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Teaching Kids to Sing

One of the hardest things a voice teacher has to do is to help a singer lose their bad habits, and we all know how well ingrained a bad habit can be. With the products available here, your kids will be able to skip the bad habits stage and go right into being good singers. Teach your kids how to sing well. Without being so childish as to bore the kids, these works are aimed at teaching younger singers in techniques that work with the sweeter, tender voices of youthful singers. They cover the vast array of skills and techniques a choral director, conductor or teacher, with examples from some of the most prestigious children’s choirs from around the globe.

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Christy Elsner : Gadgets for Great Singingnew

Review: Need a fresh approach to teaching dynamics, facial expression, phrasing, and musicality? Use a gadget! Unleash your creative beast with clever everyday "gadgets" redesigned for use in the choral classroom by music educator and choral conductor Christy Elsner. These inexpensive learning tools provide endless inventive ideas for introducing and reinforcing all elements of vocal pedagogy including breath, resonant tone, vowel formation, tongue placement, and diction. They also promote kinesthetic awareness and physical memory, empowering the individual singers and the entire class as a whole to be great singers.

Songlist: Cookie, Food and the Five Basic Vowels, Kitchen Utensils, The Marshmellow, Straws, Toothpicks, Candy, Bowls, Paintbrushes, Rubber Bands, Sponges, Stickers, Flashlights, Clothes Pins, Twinkle Lights, Ladder, Candles, Face Paint, Bubbles and Feathers, Balls, Mirrors

8778 01 Book $19.95

Cristi Cary Mille : Quick Starts for Young Choirsnew

Review: Get your singers' attention with Quick Starts! Begin each class period or rehearsal with five minutes of creative, singer-tested activities to help focus and develop musicianship. Warm-up the body and voice with muscle movement activities, moving while you sing, and vocal exercises. Sharpen your singers' focus with games, tension breakers and ear training. Develop music skills with sight-singing, music dictation, music writing, theory and more. As educators and directors, Cristi Miller and Angie McKenna share the ideas they have used in their classrooms and rehearsals with great success. Complete with graphics and music examples, Quick Starts will get each rehearsal off to a great start!

Songlist: Warm-Ups, Tension Breakers, Sight Singing, Ear Training, Games, Teaching the Song, Tricks for Better Singing, Music Writing and Theory Fun

8777 01 Book $12.95

Ariella Vaccarino : Voice Lessons To Go for Kids

Review: This CD is designed for young elementary school aged singers to learn how to warm up their voice in a healthy fun way. The volume begins with advice on healthy singing, including words on posture, breathing, and diction. Vocal warm ups follow in patterns broken up into three separate vocalizes: Singing numbers, Singing syllables and Singing solfege. Musical terms such as major scales, chords, octaves, staccato and legato are sung through and explained. The goal of Voice Lessons To Go for Kids is to develop good healthy confident voices as well as to develop children's theoretical knowledge about music, creating good singers on the road to being young musicians.

Songlist: Never Push, You will improve, Your Vocal Assessment, Posture, Diction, Breathing, Confidence, Vocal Warm-Ups

9890 Vocal Warm Up Exercises $19.95 Vocal Warm Ups

Kevin Stannard : Junior Voiceworks 2 - 33 More Songs for Children

Review: Junior Voiceworks 2 is a second dazzling collection of songs for all choirs at or around KS2 level (ages 7-11). Presenting 33 singable songs, from simple unison to 2 and 3 parts and more, this is a fabulous singing resource which will inspire choirs everywhere. With 2 CDs and supporting teaching notes, Junior Voiceworks 2 is a complete handbook for singing for all teachers and choir leaders. For children, singing comes most naturally when it is part of their everyday routine, when it is associated with their everyday activities; they enjoy singing about what they are doing, thinking, and experiencing. A singing child is clearly a happy child, and one of the aims of this book is to provide children with songs that they want to sing, again and again.

Songlist: Section I: Rhythm And Language, We All Love to Sing, The Basketball Rap, Pulse 8, Mexican Counting Song, Sarasponda, At Last, Section II: Rounds, Our Dustbin!, School Dinners, Everybody Loves Saturday Night, We Do Jazz!, Section III: Around the World, Tongo, Wondering, Abiyoyo, Tutu Maramba, Cape Cod Chanty, Hakon the Good, El Cumbanchero, Section IV: Animal Antics, Penguin, Killifish, Puffin, Five Eyes (Three Black Cats), Whale, Monster Stomp, Section V: Humanity, When Will We Learn?, Water, Don't Waste It, One World, To Love is Good, Child of Tomorrow, He's Gone Now, You Can Look in a Book for Your Heroes, Friends for Ever, Morning Song

9559 Songbook & 2 CD $39.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Vicki Hancock Wright and Jeff Reeves : Can't Wait to Sing

Review: Designed especially for younger and middle elementary choirs, this song collection provides just about everything you need to successfully lead your children's choir throughout the year! In addition to a variety of general and seasonal songs, the resource features teaching plans, reproducible pages for singers and instrumentalists, and a CD containing both demonstration and accompaniment-only tracks. The step-by-step teaching plans offer teaching suggestions for a 5-week unit. Some plans contain 1) creative art ideas for use as early arriver activities and 2) optional use of other Choristers Guild products to enhance the learning experience. Optional parts for percussion instruments and handchimes are also included in several of the songs. Flexible and fun, this unique collection is perfect for use in children's choirs, music camps, Vacation Bible School, and Sunday School. It also makes an excellent music curriculum supplement helping children to grow musically and spiritually.

Songlist: Away in a Manger, Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus , For the Beauty of the Earth, Give Me Oil in My Lamp, Jesus Loves the Little Children, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, Oh, How Good Is Christ the Lord , Shout Hosanna, Who Built the Ark?

7922 Solo Songbook & CD $29.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Dr. Patrick Freer : Success for Adolescent Singers (3 DVD Set)

Review: Conductor, teacher, and researcher Dr. Patrick K. Freer explores practical solutions to common problems while focusing on an impromptu ensemble of everyday kids. These three fast-paced DVDs demonstrate familiar challenges and Freer's sensitive, real-time solutions to them. You will see the process unfold as it actually happened and how Dr. Freer incorporates research on adolescent learning into the process of teaching choral music. When working with these young adolescents, Dr. Freer clearly demonstrates how challenges associated with male and female changing voices can be handled successfully. Interviews with the students present valuable perspectives on being an adolescent singer, and a special segment on DVD 3 is designed to be shown to students in classrooms and choirs. The manual contains additional materials, including printed instructions for the exercises demonstrated throughout.

Songlist: Video Series Outline, Group Voice Building For Young Adolescents, The Individual Relaxtion, Posture, Breathing, Sound Ball, Whoosh, Whoa, Jazz Circles, Adolescent Vocal Development And Choir Rehearsals, Flow Experience, Learning Differences And Teaching Strategies, Motivation And Choral Instruction, Optimal Classroom Environments, Teacher Language In The Choral Rehearsal, Vocal/Choral Instruction And Choral Conducting

3034 3 DVDs $49.95 Children's Choir Development

Chris and Carole Beatty : Teaching Kids To Sing Package

Review: Who will train the singers of tomorrow and prepare them to use their voices the right way? Chris and Carole Beatty have been training singers for nearly 3 decades. Through their CDs, DVDs, books and Videos, as well as workshops for all ages, they have touched singers and speakers world wide. Their passion for excellence in vocal training is renowned. Their impact on today's and tomorrow's singers is felt daily in schools, churches and the recording industry. The Teaching Kids To Sing series from Vocal Coach is an interactive training tool for teachers, parents, choir directors and children alike. The clear presentation of material is guaranteed to have immediate impact and the entertaining format makes learning fun. The Vocal Coach Kids join Chris & Carole Beatty in looking at the issues of Posture, Breathing, Rhythm, Diction, Tone and Warming Up the voice. This new package also includes a CD that contains the accompaniment tracks and demos for all 26 songs and demonstrations on the Teaching Kids To Sing series.

Songlist: Intro & Overview, Breathing Rap, Warm-Up #1 Ya Ya, Warm-Up #2 Ha Ha/He Ah, Warm-Up #3 Me Oh Me Oh Me/MMM, Warm-Up #3 Ha.../Ho/Hoo, Diction, The Diction Song, Dynamics, Staccato & Legato, Rhythm & Tempo, Loud, Soft, Fast, Slow Song, Voice Care, Closing Thoughts, Introduction, We're Vocal Athletes, Posture, Upright Child of The King (Song), Breathing, Tone, Warming Up, Warm Up exercises

6853 2 DVDs $54.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Karle Erickson : Choral Warmups - Singing Dr Seuss's ABC

Review: From aunt Annie's alligator to zizzer-zazzer-zuzz, these exercises are intended to be used by singers of all ages in school and church choirs. Use them to improve vocal skills and develop technical and expressive expertise in order to enhance the musicality of their performances. The focus of some of the exercises is on vocal development, others call attention to the accuracy of consonant articulation or to the perception of expressive devices that are related to the text and phrase structure.

Songlist: Use of Accompaniment, Keyboard Modulations, Pitch Range, Use of Solfege, Consonant Articulation, Index of Concepts and Skills, The Vocalises

6263 01 Songbook Vocal Warm Up Exercises $9.95 Choral Warm-Ups

Brenda Rattray : The Joy of Singing

Review: The Joy of Singing is for teachers and leaders in elementary schools, high schools, youth groups and churches who would like to build a singing community. Whether you are just starting out or have some experience, the 20 songs in this book will bring variety and confidence to your choir - regardless of whether you read music notation. Featuring: Unison songs, simple part-singing and four or more parts, Arrangements of well-known spirituals, Original songs in a range of styles, including African and gospel influences, Material ideal for elementary - intermediate choirs, Detailed teaching notes on each song, including discussion points and extension activities, Warm-ups , Audio backing and performance tracks on 2 CD's , PDF of lyrics included on CD for easy printing.

Songlist: Warming Up, Teaching the Songs, How to "Find a Harmony", Pattern in the Song, Keep the Rhythm, Work of Art, Tue Tue, Isn't It Nice, Flutter, Flutter, Miss Jones, Heartfelt Praise, They Took Her Child, Help Me To Change, Oo E Chi Wamma, Iye Iya, Babethandaza, What Will It Take?, I Feel Your Pain, Kumbaya, Joy, Swing Down Sweet Chariot, Wade in the Water, Rocka My Soul

7305 01 Songbook & 2 CDs $59.95

Jo McNally : Young Voiceworks 32 Songs for Young Singers

Review: Young Voiceworks is an exciting collection of songs to help young singers and their leaders grow together musically and develop healthy voices for a lifetime of singing and pleasurable music-making. The songs teach basic musical concepts for primary-aged children and make up a 'working repertoire' that can be revisited throughout the primary school years. The songs are short, fun to sing, and accessible. Teachers and singing leaders at all stages will find these songs a useful addition to their concert programmes and music curriculum.

Songlist: Section 1: Move that Voice, Mr Wiggly and Mr Waggly, Miss Mary Mack, Naughty Pussy Cat, The Mill Wheel and the Snail, Squirrel Songs, Bobby Shafto, Old King Glory, Chicken on a Fencepost, Section 2: Keep the Beat, Warm Up and Stomp Canon, Indian Drum and Grinding Corn, On a Log, Fun Mje Alafia and Canoe Song, I Got A Letter this Morning, Section 3: The Singing Voice, Great Big House, Cupboard Key, I See the Moon, Ebeneezer Sneezer, Two Night Time Songs, Rabbits, Sweep Away, You'll Sing a Song, Section: 4 Songs from Many Cultures, Two Welcome Songs, White Banana, Chanda Mama, Ali Baba, Oranges and Lemons, Hotaru Koi, Section 5: Just for Fun, Bingo, Rainy Old, Gloomy Old Day, The Ants Go Marching, B-A Bay, Grizzly Bear

9557 01 Songbook & 2 CDs $39.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Various Composers : Singbook

Review: Youth Music's Singbook is an essential, inspirational resource for all singing leaders working with children and young people and contains twelve songs by some of the most exciting songwriters and lyricists working today, including Howard Goodall, Steve Martland, Richard Stilgoe, Lin Marsh and Barry Russell. It explores a wide range of musical styles and topics, to inspire all young people from keystages 2 to 4, and celebrates our culturally diverse community: from Gujarati, Chinese and Albanian songs to music by some of the UK's best-known songwriters. Each song is presented as a complete 'unit', fully supported by interviews with the composers, with learning strategies, warm ups and creative music-making ideas. Photocopiable vocal parts and lyric sheets have additional questions and starting points to help singers get to grips with the meaning of each song. Singbook is stunningly produced in full color throughout, with two professionally produced CDs of complete performances and backing tracks of the songs. The book has been carefully graded and color-coded into three levels - starting, developing and challenging - from songs in unison to those sung in parts. The book also includes a dedicated section on warm ups, with a wide range of material to complement the songs and encourage good singing practice.

Songlist: Refuge, Ame sau vala tara bal , The Smile Behind The Eyes, Believe, Building, Hey, Escher!, Vera, OK, The Tyger, Mo Li Hua, Harmony, No Wars Will Stop Us Singingf

7306 01 Songbook & 2 CD $34.95

Audrey Snyder : Sight-Sing a Song! Music Reading for the Elementary Classroom

Review: Sight-Sing a Song will help you do just that-teach your students to sing-sing with confidence. This well-designed sight-singing approach by master teacher and choral director Audrey Snyder progresses in an easy step-by-step fashion through a variety of exercises that culminate with a special song students will be able to sight-sing! Each lesson includes helpful Teacher Tips that focus on the music concepts being presented, a suggested teaching sequence to use when presenting each exercise, keys to sight-singing success, options for enrichment and motivation, and two student reproducible pages filled with sight-reading exercises. Exercises and songs are presented in the keys of C major and F major, so students will also experience moveable 'Do.' After students have perfected each exercise a cappella on their own, they can enhance the learning process further by performing wiht the accompaniment tracks on the enclosed CD. Perormanc / accompaniment tracks for the songs are also included. Time is short. Let's start sight-singing!i

Songlist: Begin with the Beat, Add DO and RE, Introducing Meter and MI, Add Neighbors FA and SOL, Neighbor LA joins in, Finishing off with TI and DO, Songsheet, Piano accompaniment

6646 01 Songbook & 1 CD Warm Ups $19.95 Sightsinging Material

Allison Street and Linda Bance : Voiceplay - 22 Songs for 3-5 year-olds

Review: Voiceplay is an inspired collection of songs which can be used by all practitioners, whether or not they are music specialists, in all Early Years settings. Voiceplay is for practitioners working in Early Years settings and also for parents and carers at home. Whether you are running a session with thirty children or sitting in a corner with three, Voiceplay shows you how you can use your voice to lead others and help young children develop their singing.

Songlist: Songs To Help Things Happen, Songs With Movement, Songs To Help Singing Voices, Songs For Play, Songs That Tell Stories

9556 01 Songbook & 1 CD $29.95

Brian Kane : Sing After Me

Review: Sing After Me contains ten fantastically funny, unusually useful, amazingly adaptive, excellent echo songs to help students learn to sing with practically perfect pitch and deliberately delightful diction. The book includes a sing-a-long and demonstration CD, reproducible student worksheets, and movement, art, and language activities for each song and simple piano accompaniment. Ages 6-13.

Songlist: Bonny The Beaver, Can You Hear Me, The Fishing Boat, Ghost of Halloween, Jean on Trapeze, Letter Olympics, Patrick Thundersmacks, Slithering Sam, Stanley the Stingray, Tumbletun, Worksheets

6645 01 Songbook & 1 CD $22.95 Sing Along Songbooks

Cheryl Lavender : Singing Fun for Little Ones

Review: Created and field-tested especially for 'little ones' in Kindergarten - Grade 2, Book/CD features 24 original songs and sight-reading pieces that will delight and challenge your budding musicians! You'll find warm-ups, holiday celebrations, seasonal songs, high/low pitch games, language arts connections with syllables and rhymes, movement and dramatizations, piano, fingerplays, and even a song to wrap up a successful school year. Of special interest are twelve monthly, developmentally-sequenced, sight-reading pieces designed to build music literacy skills with patterns of ta, ti-ti, rest, so-mi-la and mi-re-do. The enclosed CD recording includes both full performance and accompaniment tracks for the songs, and instrumental backup tracks for the signt-reading pieces.

Songlist: Shake It!, Let's Warm Up, September, Who Am I Thinking Of?, What Am I Thinking Of?, October, Piano Land, November, Dance of the Little Leaf, December, Our Holiday Ensemble, January, One Hundred Days of School, Febuary, Solo and Ensemble, March, Creepy and Crawly and Great, April, Down at the Park, May, Moving Up, June, July, August

6553 01 Songbook & 1 CD $24.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Gabriela Montoya-Stier : El Patio de Mi Casa

Review: This endearing collection of folksongs from Mexico is perfect for any teacher looking to broaden the multicultural dimensions of their elementary or preschool music class with time-tested authentic music. Each song and rhyme includes teaching suggestions, English translations, game directions, and background information. Songs are categorized as rhymes, chants, singing games, song tales (romances), or lullabies, and there is even a pinata song.

Songlist: Rhymes , Chants, Singing Games, Song Tales (Romances), Lullabies, Pinata Song, Rhythm And Melodic Analysis Charts, References, About The Author

6868 01 Songbook & 1 CD $14.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

John Jacobson : Hello, Hello

Review: Hello-oooo! Hello-oooo! Help young singers develop their listening and pitch matching skills while reinforcing basic music concepts .. and have fun doing it!! These 'educational echos' will motivate students to respond to common patters of sound that involve pitch direction, high/low. loud/soft, intervals, sequence, steady beat and more! Students will also develop motor skills and beat awareness with simple movement sequences for each song, and expand learning with fun extension activities. Includes 36 songs.

Songlist: Hello! Hello! Hello!, All the Kids Are Snoring, Barnyard Echoes, Be My Valentine, Bean Bag, Can You Feel the Beat?, Can You Sing Your Name?, Circus Parade, Climbing Up a Mountain, Days of the Week, Duck Duck Soup!, Echo Boat, Echo Game, Echo Pond, Echoes Add Up, Follow Me!, Going to the Zoo, Halloween Boo, Hey You!, High Five, I Like Trick or Treat, It's Turkey Day, Melody, Melody, Members of My Family, Red Rover, Say Hello Wherever You Go, Sing Howdy, Singing Train, Something in My Head, Spelling Bee, Time to Go, We Love Music Day, What's in Your Stocking?, Who Could It Be?, Who Will Be My Valentine?, Yodel With Me

6554 01 Songbook & 1 CD $29.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Kathleen Wojcik-May : Children Sing, Children Play

Review: There is nothing more joyful than a group of children playing. This wonderful music resource will help young children acquire an intuitive knowledge of musical elements through movement, singing and speaking that will prepare them for both reading and performing music as they grow. This book is ideal for all teachers of young children, both classroom teachers and music specialists, and is divided into a year-long sequence of rhymes, songs, games, and music listening activities. Drawn from our rich heritage of folk material, the carefully-sequenced curriculum will provide a wealth of enjoyment and experience, while developing language skills and musicianship. Practical advice fills this book, and the well-designed layout makes lesson planning a breeze! Includes a CD

Songlist: Introduction, Curriculum Overview, Singing, Rhythm, Continuum, Vocabulary, Listening, Basic Skill, Performance, Social Skills, Movement, Monthly Activities, Specific Goals, Suggested Materials, Rhythm, Songs, Games, Listening

6547 01 Songbook & 1 CD $29.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Kevin Stannard : Junior Voiceworks 1 - 33 Songs for Children

Review: Junior Voiceworks 1 is a wonderful collection of songs for children. Presenting 33 singable songs, from simple unison to 2 and 3 part, this is a fabulous and accessible resource to motivate and energize young singers. With a CD and supporting teaching notes, Junior Voiceworks 1 is a complete handbook for singing for all teachers and choir leaders.

Songlist: Chant It And Sing, Exploring Two-Part Harmony, Around And Around, Unison Songs, Challenging Songs

9558 01 Songbook & 1 CD $39.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Loyan Beausoliel : Games That Sing

Review: Get up and get moving in your early-childhood classes with this collection of time-tested singing games. Songs include activities for imaginative play, transitions, quieting down, and much more. The authors also share advice and guidance on ways to successfully implement these activities into your classes. An entertaining listening CD is included, along with the scores and lesson suggestions.

Songlist: Hello, Everybody, Everybody Has A Name, Oh Yeah!, Wibbley Wobbely, Hit The Floor, Good-Bye Songs, Circles, Punchinello, Who Stole The Cookies?, Floating Down The River, Going to Kentucky, Snake Charming, Spill the Grape Juice, Indoor Playground, Loop-de-Loco, Zodiac, The Hooray Song, Soap Is So Important, Stand Up, Turn Around, Jump, Nose, Nose, Nose, Mary Wore Her Red Dress, If I'm July, See The Builders, Ah, Poor Bird, One, Two, Three, Four, Five

6709 01 Songbook & 1 CD $16.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Mark Paterson : Can't Wait to Sing! Vol 2

Review: Designed especially for middle and upper elementary choirs (ages 8-12), this song collection provides many resources to successfully lead your children's choir throughout the church year. In addition to a variety of general and seasonal songs, this resource features teaching activities, reproducible pages for singers and instrumentalists and a CD containing both demonstration and accompaniment tracks. The teaching activities are designed to help teach the anthem or a specific musical concept within that anthem. Directors can choose among the activities depending on the age and experience of the singers and the demands of the rehearsal time

Songlist: Shout with Joy! , Light of Hope, Light of Peace, Joy to the World, All Things Bright and Beautiful , The Fruit of the Vine, All Glory, Laud and Honor , This Little Light of Mine

7925 01 Songbook & 1 CD $34.95

Mark Patterson : Young Children Sing

Review: A collection of eight short anthems, spanning the church year, for the youngest choir singer-5 to 8 year olds. Each song is included in two versions: the complete score with accompaniment for the director; and a reproducible melody line only version for the young singer. In addition, the composer, Mark Patterson, has included teaching ideas for each song.

Songlist: Sing Rejoice, Clap Your Hands, I Will Give My Heart to the Lord, Light One Candle, Star of Wonder, Sing Hosanna, Now We Give Thanks, My God Is With Me, Reproducible pages

7459 01 Songbook & 1 CD $24.95

Peggy D. Bennett : Song Play

Review: This book is ideal for all teachers of young children, both classroom teachers an music specialists. Each songplay section includes a detailed step-by-step teaching process, opportunities for cross-curricular connections and a listing of recommended literature readings. The well-designed layout makes lesson planning a breeze! The book includes a 'coaching' CD with helpful musical prompts and song demonstrations in various keys by an adult solo voice for use in preparing each lesson. Over 40 fun songs!

Songlist: A Hunting We Will Go, Surprise Game, Bumpity Bumpty Yellow Bus, Name Game, Charlie Holds the Bear, Invitation Game, Idea Game, Come and Follow Me, Freeze Game, Statue Game, The Farmer in the Deli, The Story of the Farmer in the Deli, Family Game, Name Game, Fly Away Little robin, Nest Game, Flying Game, Hot Cross Buns, Hand Sign Game, Jenny Put Your Hand Up, Direction Game, Johnny Get Your Hair Cut, Finger Scissor Game, Role Play Game, Look Look Look at Me, Imitation Game, Mary's Wearing Her Red Dress, Color Game, Guessing Game, The More We Get Together, Cadence Game, Name Game, Movement Game, Shake Those Fingers Down, Touch Game, Movement Game, Sing Oh Sing, Movement Game

6579 01 Songbook & 1 CD $24.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Peter Hunt : Voicelinks

Review: Voicelinks is an innovative teaching resource for music in early years and primary education. It embraces singing as a means of accessing all areas of the curriculum, to develop the whole child, with natural progression and links between age groups and subject matter. At the heart of the book are 24 carefully written songs covering popular school topics. Each song is tailored to Early Years (3-5), Key Stage 1: Year 1 (5-6), or Key Stage 1: Year 2 (6-7), and comes equipped with a host of activity ideas designed for classroom use. Suitable for specialists and non-specialists alike, Voicelinks guarantees successful learning outcomes across the curriculum.

Songlist: What's on my face?, Busy Day! , Clever Clogs, Easy Peasy!, Ring-a-ding dee! , Chamniamo gogo , Choose a Colour , Changing Colours, Paintbox, Feel the snowflakes , Weather-boy, weather-girl , Extreme Weather , The king is in the castle, Pirates! , The Gingerbread Man , I'm a train , Ride and Glide , Off to Town! , One candle flame , Spring, spring, spring! , Happy Birthday! , See the waving corn , Santa's Coming! , Fireworks!

5693 01 Songbook & 1 CD $44.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Sarah Watts : Rounds

Review: Contains songs to introduce singing in parts to a class or choir.

Songlist: A Round of Drinks, After a storm, All things shall perish, Alphabet Athletics, Campfire's burning, Come follow, Directions, Down on my allotment, Heidi, Humming around, Hup, two, three four, Land of the silver birch, Let's Have a Very Good Christmas, Lost Sock Lament, Mrs. White had a fright, Thank You very much!, There's a brass band in the bandstand, There's a gnome called Fred, Warning!, Yesterday upon the stair

6746 01 Songbook & 1 CD $24.95 Rounds for Singing

Shirley Court / Val Whitlock : Singing Sherlock Vol 1

Review: Singing Sherlock is a practical and easy-to-use resource for the music curriculum. It gives you enjoyable and structured ways to teach music concepts and vocal skills. Singing Sherlock is a unique collection of tried and tested songs which will inpirse good singing in your school. Book 1 is suitable for children up to age 7. Loads of songs including warm-ups, raps and chants, singing games, echo songs and unison and part-songs in a wide variety of styles. A mixture of well-known tunes and new songs specially written for young voices by Sue Nicholls, Lin Marsh, Alan Simmons, Helen MacGregor and more.

Songlist: A wide variety of songs and games specially written for young voices, A demonstration CD that brings the music to life and helps you teach the songs, Fact files and case notes which show you how to use the songs in the classroom

7359 01 Songbook & 1 CD $56.95

Shirley Court / Val Whitlock : Singing Sherlock Vol 2

Review: Singing Sherlock is a practical and easy-to-use resource for the music curriculum. It gives you enjoyable and structured ways to teach music concepts and vocal skills. Singing Sherlock is a unique collection of tried and tested songs which will inpirse good singing in your school. Book 2 is suitable for ages 7 to 11. Loads of songs including warm-ups, raps and chants, singing games, echo songs and unison and part-songs in a wide variety of styles. A mixture of well-known tunes and new songs specially written for young voices by Sue Nicholls, Lin Marsh, Alan Simmons, Helen MacGregor and more.

Songlist: A wide variety of songs and games specially written for young voices, A demonstration CD that brings the music to life and helps you teach the songs, Fact files and case notes which show you how to use the songs in the classroom

7361 01 Songbook & 1 CD $56.95

Susan Brumfield : First, We Sing

Review: A collection of twenty children's songs, rhymes and games from around the world. Whether you are looking for new songs to add to your repertoire, or for new ways to teach familiar favorites, FIRST, WE SING is full of fresh ideas for the music class. First in a new series of volumes designed to bring delightfully singable songs and practical pedagogy together in one anthology, this book is perfect for use in both home and school. Teachers will find extension activities for the classroom, historical references, pedagogical indices and suggestions for including the songs in a literacy-based music curriculum. FIRST, WE SING includes suggestions for Orff instruments and recorder, along with seasonal and holiday songs, singing games and songs just for fun. Ideally suited for teaching musical skills, this collection provides a "vocabulary" of music and play from which children can draw today. Adults and kids of all ages will discover the fun and enjoyment of listening, learning, singing and playing these songs for generations to come. Available: Book/CD. Suggested for grades 1-5.

Songlist: A Qua Qua, As I Sat on a Sunny Bank, Circle Round the Zero, The Closet Key, Dance to Your Daddie, Doraji, Early in the Morning, The Grand Old Duke of York, Here Comes Mrs Macaroni, Ida Red, Jeannie Had a Little Lamb, La Crocodile, Porquoi, Round and Round, Sansa Kroma, Shalom Chaverim, Shanghai Chicken, Skin and Bones, The Wind Blow East, The Wren Song

5713 01 Songbook & 1 CD $29.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Cheryl Lavender : See, Sing and Play

Review: See, Sing and Play is a collection of short rhythm and melody pieces, designed just for your elementary music students! Each Practice Page is reproducible for your students' needs. By supplementing your regular music lessons with fun and stimulating sight reading Practice Pages, you encourage a consistent development of fluent reading and playing - an essential ingredient in your sound program of musicianship! See your students read - Hear your musicians grow!

Songlist: Sequence of Rhythmic and Melodic Elements, Rhythmic Elements, Time Signatures, Melodic Elements, Techniques for Teaching Sight Reading, Techniques for Teaching Performances, Body Percussion Ensemble, Kodaly Hand Signs

6578 01 Songbook $9.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Denise Bacon : Let's Sing Together! Songs For 3, 4 and 5 Year Olds

Review: From Mother Goose and Others, set to music according to the Kodaly Concept. This exciting singing tool comes with instructions for use.

Songlist: Foreward By Katalin Forrai, Author's Foreward, Introduction And Background, Suggestions For The Use Of This Book, Index Of Songs In Order Of Difficulty, Alphabetical Index Of First Lines, Songs

9389 01 Songbook $15.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Emily Crocker : Patterns Of Sound Vol 1

Review: Don't read notes, read patterns of sound! This unique sight reading course for treble voices in elementary and early middle school does just that! PATTERNS OF SOUND uses excellent voice leading, careful sequencing and musically interesting exercises that can be combined to strengthen part singing, pitch relationships and to develop rhythmic independence. Volume 1 starts from square one, assuming no previous training, with exercises that are so carefully sequenced that the students are quickly singing four-measure phrases and eight measure songs in two parts and finding it easy! Students are introduced to notes, rests, meter, pitch and unison/2-part songs in Vol. 1, and continue in Vol. 2 with dotted rhythms & syncopation, keys & key changes and more 2-part songs. Use it every day and watch your students' confidence level grow!

Songlist: Rhythm - Let's Begin!, Adding Pitch to Rhythm, Let's Harmonize, Finding Your Starting Pitch, New Patterns, New Notes, New Combinations, Bigger Jumps (Intervals), Songs In Two Parts

7261 01 Songbook $14.95 Ear Training

Greg Gilpin : 115 Tang Tungling Tongue Twisters from A to Z

Review: This collection of enjoyable and challenging tongue twisters using every letter of the alphabet is set to fun music for all ages. Say them! Sing them! Use them to focus your choir's attention! These tongue twisters are effective tools to improve diction and enunciation, while offering some amusing "icebreaker" moments. Whether used as a warm-up, warm-down or focus moment, they will taunt even the most talented in town with a tang-tungling time! Greg Gilpin has written the piano accompaniment with chord symbols so your choir can move up and down the scale with ease.

Songlist: 155 tongue twisters from A to Z

5712 01 Songbook $12.95 Choral Warm-Ups

Jan Hall and Shelly Nordlund : Voices In Harmony (Orff Collection)

Review: Arrangements for Children's Voices and Orff Instruments by Shelley Nordlund and Jan Hall. 'Voices in Harmony' is a collection of 12 delightful songs for young voices and accompanying Orff instruments that encourage success-oriented experiences with beginning part singing. These 'kid-tested' arrangements are suitable for singers as young as 2nd/3rd grade through upper elementary / middle school. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran Orff instructor, this collection gives you all the necessary conceptual information to present each song, along with a sequential teaching process to help you present each lesson easily and effectively. Available: Song Collection. For Gr. 3-8.

Songlist: Coffee, Come Join Our Singing, Fanfare For Children, Good News, I'm Gonna Sing When The Spirit Says Sing, Loose Tooth, Oh Won't You Sit Down?, One More River, Rocky Mountain High, Song On Courtship, This Old Hammer, Wake Me! Shake Me!

5236 01 Songbook $14.95 Harmony Singing Instructional

John Jacobson and Alan Billingsley : Choose Your Partner

Review: Partner a fresh new original song with an old favorite, add choreography by John Jacobson and you've got an exciting collection to introduce 2-part singing to your elementary students. Learn each tune separately, then put them together for instant harmonic fun! This all-in-one format comes complete with piano/vocal accompaniment, choreography and reproducible singer pages. So, choose your partner and let's go!

Songlist: All I Do is Work, The Best Choir in the World, City Life, Fifty Stars, Goodbye my Friends, Home, My America, Quiet!, A Rainbow of Peace, Snow Beautiful Snow, The Sun and Moon, Way Up High

6556 01 Songbook $19.95 Partner Songs

John M. Feierabend : First steps in Music for Preschool and Beyond

Review: Written by a national leader in early childhood music education, this creatively illustrated book contains everything you need to lead a music class for preschool and early elementary students.

Songlist: Getting Started, The Musical Workout, Pitch Exploration (Vocal Warm-ups), Song Fragments, Simple Songs, Arioso, SongTales, Movement Exploration (Movement Warm-ups), Movement for Form and Expression, 'Beat Motion Activities, Planning Lessons, Sample Lessons, Final Thoughs, Index of Song/Rhyme Titles, About the Author

6539 01 Songbook $44.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

John M. Feierabend : The Book of Call and Response: You Sing, I Sing

Review: Whether sung arond a campfire, in a classroom, or on a family road trip, call-and-response songs, in which a leader sings a phrase and a group sings back a reply, are a wonderful interactive experience for kids!

Songlist: Introduction, Snaps And Snails, Sugar And Spice, On The Phone, Fur, Feathers & Fins, Places Near And Far, Songs Of Faith, Come Sail Away

6417 01 Songbook $11.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

John M. Feierabend : The Book of Echo Songs: I'll Sing After You

Review: These traditional echo songs are built around a leader singing a phrase and a group singing the same phrase back. With the songs in this collection, kids can indulge their imitation tendencies and create joyful, irrepressible music at the same time. These timeless tunes allow kids to learn quickly and start making music and having fun right away.

Songlist: Alabama Bound, All Hid, All Night Long, Banks Of The Ohio, Billy Grogen's Goat, Bury Me Not, Candy Man, Caney Mi Macaro, Charlie Over The Ocean, Come All Ye Fair Ladies, Come Along, Deacon Went Down, Down By The Bay, Ev'ry Night, Flea! Fly!, Freedom Land, Habg About, He, He, Wanna Wawate, I Met A Bear, In The Woods, Johnny On The Wood Pile, Kye Kye Kule, Littlest Worm, Long John, My Aunt Came Back, My Name Is Michael, No More My Lord, No More Pie, Old Texas, Old John Henry, Prettiest Girl, Purple Light, Ricka Bamboo, This Old Hammer, Trail To Mexico, Tongo

6418 01 Songbook $11.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

John M. Feierabend : The Book of Pitch Exploration

Review: Explore the wonders of the human voice with the fun, magical activities in The Book of Pitch Exploration! Whether it's whooshing or shushing, hooting or booing, the human voice is capable of creating all kinds of sounds. This book allows children to discover these sounds through ideas, poems, stories, and songs that invite vocal participation from all involved. Not only are these activities fun, they also make excellent vocal warm-ups!

Songlist: Introduction, Ideas, Poems and Stories, Songs, Books, Index

6255 01 Songbook $11.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

John M. Feierabend : The Book of Young Adult Songtales

Review: Some of the greatest stories ever sung, geared toward older children.

Songlist: A Capital Ship, Barbara Allen, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Billy Boy, Blue Tail Fly, Brennen On The Moor, Butternut Hill, Cape Cod Girls, Crocodile, Drill, Ye Tarriers, Father Grumble, Golden Willow Tree, Ground Hog, Housewife's Lament, I Love Sixpence, In Good Old Colony Times, Jenny Wren And Cock Robin, Limady, My Father Is Dead, Oleana, Paper Of Pins, Patty's Not At Work Today, Poor Little Sailor Boy, Rattlesnake, Robin And John, Spin, Spin, Springfield Mountain, Sweet Betsy From Pike, The Bold Fisherman, The Cat Came Back, The Farmer Is The Man, Th Kangaroo, The Lincolnshire Poacher, The Man Wouldn't Hoe Corn, The Mermaid, The Terrible Tale, The Whale, There Was An Old Lady, To Work Upon A Railroad, When Are We Gonna Get MArried, When I First CAme To This Land, Widdicombe Fair, Windy Old Weather

6419 01 Songbook $11.95 Children's Choir Development

Joyce Eilers : The Beginning Part-Singer Vol 1 & 2

Review: Master writer for young voices, Joyce Eilers has designed a special series for choirs ready to begin part-singing! Filled with Joyce's carefully developed techniques and suggestions, this collection of five best-selling chorals will motivate your choir and help them achieve a successful first experience. In Volume II, Joyce Eilers reinforces the necessary criteria for choosing music for the young singer and shows how to make adjustments as the choir gains in maturity and musical experience. This valuable resource includes five best-selling chorals along with Joyce's helpful suggestions and teaching tips. This collection is sure to produce immediate success with your choir!

Songlist: America The Beautiful, Down By The Riverside, The Pirate Song, Tiki Chant, My America, Glendy Burke, The Legend of the Bells, Down By The Riverside, Go For It!, Dreamer with Liberty and Justice For All

7836 01 Songbook $6.95 Arrangements for 2 Parts

Mary Val Marsh : Partners in Song

Review: Teaching children to sing in parts and with different voices - instruments or vocal - can be a challenge. These traditional pieces, combined with original descants and second parts written by Mary Val Marsh are the perfect way to allow students to learn while they have fun. This collection offers titles for almost every occasion from Patriotic to Holiday to traditional standards that every child should know. Also included in this collection are teaching suggestions and comments by the writer that give each piece a little extra for learning and performing. This is a resource that will become a standard!

Songlist: America, Angels we Have Heard on High, Caroling Song, Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean, Deck the Halls, Harvest Hymn, Little David, Play on Your Harp, Mary Ann, My Lord, What a Morning, Sanctus, Silent Night, Spring Walk

7446 01 Songbook $3.95 Partner Songs

Nick Page : Sing With Us

Review: Whether for classroom sing-alongs, adult community sings, choral concerts, or just riding in the car, this Step One of the SING WITH US songbooks is an invaluable resource. Composer and song leader Nick Page, who has led group sings and workshops at MENC, ACDA, AOSA and other conferences for many years, has assembled this multicultural set of 28 easy and fun sing-along songs for all ages. The collection begins with echo songs that are easy, but with a simple challenge, reinforcing Nick's belief that the first step in getting people of all ages to sing along is to make them better listeners. Along with this, Nick encourages using lots of emotion, particularly joy. The call and response songs and the unison songs that follow offer well known gems as well as easy to learn new songs that can be sung in unison or with harmony. Nick provides invaluable cultural information as well as essential tips for making the songs come alive. Reproducible lyric sheets are also included.

Songlist: The Zest Song, Music Makes U sWhole, School Song, Thula Klizeo, The Water Is Wide, Kayowajineh, Fanga, Shine, Shine, Shine, To Me Way Hey, To Me Way Oh!, Alouette, The Keeper, Ale Brider, Vive L'amour, I Walk In Beauty, Peace Before Us, There Is More Love Somewhere, Somebody Prayed For Me, Head And Shoulders, Baby, Head And Heart, America The Beautiful, Gopala, There's Honey In The Rock, Cockles And Mussels, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Tell Me Why, Birthday Swing, A Promise I Will Keep, Sing A Silly And Pointless Song

5015 01 Songbook $24.95 Sing Along Songbooks

Paul Jennings : Do Re Mi Fa Fun

Review: The core of this valuable resource is a set of 12 sequenced songs for grades 2-6 to help students learn solfege syllables in an enjoyable way. Includes folk songs, rounds, canons and masterworks.

Songlist: Amazing Grace, Angels We Have Heard On High, Do Re Mi Fa Fun, Fly Away, Frog Went A-Courtin', Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring, Minuet (Royal Fireworks), Mr. Caruso, Practice Makes Perfect, Simple Gifts, You're My Friend

6649 01 Songbook $19.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Robert de Frece : Hooray for Singing!

Review: Singing deserves a place at the center of all the musical skills. This fun collection will delight students and enhance their part-singing and sight-singing skills. Teaching suggestions are included for each of nine songs which range from unison to rounds to 2-part, to simple 3- and 4-part voicings. Movement accompanies each song which enhances the learning experience and provides for exciting performances. Grades 4-8.

Songlist: Visuals for Teaching, Follow Your Own Instructions Canon, Come and Sing a Round, There's a Little Wheel A-turnin' in My Heart, Morning Canon, Good Night, Deck the Hall, Climbin' the Hall, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit

6521 01 Songbook $14.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Roger Emerson : Sing 6-7-8! - 50 Ways to Improve Your Chorus

Review: The adolescent years can be a challenge for any choir director, but this practical handbook by Roger Emerson provides an engaging and witty approach to working with these young singers. Ideal for experienced educators and those new to the field, this text is full of creative ideas and solid solutions in an easy-to-read question and answer format. The fifty topics include recruiting, the adolescent voice, choral tone, classroom management, budgets, choral balance and blend, sight-reading, repertoire, programming, incorporating pop music into the choral program, working with your administrators and colleagues, parent and community relations, helpful recommended resources and much more!

Songlist: 50 Ways to Improve Your Elementry or Middle School Choir

6850 01 Songbook $9.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Sharon Burch : Scat Singing for Kids

Review: The Scat Singing for Kids teacher's guide contains a detailed step-by-step process that creates a 'safe zone' and leads the most insecure student to uninhibited scattin' fun! Scat singing is the easiest way for kids to begin developing their jazz chops, but singing nonsense syllables as a soloist can be unnerving. Freddie the Frog and the Flying Jazz Kitten storybook introduces kids to scat singing. This teacher's guide extends the learning with group scatting, flashcard instruction, scatting partners and classroom rhythm instruments.

Songlist: Why Teach Jazz to Kids?, Jazz education sequence, Introduce Fredie the Frog, 4/4 Beat, Stress on beats 2 & 4, Swing feel, Introducing scat through a story, Echo scat - Leader/group, Echo scat - Partners, New scat words, Call and Response

7668 01 Songbook $12.95 Vocal improvisation

John Jacobson : Kids Gotta Move!

Review: 'Kids Gotta Move!' features over 100 choreography terms, defined and demonstrated with the young performers in mind. The movements are alphabetized for ease of use, with easy-to-follow definitions, diagrams and dezens of demonstration photos for further visual reference. The DVD features John Jacobson and two student dancers demonstrating each move and the submenus on the DVD will allow you to go directly to the move you desire without fast forwarding through an entire videotape! You'll never have to wonder what the Crocodile Smile looks like again. With 'Kids Gotta Move!.' all the moves you'll ever need are right here for you. So get moving with 'Kids Gotta Move!'

Songlist: A-Z Glossary

6403 01 Book & DVD $34.95 Choreography and Movement

Madeline Bridges : Sing Together, Children!

Review: This unique resource offers children's choir leaders and classroom music teachers an ideal guide for leading young singers to participate in joyful, purposeful singing experiences. Organized into five chapters, the resource draws music primarily from a folk tradition combining over 75 singing activities into the following sequential teaching process: 1) Exploring the voice; 2) Developing young singers; 3) Singing and moving; 4) Building choral skills; and 5) Singing in harmony. The singing activities range from vocal-exploration activities and action songs designed for young children to more advanced folk songs and dances for older children, plus warm-ups, vocalises, choral technique songs, rounds, and songs that teach part-singing. Each chapter also features an efficient, pedagogically sound teaching plan that teachers can use along with the demonstration DVD included in the resource. Perfect for use throughout the year with children ages 5-12!

Songlist: Exploring The Voice, Developing Young Singers, Singing And Moving, Building Choral Skills, Singing In Harmony, Index of Songs, Index of Vocalises, Other Teaching Resources from Choristers Guild, About the Sing Together, Children DVD

5482 01 Book & DVD $39.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Eileen Diamond : Singing by Numbers

Review: Nine simple songs for 3-7 year olds, designed to help develop concentration, listening skills and enthusiasm for number work. The songs combine familiar experiences with numerical topics such as simple addition and subtraction, counting in French, counting in ones, twos, threes, fours and fives and basic mental arithmetic. Full CD demos and backing tracks will help teachers with little musical training.

Songlist: Counting Song, Un, Deux, Trois, Quartre, Clapping Song, Only One Me, Five Children, Twelve Apples, Pick a Daisy, How Many Are There Now?, Two Drummers

7316 01 Book & 1 CD $13.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Diane Lange : Together Again in Harmony

Review: General music educators are always striving for ways to improve instruction and become better teachers. By combining the learn-by-doing approach of Orff Schulwerk with the sequencing of musical skills in Edwin E. Gordon's Music Learning Theory, Diane Lange truly shows that these two visionary methods work Together in Harmony. This second volume provides even more great activities and teaching suggestions, perfect for grades K-5. In the first three chapters, Lange covers the basics of Orff Schulwerk, Music Learning Theory, and how they can be coordinated for maximum learning-the perfect "balanced diet" of songs and activities. Chapter 8, the hands-on portion of the book, includes 36 lesson plans and music that put these ideas into practice. Each activity includes information about suggested grade levels, objectives, and instructions for harnessing both Orff Schulwerk and Music Learning THeory. When the ideas of Orff Schulwerk and Music Learning Theory are combined, each class becomes a musical adventure. These two approaches efficiently achieve the main goal of every music educator: to develop independent musicians who can intelligently communicate their musical ideas. Diane Lange is Assistant Professor and Division Coordinator of Music Education at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Songlist: Creating a Balanced Diet of Tonalities, Creating a Balanced Diet of Meters, Readiness for Stylistic Performances, Continuous Fluid Movement, Sequential Learning, Model More - Talk Less, Learning by Doing, 36 Activities, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Balloons, Laughing Monkey, Cheeka, Making Soup, Musical Adventures of Dori, Nanny Goat, Bubbles Everywhere, Polly Put The Kettle On, Boys and Girls Come Out To Play, Elephants Walk, From A Popcorn Song, Sandy Land, Fish Alive, Wind and Bobbin, Bow Belinda, Hop Old Squirrel, Benjamin Franklin, A Horse and a Flea, Raining Rondo, Little Liza Jane, Riding in a Buggy, The Stop the Train, I Got A Letter This Morning, Can't Dance Josey, I've Got A Dog, Bells and Whistles, The Swing, O Susanna

6733 01 Book $24.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

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