaborating in the circle of singers."

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Rhiannon Rhiannon : Vocal River : 01 Book : 

Rhiannon Rhiannon : Vocal River

Review: Rhiannon's story of passionate commitment to music - especially vocal improvisation -takes us through the twists and turns of her life, from a young girl discovering singing on her family's Missouri River farm to internationally acclaimed artist and full circle as she combines farming and art on Hawaii Island. In Vocal River, Rhiannon reveals the skill and spirit of improvisation-both onstage and in daily life - for singers, musicians, artists and anyone interested in combining the creative aspects that touch all our lives. The book is also a meticulous guide to Rhiannon's methods of teaching improvisation featuring thirty-three detailed exercises that bring us into the circle of music where, step by step, we learn about blend, collaboration, soloing, listening, skill, faith and generosity. Vocal River is the culmination of Rhiannon's long and celebrated career as an international performer and teacher. In it she shares her exuberance, her craft, and her fresh insights into the dimensions and gifts of improvisation. Includes a set of Exercise cards.

Chapters: Music in My Life, Cornerstones of Improvisation, Soloing in Song and Story, The Circle, Listening, Faith, Inspiration, Generosity, Sound Healing, Vocal River Exercises, Dance, Crossing the Circle, Language Circle, Walking Song

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6915b | Book $34.95 Vocal Improvisation

Rhiannon Rhiannon : Flight - Guide to Vocal Improvisation : 00  2 CDs : 

Rhiannon Rhiannon : Flight - Guide to Vocal Improvisation

Review: Join acclaimed improvisational vocalist Rhiannon and her all-star circle of friends as she teaches you how to leave the sheet music behind and start "cutting loose" in the jazz, gospel, Latin, and African traditions. This exciting step-by-step program will take you right to the heart of a cappella singing and vocal improvisation. Have fun while building confidence and skills at your own pace. For singers of all levels. This complete self-study course includes warm-up, free singing, listening skills, vocal instrumentation, and ensemble singing. From basic voicework to improvisation with a six person a cappella ensemble, Flight will take you on a journey of self-discovery! You will learn to tap the richness of your own voice and inner musical landscapes while you sing solo or with friends. Rhiannon will guide you through interactive vocal exercises that show you how. We've included call and response exercises with space for you to sing, a cappella songs to learn as well as background grooves with vocal percussion, bass, and harmony back-up for you to solo over.

Chapters: Taste of Music, Everything Is Breath, Long Tones, Major Ascending / Minor Descending , Soul Song, Call and Response, Alphabet, Personal Language, Transformations, Pattern Duets, Jazz Vamp, Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, Wings of a Dove, Taste of Music, The Bottom, Home, Fine, Mouth , Serengeti, Shape Shifting, Vuelo, The Circle

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5451c | 2 CDs $24.95 Vocal Improvisation

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