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Choral Warm Ups and Exercises

Any good choral director or singer knows that there’s more to choral work than just singing – you need to know how to warm-up properly, and what exercises to do to improve your vocal quality, tonality, breathing and all the other things that go into making you a good singer. Isn’t it nice, then, that there’s so many different books and CDs on the subject? Books with favourite warm-up exercises from dozens of choral directors around the U.S. and the world, from people who are respected experts in their fields, books that will teach you all the insider tricks & techniques that will make all the difference in your choir.

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Cristi Cary Miller and Kathlyn Reynolds : Rhythms, Rounds and Joyful Sounds - Director's Manual

Review: It's children's choir rehearsal time ... again! Here is a budget-stretching, creative answer to filling a variety of needs for a multitude of rehearsals and performances. Packed with creative activities, tips, anthems (for all seasons), warm-ups and rounds, this is a collection you'll use time and again, all year long. It was created by children's choir leaders for children's choir leaders with practical "field-tested" ideas that really work.

Songlist: Anthems For All Seasons, Joyful Warm-ups, General Music Lessons And Activities, Reproducible Singer Pages

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9198b | Songbook Book | $29.95 | Rounds || Rounds for Singing

Gordon Tjernlund / Joyce Eilers : Quickstarts - Choral Warm-Ups

Review: Written to develop all levels of singing, "Quickstarts" addresses the wide range of problems that every choir faces: tone quality, range, flexibility, intonation, enunciation, posture, breath control, style, blend and many more. But it's more than just a collection of warm-ups! It contains a "Special Usage Guide" that shows you how to focus on each problem by combining specific exercises. Make these a part of your daily rehearsal and hear your group improve! Available: 4-Part any combination.

Songlist: Mee-Ay-Ah-Oh-Oo, Staccato-Legato, Ninth, Octaves, Easy, C-Ah, Long (Combination), Down and Up, Intervals, T-Row, Yah-Ha-Ha, Cumulative, Chromatic Scale, Hi-Yi-Yi-Yah, Hum-Ah, Pitch and Blend Check, Tune Those Altered Notes, Close Harmony, Blending Breath Streatcher, Minor Key Tuner

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7063b | Songbook Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $2.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

Karle Erickson : Choral Warmups - Singing Dr Seuss's ABC

Review: From aunt Annie's alligator to zizzer-zazzer-zuzz, these exercises are intended to be used by singers of all ages in school and church choirs. Use them to improve vocal skills and develop technical and expressive expertise in order to enhance the musicality of their performances. The focus of some of the exercises is on vocal development, others call attention to the accuracy of consonant articulation or to the perception of expressive devices that are related to the text and phrase structure.

Songlist: Use of Accompaniment, Keyboard Modulations, Pitch Range, Use of Solfege, Consonant Articulation, Index of Concepts and Skills, The Vocalises

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6263b | Songbook Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $9.95 | Kids || Choral Warm-Ups

Joseph Reiser : Poly-Phonics - Vocal Etudes for the Development of Ensemble Singing CD

Review: This compact disc contains complete renditions of most of the music from Joseph Reiser's 'Poly-Phonics - Vocal Etudes for the Development of Ensemble Singing,' as well as karaoke - style tracks that leave out each voice part.

Songlist: First We Sing In Major, Long And Short, Rhythmically United, The One Chord, The Walking Bass Line, Double Trios, Canon At One Beat, Passacaglia, Down And Up, Arpeggios, C. Bell Chords, Minor Sounds So Blue, Parallel Motion, Duet, Holding One Tone, Early On The Beat, Late On The eat, Contrary Motion, Oblique Motion

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6383c | Book & 1 CD | $15.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

Kirby Shaw : Warm-Ups for Pop, Jazz and Show Choirs

Review: Warming up your choir has never been this much fun! 18 educational exercises written in a variety of styles based on American popular music. With a healthy dose of affirmative lyrics and lots of room for individual and group creativity, you can't miss! Includes Showtrax CD.


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6447c | Book & 1 CD Warm Ups | $35.00 || Choral Warm-Ups

Nancy Telfer : Successful Warmups Vol 2

Review: Further improve the quality of your choir's sound with this systematic method which uses choral warmups to develop good vocal production. Each warmup activity covers a different aspect of vocal production and the purpose behind every warmup is explained. Step-by-step instruction, tips and clear illustrations help singers to develop good habits through voice care. The weekly plans can be adapted to every teaching situation and Progress Charts help with evaluation at each stage during the year.

Songlist: 78 more progressive warmups for an additional two years of study, For experienced children's, youth, and adult choirs, Continued development of basic skills with more advanced vocal technique needed for more difficult repertoire, Ideal to improve the quality of sound in the outer parts of the range

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6233b | Book Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $8.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

Haasemann & James Jordan : The Choral Ensemble Warm-Up

Review: This instructional DVD contains four master teachers who conduct eight complete wam-ups with their ensembles. More than fifty exercises are presented on this 75-minute video, and they are usable for choral ensembles at any level.Exercises for teaching relaxation, posture, breathing, exhalation, inhalation, support, resonance, legato, staccato, martellato, range extension, register mising, leaps, recescendo/decrescendo, flexibility, vowel modification and intonation.

Songlist: Step-by-step instruction for planning warm-ups for choirs at any level., Specialized exercises for children's choirs, Demonstrations of children's singing , Relaxation, Posture, Breathing, Exhalation, Inhalation, Resonance, Legato, Staccato, Range Extension, Register Mixing, Vowel Modification, Intonation

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6238dvd | DVD | $32.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

James Jordan : Group Vocal Technique

Review: This DVD is designed to provide a comprehensive and practical approach for providing vocal technique training to the amateur choir. It provides a valuable resource for both amateur and professional conductors and choral technique classes. The DVD contains group vocal exercises performed by various choirs. Frauke Hasseman is a Professor of Conducting at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. She is recognized as one of the world's experts in the field of Group Vocal Technique. James M. Jordan is Associate professor of Conducting at the Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. He is conductor of the Westminster Chapel Choir.

Songlist: Relaxation, Posture, Breathing, Resonance and Placement, Dynamics, Cresendo / Decrescendo, Register Consistancy, Expanding the Vocal Tract, Range Extension, Flexibility, Execution of Leaps, Legato, Staccato, Martellato, Diction, Vowel Modification

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7320dvd | DVD | $39.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

Timothy Seelig : The Perfect Blend

Review: It will make you think. It will make you laugh. It may change the way you approach your job as a choral director. The Perfect Blend provides an entertaining, yet practical approach to the voice and to the choir. Over 100 exercises, including photos to explain them, rehearsal and programming tips, vocal health and the aging voice, plus "things they didn't teach you in school." It all adds up to the perfect blend for any choral director. This 2 Hour DVD features the Turtle Creek Chorale and One Achord, of the TCC.

Songlist: Appetizer: Posture, Soup: Breathing, Salad: Phonation, Entree: Resonance, Dessert: Blend, See Actual Vocal Folds in Action, The Things They Didn't Teach You In School, The Quest Unending (Performance by Turtle Creek Chorale), Mary Sat a Rockin' (Performance by Turtle Creek Chorale)

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6285dvd | DVD | $34.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

Barbershop Harmony Society : Effective Choral Warm-Ups

Review: Effective Choral Warm-ups offers a new approach to a critical segment of the rehearsal. Containing thirty exercises in the major areas of vocal production geared specifically for male choruses and quartets. The DVD shows the teaching process as well as the performance of each of the exercises so the instructor can prepare. The chorus member can also use these exercises on a daily basis for individual vocal improvement. Clinicians Jim DeBusman, Chris Peterson and Bill Rashleigh brings their years of experience to this 2 DVD set which will help all barbershop singers get the most from their voice.

Songlist: Posture, Alignment, Breath Management, Vowels, Balance, Progressions, Vocal Agility, Concentration, Head Voice, Range and Register

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5802dvd | DVD Vocal Warm Ups | $59.95 || Barbershop Instructional

Denise Bacon : 50 Easy Two-Part Exercises

Review: First steps in a cappella part singing using Sol-fa and staff notation.

Songlist: 50 easy 2-part vocal exercises

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5188b | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $8.95 | 2-Part || Choral Warm-Ups

Emily Crocker : Warm Ups & Workouts For The Developing Choir

Review: Warm Ups and Work Outs for the Developing Choir is designed to integrate the elements of good singing into the choral rehearsal. The exercises, each with a specific objective, are aimed toward the developing singer in upper elementary or middle school, but can be successfully used by choirs of any level.

Songlist: Warm Ups & Workouts Vol. 1, Warm Ups & Workouts Vol. 2

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6444b | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $3.95 | Treble || Choral Warm-Ups

Helen Kemp : Where in the World: Folksong Warmups from Many Lands

Review: Based on folk tunes from many lands, these vocalises help develop the singing voices of children. Suggestions for their use are included.

Songlist: Kum Ba Yah, Come To My Farm, Cuckoo, Sing an Aria, Cantad al Senor, A Zing-a Za, Mama Paquita, Ging Gong Gooli, Chumbara, Yangtze Boatman's Chantey, Stodola Pumpa, Hey Ho, Hey Ho, Blow the Man Down, Hauling Song, Sing Together, Gloria, I Have Lost the Bow for My Violin, Hear the Bagpipes Play, German Instrument Song, Hiking Song, The Scale, Sarasponda, Debka Hora, Toembai, Zum Gali Gali, Bella Bimba, Mi Gallo, Alabare, Alabare, Oh, How We Sing, A Ram Sam Sam, and more

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4314b | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $5.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

James Jordan, Roger Ames : Evoking Sound: The Choral Warm-Up Modal Exercises

Review: In response to the success of The Choral Warm-Up: Core Vocal Exercises, teachers and conductors have been requesting more exercises to expand the modal breadth of the series. Choir directors will find these exercises to be a key component in their quest to improve the musicianship and vocalism of their singers.

Songlist: Aeolian Scale, Dorian Legato, Dorian Martellato, Dorian 4, Dorian Scale, Lydian 2, Lydian 3, Lydian 4, Lydian 5, Lydian Scale, Mixolydian, Mixolydian 4, Mixolydian Scale, Phrygian 1, Phrygian 2, Phrygian 2 Round, Phrygian 4, Phrygian Scale, Aeolian Range Extension, Dorian Range Extension, Lydian Range Extension, Mixolydian Range Extension, Phrygian Range Extension

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6472b | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $24.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

Kirby Shaw : Warm-Ups for Pop, Jazz and Show Choirs

Review: Warming up your choir has never been this much fun! These 18 educational exercises are written in a variety of styles based on American popular music, including Swing, Rock, Jazz and Cajun. They can be sung a cappella, with added vocal or instrumental percussion, or with rhythm section accompaniment. Use these warm-ups to improve intonation, balance and blend, enunciation and vowel unification and to extend vocal ranges. The exercises can also help stimulate creativity by encouraging melodic and rhythmic improvisations, using body movement and incorporating original lyrics. With a healthy dose of affirmative lyrics and lots of room for individual and group creativity, you can't miss!


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6446b | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $2.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

Russell Robinson : Warm-Ups by the Dozen (Three-Part Set 1 & 2)

Review: Warm-ups by the Dozen utilizes proven techniques and creative exercises to prepare choirs effectively for rehearsals or performances. The set includes a dozen warm-ups designed and sequenced by noted choral educator Dr. Russell Robinson. This guide should be a part of the daily repertoire for every choir.

Songlist: Warm-Ups by the Dozen (Three-Part Set 1), Warm-Ups by the Dozen (Three-Part Set 2)

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6525b | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $3.95 | 3 Parts || Vocal Warm Ups

Zoltan Kodaly : 55 Two-Part Exercises

Review: The Kodaly Choral Concept is revised in an English Edition by Geoffry Russell-Smith.


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6365b | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $11.95 | 2-Part | A Cappella || Choral Warm-Ups | Zoltan Kodaly

Zoltan Kodaly : 77 Two-Part Exercises

Review: The Kodaly Choral Method is a comprehensive series of progressive songs and sigh-singing exercises designed to promote a thorough understanding of interval and tonality. By incorporative a wide range of Hungarian folk music and poetry, Kodaly has produced a stimulating addition to the repertoire of school and amateur choirs. This collection presents 77 two-part exercises.

Songlist: Two-Part Exercises

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5198b | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $14.95 | 2-Part || Choral Warm-Ups | Zoltan Kodaly

Zoltan Kodaly : Let Us Sing Correctly - 101 Exercises in Intonation

Review: Based on sol-fa notation combined with unaccompanied part singing from the earliest stages in a child's school music, the Kodaly Method develops musical literacy, secure intonation and rhythmic confidence - essential fundamentals of sound music education. The Kodaly Choral Method is a comprehensive series of progressive songs and sigh-singing exercises designed to promote a thorough understanding of interval and tonality. By incorporative a wide range of Hungarian folk music and poetry, Kodaly has produced a stimulating addition to the repertoire of school and amateur choirs. This collection contains 101 exercises in intonation, and serves as an introduction to the five volumes of two-part exercises

Songlist: Let Us Sing Correctly, 101 Exercises in Intonation

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6364b | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $7.95 | 2-Part | A Cappella || Choral Warm-Ups | Zoltan Kodaly

Gary Walth : Jazz Warm-ups and Vocalises

Review: Here's a perfect set of warm-ups for the vocal jazz ensemble that's designed to enhance and stimulate the growth of each member's vocal and choral ability. Thinking of the warm-up as a "mini voice lesson," you can reinforce concepts with consistent encouragement, criticism, problem-solving and praise. This practical volume will help the conductor provide purposeful leadership and develop artistry in each individual through exercises that build styles such as Swing, Latin and Rock using solfege and scat syllables as well as tone and blend in ballad style. Each exercise includes a notated keyboard accompaniment with multiple modulations and professional recordings of a rhythm section and singers performing each drill on the enclosed CD.

Songlist: Swing with Scat Syllables, Latin feel with solfrege, Moderate swing with scat, Rock style, Chordial ballad, Moderate swing, Samba with with solfrege syllables, Warm-up exercises

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7434b | Vocal Warm Up Exercises & CD | $24.95 || Vocal Warm Ups

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